Sekumpul Waterfall l Bali Waterfalls l North Bali Tour l Bali Tour Guide in Hindi

Sekumpul Waterfall l Bali Waterfalls l North Bali Tour l Bali Tour Guide in Hindi

My North Bali Tour will continue in this video also, in the last video, I had shown Kintamani, in this video, I will show the Sekumpul waterfall. If you like the video, then don’t forget to press Like button. and if you have suggestion, feedback or query, then don’t forget to ask/tell in the comments box. All the difficult roads lead you to beautiful places. And this road was no exception. There were many turns, hairpin bends and up& down roads were on our way. It was very difficult. The last stretch 30-35 KMs of roads was only this wide that only one four-wheeler could pass. It took a lot of time from the point where the accident happened to reach here. I am right now at the ticket counter of Sekumpul Waterfall. They have got 3 options, View only, medium trekking & activity and long trekking & activity. All have got different prices. If you just want to see falls from above, then the ticket price is 20,000 IDR and if you go for medium trekking, where you see 2 waterfalls, the price, in that case, is 1,25,000 IDR. If you want to see 3 waterfalls, hidden, Sekumpul & Fiji, that comes in the long trekking the price for that is slightly higher, it is 2,00,000 IDR. which means, roughly 1000 Rs. He is my guide. He is going to take me to the falls. He will take me on his bike, then we will have to trek for about 30 mins. Let’s go and see the waterfall. I have taken medium trekking for myself, here are the mangoes in this season. This is clove’s plant, I am seeing this for the first time. The clove is right now green, it turns black later on. Then we use it as a spice. This plant in the background, we should not call this a plant. In fact, it’s a tree. This is Cocoa Tree. We get Cocoa fruit from this which is used to make chocolate. And this is Coffee’s plant. Can you see that red colored cherries? We get coffee seeds from that, we grind that to make coffee powder. I have reached the viewpoint after 5 minutes trekking, This is Sekumpul Waterfall in the background. To see this i have put in this much of efforts. To say the truth, the efforts are not wasted. It’s very beautiful. Water goes down from the height of 100 meters. 3, 4, 5, I can count 5 streams from here. You can see that waterfall there, They call it Fiji waterfall. There is one on in this side, Hidden waterfall, it’s name is hidden waterfall because it’s hidden. You can’t see it from here. I am going down, so I will be covering these waterfalls, Sekumpul & Hidden. My guide just told me, it’s Robusta Coffee. This is considered to be the best in quality. Luwak eats this and then excretes it, after that it is sold in entire Indonesia. Getting down is not looking difficult, going up is going to be very hard. Can you see, how steep that stairs’s steps are. It’s going to be fun. This is mid-level viewpoint. Stepped down half, half is still left. Probably more than half. Don’t know. The water is really very cold. My guide was explaining something about the waterfall. I could not understand much. It’s name is hidden waterfall. It’s not hidden anymore since I have reached here. and many more people like me have reached here. It’s very beautiful. Feeling like, I have come in Jurrasic age, I hope that Dinosaur does not come out from behind. Look, how difficult this trek is. It’s not easy to see nice places. The most difficult trek of my life that too, when I am treking for the first time. I have reached a place, you must have seen it’s photograph or videos. But feeling it while standing here, is altogether a different experience. The water is falling down from 100 meters. It’s extraordinary. This is Sekumpul Waterfall. This place looks like a set of mythical story. It’s amazingly beautiful. Trekking is very difficult, skip it if you are coming with kids. You would not be able to do it with kids. I have not seen a single child here till now. It’s very difficult. I was also trekking for the 1st time. This difficult trek, OMG. I have come back after the trekking of Sekumpul waterfall, it took 1 hour 45 minutes approx. for going down & coming up. It was really tough coming up it was very steep uphill. But I could do it. You will have to be moderately fit to do this trekking. I have some suggestions/ observations after this trek. If you are coming here with senior citizens & children, then avoid this. It’s very difficult to cover this with senior citizens and children. Overall experience is very good of trekking and the waterfalls. The waterfalls are very beautiful. From the point, where you get the tickets. You will get a guide, who will take you on his scooter for about 1.5-2.0 KMs If one has to walk even that stretch, then it would have been very difficult for me. You come here, take the ticket from the window, you will get a guide who will help you at every step. He will carry even your bag. The guide who was with me, his name is Kede. He took me with him and carried my bag. He was leading me at every step, telling me to keep my step at a point or no. It would have been very difficult for me to complete the trek, if he was not there. You must definitely come if you are moderately fit, the waterfall is very pretty, you will enjoy. I have become a victim of Bali’s Traffic Jam. It has been more than 30 minutes and we have not moved even a KM. We were supposed to go to Wanagiri, It looks like it will be evening here only. The traffic is amazing here, can get stuck anywhere. All the four-wheelers always follow the discipline and stand in the lane, for half an hour to an hour. There is no discipline required for bikes. You can take your bike from anywhere, by side, left or right. It was lot of traveling today, that’s why I chose car today. Otherwise, I would have taken Bike only. I have got 2 more locals with me who are forced to leave their cars and walk, they are enjoying it. When I asked for the reason of the Traffic Jam. then they told that because of being a weekend lots of locals come to Lake Baratan. This jam is very long, it will probably last for hours. Let us see, when do I reach the hotel today. I have reached Puncack Wanagiri. There are many stalls of seafood. It’s a pity that I can not eat anything. Pig, Beef, Chicken & Seafood It’s all here and the satay. Which I don’t eat. I neither had a proper breakfast nor lunch. I did not expect this kind of traffic. I saw a fruit shop, came to buy a mango. It’s 5,000 for a Mango, 25,000 a KG. it’s simple, 5,000 means only 25 Rs. The simpler way to convert Indonesian Rupiya to Indian Rs is, remove the last 3 zeros, the number which is left multiply it with 5. If you remove last 3 zeros from 5,000, what’s left is 5. 5 multiplied by 5 is 25. The shop owner is going to bring me the sliced mango to eat. The traffic jam from Wanagiri area to Ulun Danu Baratan of around 7-8 KMs, we have changed our course after getting stuck for around 1-1.5 hours. Right now, wer are going to Kintamani and from Kintamni directly back to Ubud. The entire plan got scrapped. I had to see 2-3 more spots on the way, which I missed. Because of the Traffic Jam. The day is so eventful that is is not getting over. First the Traffic Jams, The car broke down on our back to Ubud. We put some water in the radiator, checking the battery, not getting started. We are stuck. Thankfully it brokedown in front of a house. The people here are very helpful, they gave is water to put in the car. They are still standing with us, trying to help us. Let’s see, what do we do? My driver has asked his friend to come and pick us up. And it’s very cold up here, I am wearing a T-shirt since I was not aware that it’s going to be this cold. I will tell you after reaching Ubud, how as it. When did I reach?, I got the Dinner or not? What all happened? It’s 12 o’clock in the night and I have reached my room of homestay. After a tiring day, the best thing is the bed. Trust me, it was really a very adventurous day. The car broke down on our way, I told you. We waited for 2 hours, then my Driver Komang’s friend came. He gave me a lift and dropped me to Homestay. And he is going to drop Komang to his home. It was along and eventful day today. Planned for a lot of things, could do half of it. No issues, it happens in journeys. I hope, you have liked the video, and the information I have shared, from the spots I went, will be useful for you or will be useful for your friends & family members or Whoever is coming to Bali, this might come in handy if you share this video. Press like, if you have liked the video. Any queries or suggestion, post it in the comments. I hope, you have subscribed, if not Bali is still left.

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  1. I love your punctuality. You always post a video on time. It is not easy to make a video with such perfect editing. Hats off to you.

  2. I was desperately waiting for your video on Sekumpul waterfall and North Bali as I will go on same places in next week.

    Sir just want to confirm from you that are you sure that you bought the tickets from authentic ticket counter of sekumpul waterfall because I have heard that there are many fake registration counters on the way to Sekumpul waterfall which charge heavy prices of tickets but I have heard the actual price is very less.

    What's your view on this sir?

  3. Nice informative vlog 🙂
    best wishes 🙂 I know from experience that it takes so much efforts to edit just a single vlog 🙂
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