Seattle Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Seattle Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Seattle is about 100 miles south of the Canadian
border on the West Coast of the United States. It is a lush, evergreen city lying between
Puget Sound and Lake Washington with abundant parklands, and surrounded by towering mountains and forests. Widely known for its overcast weather, when
the sun does come out, the spectacular beauty of the waterways, forests and distant mountains combine to make
Seattle one of the most stunning cities in the US. Classic architecture, leafy public squares and wide breezy streets make exploring Downtown
Seattle a fun experience. For great views of the city visit the observation
deck on the 35th floor of Smith Tower, or see some
of Seattle’s oldest buildings in nearby Pioneer Square. A distinctive feature of Downtown is the Seattle
Waterfront, which is famous for eateries and seafood restaurants, as well as being a launching point for pleasure
craft cruising the Sound. Ferries depart regularly so jump aboard to
get a unique view of the city. Container ships and cruise liners also share
these waterways and the busy harbor is a constant reminder
of Seattle’s maritime heritage. Alki Beach in West Seattle is a great spot
to enjoy the warmer weather. On sunny days many locals enjoy the miles
of shorefront beaches, relaxed parklands, and spectacular views of
Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains. Back in Downtown it’s just a short but steep
climb from the Waterfront to the lively Pike Place Market. Here you can sample some of the freshest catches
from the waters of the Pacific Northwest, and also chat to
local producers who harvest and sell the goods on display. The market has many bars and eateries, stalls
and souvenir shops as well as America’s first Starbucks store. Wherever you go in Seattle you’re never far
from the water. Puget Sound is to the west, Lake Washington
is to the east, and to the north is Lake Union, whose eye-catching
floating homes were made famous in the movie ‘Sleepless in
Seattle.’ Further to the north, the popular Woodland
Park Zoo is home to more than a thousand animals and
birds in habitats ranging from the African savanna
to tropical forests. Located at Boeing Field, about 15 minutes’
drive from downtown, is the Seattle Museum of Flight. This amazing museum displays air- and spacecraft from the earliest Wright Brothers flyer to
modern jets. For the most famous views of Seattle head
over to Kerry Park on the south side of Queen Anne Hill. The park is not far from the Seattle Center
so it’s the perfect spot to see the famous Space Needle in all its
glory, especially when the sun goes down. The city has been home to many world-famous
bands and there’s no shortage of live music in Seattle, as well as bars and nightclubs partying well
into the early hours. The Seattle Center is home to the Pacific
Science Center and the popular International Fountain, as
well as Seattle’s most recognized landmark, the Space Needle. From the 520-foot-high observation deck you’ll
have superb views of the city and if the weather is clear you can see all
the way out to Mount Rainier. On a clear day the snow-covered peak dominates
the Seattle skyline and it can be seen from all parts of the city. The Mount Rainier National Park has hundreds
of miles of hiking trails that lead through a variety of different landscapes. The ancient Grove of Patriarchs is home to
giants up to 1000 years old and the raised boardwalk makes it one of the
easiest walks in the park. If you don’t feel like walking there are several
scenic drives, including one that encircles the mountain
itself. Mount Rainier is not the only natural wonder
close by, and Olympic National Park is just a few hours’
drive west of the city. Here, the hauntingly beautiful Hoh Rainforest
is like entering another world where moss and lichens grow on every surface. Further to the west, Ruby Beach is possibly
Washington State’s most scenic beach, with rocky sea stacks just off the coast and
a shore strewn with driftwood. One of North America’s most beautiful cities, Seattle has a perpetually optimistic outlook. Whether you’re exploring the countryside or
in the heart of downtown, what makes Seattle so special is the incredible
variety of experiences you’ll find in the Emerald City�

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  1. As a Korean,i like those clips of expedia's becase i enjoy this for improving listening English! as well as watching the view~^.^

  2. while watching Grey's Anatomy, i always thought that its all buildings and water…… Never thought that it is actually surrounded by beautiful nature…….

  3. Seattle is one of the most expensive places to live but this is my home eventhough our family moved away. I took it for granted when we lived there. I pray that God bless my family to move back. Its heart breaking being away from home. One of the most beautiful place in this country. I love water and mountains. No city I have found like Seattle.

  4. It's 4:20 in the morning and I'm watching this video to remind myself why I'm still up studying so hard for school. This is the goal. One day I will live here and own my own dental/orthopedic practice.

  5. It's not always sunny, warm, or friendly. Going to the park or beach in the cold and wind is just painful. You'd be better off driving the 2 hours to a ski resort.

  6. Its Amazing Place In Washington First Time I Will Be Watched This Video Wonderful Place Is Very Impressing One Day I Will Come To USA And Visit To Washington

  7. Seattle, and Washington state are too confusing. It looks entirely like an East Coast City/State, but actually is on the West Coast.

  8. I really enjoyed this guided tour and the 316 thumbs down, must be from rat infested subway riders of New Yorkers or the east coast hot mess in general! Great job Seattle!

  9. I almost fell like I was in seattle…GAWDDD I just love travelling so much i hope that one day I finally get the chance to visit these beautiful cities!♥️♥️♥️

  10. 3:39 hehe I went there for my field trip, and everyone got in the water, I think we were waiting for the seattle basketball game

  11. This is no longer 2013. Mom and I watched it when it first came out and it was really bad video with obnoxious rapish beat. They showed mostly the nightlife and the naughty kind at that. The girls with the guitar were not in it. They now show additional scenes like the P Science Center which I went to and they gave us a discount since we showed up at 3pm in the early 00s. There was NO homeless people if there were they were more hidden as we walked all over.

  12. Suggestion from a native: visit Discovery Park. It's a massive park in Seattle proper. Just to the south of the park, you can walk along the Magnolia boulevard at sunset and see the Puget Sound and the Olympics (Olympic Mountains) far off in the distance in all of their glory.

    (Edit) One more thing: Take the Victoria Clipper–you won't regret it.

  13. Fiffty shades of Grey lead me here…?
    Where did ANA work now?
    Anyways….wanted to visit this beautiful city for a while now ♥️

  14. Great place to visit and stay. Only thing is there are hardly any clear days as it can rain anytime here

  15. Seattle is an interesting city, but I would not call it beautiful, at least, not the downtown core area. The surrounding areas and neighbourhoods are much nicer. Go to Vancouver BC if you want to see a spectacular beautiful city. The setting is second to none.

  16. I love Seattle but I wanna see first the forks. Cuz, I love Twilight then I love Washington. I hope someday I'll be able to move there.

  17. I very much enjoyed visiting Seattle, a few things that I recommend that were not mentioned are: Fremont, The troll (under the bridge), Olympic Sculpture park, Asian Art Museum and the gum wall located near Pikes Place.

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