Seoul-Tokyo trade row damaging Japan’s tourism industry

Seoul-Tokyo trade row damaging Japan’s tourism industry

now with more and more South Koreans
boycotting Japanese products over Tokyo’s export curbs local consumers are
now turning their backs increasingly on taking trips to Japan it has actually
reached the point where Japanese media outlets are admitting the sharp decrease
in visitors from South Korea is becoming a serious cause of concern Eastern J
reports looking at the number of people who traveled to Japan in the first half
of 2019 the number of Chinese visitors was up more than 11 percent on-year
contrast that with the number of South Korean visitors dropping 3.8 percent the
first on-year decline in five years with the trade role raging between Seoul and
Tokyo Japanese media outlets are starting to report that South Koreans
who are considering traveling to Japan are now seeking out other vacation spots
they also reported that several travel sites in South Korea have even opted to
remove Japan from their travel packages altogether the Japanese daily Sankei
Shimbun says the decrease in the number of South Koreans visiting Japan is
inevitable given the current circumstances and added it might be hard
for Japan to reach its goal of 40 million foreign visitors next year and
that’s despite the 2020 Tokyo Olympics being held in its capital travel
agencies in Japan report that the cancellation of reservations made in
south korea have soared since the start of july the number of South Korean
visitors who travel to Japan this summer is also sharply lower than last summer
the boycott is especially bad news for Japan’s tourism industry as South
Koreans made up almost a quarter of the foreign tourists who visited Japan last
year easing J Arirang news

7 thoughts on “Seoul-Tokyo trade row damaging Japan’s tourism industry

  1. There are more tourists to Japan from the small island of Taiwan than Korea. Once again this is only a big deal in your mind. Japan is overflowing with record numbers of tourists and they can hardly accommodate them so if Koreans don’t go there it might just be perfect.

  2. Good job, Korea. Boycott the Tokyo olympics as well – it will keep both country people happy. Good luck. – from Americas

  3. Over-tourism is a rising concern in Japan, so it's a good to curb the number of people from overseas. There are criminal cases such as fraud, thefts, trespassing, vandalism, all involving Korean visitors. Korean boycott might improve local safety and feeling. Japan will diversify marketing strategy on inbound tourism, downgrade Korean customers.

  4. japans high tech industry has fallen behind from international competitors, on the other hand tourism industry is growing. maybe japan sees its future in tourism like thailand. why not? why bothering with complicated brain demanding high technolgy when you can easily steal money from tourist pocket?

  5. Japan always ignores Korea but fears Korea's rapid economic growth and potential. We were colonies until decades ago, and the economic level was at rock bottom. But now? It has grown. There is no rationalization of these regulations. Koreans are a strong nation in need, and we have DNA of resistance from our ancestors. How long do you have to put up with it? Their contempt!

  6. No more Korean, don't come any closer. We all welcome without Korean. I don't see any people friendly feeling to Korean around here.
    Everybody hates Korean in Japan. Japanese never say it but they do men! So much disrespect to Korean , estúpido!

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