29 thoughts on “Sesame Street: Summoned to the King’s Picnic

  1. Maria-Sonia Manzano
    ย King-Frank Oz
    ย Prime Minster/ Additional Characters: Jim Henson
    Farley/Additional Characters: Jerry Nelson
    Purple Guy Additional Characters: Richard Hunt

  2. Maria was great at narrating these stories.ย  Surely, those of my generation–Old School SS–would remember "The Boy Who Cried Monster"(a parody of The boy who cried wolf, of course,with Cookie Monster as the monster in question),which was also narrated by Maria; hopefully that one also will get posted, one of these days.

  3. It always amazes me how expressive the puppets (technically, muppets?) are, given their lack of actual features. Such fond memories of watching Sesame Street 40+ years ago…

  4. I know that this is supposed to teach a lesson, but in reality, what are the odds of that many people bringing the same thing to a picnic?

  5. This sketch launched my career as a group leader and strategic planner .. and I was only 5 years old..? Gotta love Sesame Street! Classic!

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