Seattle, WA, USA, Tourism and leisure

Seattle, WA, USA, Tourism and leisure

The Space Needle is a tower in Seattle, Washington and is a symbol of that region. With a Christmas tree at the top of the Tower by Fiests, today is first of year The Space Needle is located in the Seattle Center, a Park with many attractions The Tower is 184 meters high and the center of gravity is located at 1 meter from ground level. The Harry Potter Pavilion with a three-dimensional film debut in those days. Built to withstand winds of 320 kmh and earthquakes of 9.5 magnitude on the Richter scale Beautiful ornaments for the holidays, near the entrance to the Space Needle. City night views from outside the Circular restaurant of the Space Needle. The horseshoe buildings are of a Bill Gates and his wife Melinda Foundation. We returned the next day, we see the beautiful fountain and Key Arena Women’s basketball Stadium Billionaire Paul Allen (Microsoft co-founder) donated the building of Science Fiction. It was designed by architect Frank Gehry and opened in 2000. Is covered with colored titanium. Seattle Elevated Train runs inside the building and ends its tour at the Seattle Center. Attractions: the chair of command of Captain Kirk, sci-fi classic and most famous sci-fi films Frank Gehry built of titanium other works, such as the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain. Location and description of the many entertainment in the Seattle Center. The view of Seattle and its surroundings from the outside of the Space Needle. Gorgeous scenery! The Bay we see is Puget Sound, an income of Pacific Ocean water In the background the snow-capped Olympic National Park, near the Pacific Ocean. Lake Union, which communicates with the ocean and Lake Washington, located to the east. Horseshoe buildings under construction are a Foundation of Bill Gates and his wife Melinda. The City Centre and on the right Mount Rainier, 80 kilometers away!. It is an exceptional day, so may see Mount Rainier, which is part of a National Park Ferries depart from the Center of Seattle to Cities of the Region, connected by water We left the Seattle Center and we will take a ship of excursion to travel from water. A beautiful fountain next to the Seattle Aquarium, we are walking to pier 55, where leaves the ship. One of the cruises that goes from the Bay of Puget Sound, a water inlet of the Pacific The Spirit of Seattle, the cruise where we did the tour. A beautiful day, with low temperature. We are traveling parallel to the docks to see the buildings built on them. Behind the dock is the center of the City of Seattle, with beautiful buildings. The Seattle Aquarium occupies one of the docks, very interesting to see the flora and fauna of the Region A beautiful hotel, built on the waterfront, which has not had the acceptance that their owners thought … Beautiful office buildings close to Seattle Center and along the Bay, a magnificent view. The Cruise is turning to start back, we return away from the coast to compare the paths A giant container ship, which each container carries is a maximum security secret! And work on the cranes is very well-paid. A beautiful walk through Seattle and surrounding areas!

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  1. ! excelente!, Las tomas son espectaculares, Muy buenos recuerdos del Momento, la musica buenisima, besos, Bea.

  2. @boffibea Muchas gracias por el comentario, Bea, fue un paseo hermoso, los dias muy frios, pero con el Sol brillando, todo es mucho mas lindo y Seattle nos parecio un lugar hermoso, con tanto para recorrer. Un excelente comienzo del año 2011 !!. Besos. Horacio

  3. Ciao Horacio, veo que has hecho un viaje muy interesante por Estados Unidos y Canada… enhorabuena!!!, te han salido unos videos estupendos.
    Un cariñoso saludo, Anita

  4. @anitinato12 Muchas gracias, Anita, si fueron una hermosas vacaciones, por suerte!. Ahora estoy compaginando los videos, una linda tarea para unos 3 meses mas, dan trabajo sin duda, pero queda un hermoso recuerdo para poder disfrutarlos y compartirlos. Un abrazo grande!. Horacio

  5. @renedulac La ringrazio molto, il mio amico Renato, sarebbe stato bello fare il viaggio insieme, abbiamo passato una giornata splendida, davvero!. Molto buon fine settimana, un abbraccio, Horacio

  6. @jaipurthepinkcity Thank you very much for your comment, Seattle is a beautiful city, we loved visiting it. Best regards. Horacio

  7. I do not understand what information you need, if you can explain in more detail I'll see if I can answer it.

  8. Muchas gracias por la visita y comentario, es una hermosa Ciudad, sin duda.Disfrutamos mucho nuestra estadia alla. Cordiales saludos. Horacio

  9. Muchas gracias por tu visita a mi Canal y a este video en particular, una hermosa Ciudad, un gran placer recorrerla. Cordiales saludos desde Buenos Aires. Horacio

  10. Wonderful job..beautiful photos of my favorite City in the world ! Seattle makes my hearts stoops , it is too beautiful, and once you are there you feel that incredible unique energy ..

  11. Thank you very much for such a nice comment, we loved Seattle, but only stayed 4 days, definitely deserves a longer visit … The scenery is fantastic, with lakes, mountains, lots of vegetation. Best wishes for you and your pet, who enjoys your love, as only them know how to do it and show their unconditional love!.

  12. Salud Horacio I have been to Buenos Aires in 1997 , and I truly loved, it is one of the most beautiful cities. I love your channel . I am from Sao Paulo Brazil , I find Seattle to be amazing.

  13. Thank you very much Iara: My Youtube channel is for sharing travels, we love to travel, in January 2011 we went to Vancouver, Washington St., Oregon and California, in 24 days … They are short visits to each city, to know them as much as possible and feed the spirit with beautiful landscapes. I was in Sao Paolo in 1984, visiting a center for development, construction and launching of rockets, for a joint project with Buenos Aires, then I've lost track of it. Best regards. Horacio

  14. Are you proud of be an American Citizen? Do you love the USA? Then, please go to this page, and share your American Pride with us. Today, we are introducing information, and videos about the extremely beautiful the State #42: Washington, the Evergreen State!!! Proudest American Citizens of United States: facebook .com /pacususa

  15. I am not an US Citizen, but my family and I like very much US. We have visited USA some 12-15 times in the last 25 years.

  16. Great. That's awesome. I am very glad and proud when people from other countries visit the USA, and loved so much our nature, history and cities. Is great that you and your family have enjoyed so much the USA. God bless you and your family. And please you can still be part of Proudest American Citizens. Go to our facebook page and like us! Thanks! – George.

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