Sending My Indian Wife to PAKISTAN (Kartarpur Corridor & Gurudwara)

Sending My Indian Wife to PAKISTAN (Kartarpur Corridor & Gurudwara)

Greetings (in Punjabi and Urdu) friends. Today, I am sending my wife across the border to Pakistan. This is not a joke, I am not kidding. Karl: Have you told your parents that I’m doing this, that you are going?
Manisha: Yeah, they know. Karl: Ok. So, tell us how are we getting there, Manu? Manisha: So, we are going to use the Kartarpur corridor that Pakistan has recently opened for the Indian pilgrims. And when I say ‘We’, I mean Us because Karl ain’t going nowhere. Karl: This is not fair. So foreigners aren’t allowed to use the Kartarpur corridor. So that’s why I am sending you basically. So c’mon, take us to Pakistan. Manisha: Let’s go.
Karl: I am not allowed to go any further.
Manisha: No, you’re not. Karl: Alright, See you Manu, have fun.
Manisha: Bye Karl: And don’t say Namaste like I did at the border.
Manisha: No, i won’t.
Karl: Say Asalam Walekum. Manisha: Bye, see you.
Karl: Bye, have fun. Manisha: So we’re now gonna go through the terminal building. It’s huge. Now these are the entry gates. So the security check has been done and now we are heading towards the immigration, so, I might have to turn off my camera again. See you in a while. So the security check is done, the immigration is done. And I was actually given polio drops here which I hadn’t expected at all. I am very excited. And also a little emotional at the same time. But I have butterflies in my stomach right now. Oh, you ‘ve watched it, already? Yes, I have watched the entire thing already. I am still excited. Bye Karl: Ok, so Manu has gone now. First, she is gonna go through Indian immigration, which is in this massive building behind. It’s blocked so you can’t see. Then a bus is gonna take her to zero point, to the border. Then she’s gonna go through the Pakistani immigration. And then other bus from the Pakistan side is gonna take her to Kartarpur Sahib. We are now going to enter Pakistan. I am in Pakistan now. And the e- rickshaws, they drop you here. at this point. And it’s here you can get your currency converted. Because you need to have US dollars, to pay the Pakistani government. There is a 20 dollar fee that you need to pay. And a lot of people actually were talking about the fee but I feel it’s completely justified because this infrastructure is only meant for Indians, right? Why should the Pakistanis pay for it? So, yeah I am here and I am going to get the currency converted. But I suggest you get the currency converted from outside. And get US dollars from outside because It’s a little expensive here. I don’t know if it’s the fee or it’s the currency exchange rate. So. at the currency conversion counter I got some dollars and I got some Pakistani currency. And I used the dollars to get a coupon which looks like this. So, this is what you get after paying the 20 dollar fee. Actually I just realized, I am a Hindu, married to a Christian, visiting a gurdwara in a Muslim country. Greetings in urdu. Thank you so much. So I have cleared Pakistan’s side immigration now and now we are going to head towards the gurdwara in this bus. Greetings in urdu. Wow! Look at that. It’s so white and beautiful! Now before you enter the gurdwara make sure you must wash your hands and feet and face. and that is why they have a well in this gurudwara. So cool, I have never seen this in any of the other gurdwara’s I’ve been to. So the water comes out of the well through that machine and then comes out to these staircases where you can wash your feet and hands. This is one of the coolest things I have seen in a gurdwara. This gurdwara has this nice, circular staircase which you can climb and come to the roof- top. Just checkout how white, bright, clean and peaceful this place is. And I was actually very impressed with the Pakistani music earlier but now I am also impressed by their cleanliness and how polite the people are. This gurdwara is the second most important site for the Sikhs because this was where Guru Nanak spent the final years of his life. And he also died here. And the first most important place is actually also here in Pakistan, in Nankana Sahib, that was where he was born. Actually I have heard a lot of people call Pakistan, Pekistan. It’s a, Pakistan. It’s ‘Sikh’ not ‘seekh’. So in most of the gurdwara’s you will find a water body like this where people can come and bathe. And this gurdwara has a beautiful one and there is partition in between actually there’s a separate section for males which is on the other side and this is the female one. And usually you can’t film inside because people are usually bathing here. But since no one is here right now, we got the opportunity. One thing I love about Sikhism is it’s belief in service. It believes service to mankind is service to god. And that is why it feeds people twice a day. There is langar, where everyone and anyone can come and eat together. No matter which religion you are from and you come take a shelter in a gurdwara if you want to and you can also volunteer for work. You can clean, you can cook, you can do any kind of job. So, we are now going to the langar hall where everyone sits together and eats. All these dishes are for the langar. And they are all brand new. So, if you like to volunteer to work at a gurdwara, this is where you can do the dishes and that is the area where you can cook for people. I don’t know what they are cooking but it smells amazing. We are back at the langer hall and the langar has started. So I just had langar and the food was amazing. And this was what I was talking about. These gurdwaras are feeding people twice a day, every single day. It’s commendable what they are doing because the government couldn’t do this. Inspite of the fact they have taxes and all the funds. So, I really appreciate and I really like this one thing about gurdwara, this concept of service. So now we are heading towards the complex that has these souvenirs or other things you can buy from these stalls. This is the complex that I was talking about. There are different stalls where you can eat, buy slippers and clothes and all sorts of stuff. Guys there’s a bad news, there is no offering here but I’m glad I had langar and the food was so good. And now it’s time to go back to India and leave Pakistan and this gurdwara. Definitely coming back. This trip has made me feel like I should come back and visit other cities of Pakistan as well including Lahore and Islamabad and Karachi. And the people are just so nice and polite. Karl: Now if you are like me and you can’t cross the border. You can come and actually see the border. The border is literally a couple of meters away from here. There is a look out point. You can’t see across into Pakistan but you can see, not the gurdwara but you can see the immigration check point that the Pakistan has built there. A bus will go from that check point and take people further to gurdwara. It’s about 4km from here to Kartarpur Sahib. Manu is coming back right now, here she is. How are you babe, all good?
Manisha: Yeah, did you enjoy waiting for me? Karl: Oh no, It was painful. I had to wait there for like 6 hours. Finally back. Let’s ask some question.
Manisha: Yess Karl: How was Pakistan? How was your experience? Manisha: Pakistan was really, really nice. It’s so clean and the people are so nice and polite and being a haryanvi, I am not even used to that but they were such nice, polite and soft spoken gentlemen. Karl: And was it different from India? Any big things you noticed? Manisha: The cleanliness was definitely a big thing and the language. The politeness, the mannerism we call it that That was different. Karl: Even I noticed the cleanliness when I was in Pakistan.
Manisha: Did you? Karl: Yes
Manisha: It was so, even though I just crossed the border but I can feel the difference. Like there is garbage everywhere here but there it is super clean, you will notice that. Karl: You’re right about that, totally right.
Manisha: Everything, the dishes even the dishes were brand new but like the ground and everything, the river. Karl: So the streets are cleaned and there are no stray animals right?
Manisha: Yeah Karl: And now a lot of haters gonna be on this video, whenever I make a video about Pakistan these crazy people commenting. Manisha: Yeah
Karl: What’s your advice to fellow Indians who are gonna comment the crazy stuff. Manisha: Well, there’s no advice for the crazy ones. They going to be crazy whatever you say. So it’s ok, i will let them be crazy. But to the sensible people, I’ll tell them the people in Pakistan are really nice, really, really nice. And don’t listen to media and politicians and use your own mind. Karl: So true, so true. And so in Pakistan were they curious about you as an Indian? Manisha: Yes. One of the guys was like, “What do they say about us in India?” And I was like, there’s different versions. The media definitely says something else but I am not going to say anything bad about you guys because you’ve been so nice to me. They told me I could come any number of times. I could come twice a month, twice a week it was all upto me and they would welcome me every single time. Karl: Now if you guys want all the information on exactly the process to visit the Kartarpur corridor, I have put a link on the description to my blog. Go and click that. It has every single detail you could ever want and everything you need to get here. The government website doesn’t tell you everything that I am telling you in the blog post. So, go and check that out. And ofcourse if you love work I do, hit that join button. Become a channel member and get a bunch of exclusive member only benefits. Long live India. And lots of love to Pakistan and I will be returning.

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    Thanks Pakistan
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  3. In this video right at 4:34 minutes the man standing with hands in his pocket is my Elder Brother. He is an immigration officer.

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  5. She is right they are very polite and friendly I have lived with them in Dubai for months actually most of my flatmates were Pakistanis thats all true but let me tell you can't judge a person in jiffy you need to spend time with them, live with them then only you can frame a correct opinion. From my experience they hate India and Indians to the core they will always do small things which hurts your sentiments they will insist you to eat some prohibited food in the name of friendship, they will tell you that they have been with and slept with many Indian gfs, they will not leave any chance to either convert you to Islam or to read their scriptures. So don't teach people about Pakistanis without learning abt them in details.

  6. You know what the cleanliness that you just saw was only available at a cost of 20$ , it wasn't free of cost as you wish it should be in india

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    Well Pakistan is slightly bigger than gurudwara.

    >Talks to 8-10 people
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    "Government feeds you lies"
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    JEHAD ( reality) u can be killed by TERRORIST any time lady 😉 don't risk ur life

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    There are many Indian temples in Pakistan that should be shown same respect.

    Please restore Sharda Peeth temple in PoJ&K also and allow Indians to visit their ancient ancestral deity.

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