Sesame Street: The Count’s Picnic

Sesame Street: The Count’s Picnic

[ORGAN MUSIC PLAYING] THE COUNT: Ah, greetings. I was just getting ready to
have a picnic with all my favorite picnic food made
especially for me by the Transylvanian Deli. Ha ha. Ah, what is this I see? Oh, it’s a little ant. That’s 1. 1 little ant. Ha ha. Oh, and it’s carrying
away my apple. Did you know that an
and can carry 600 times its own weight? Amazing. Oh, look. And there’s another ant carrying
away my banana. That’s 2. 2 ants! Oh, and there’s one carrying
away my napkin. That’s 3 ants! Ha ha. Tidy little guys. Oh, yes, and one carrying
off my hard boiled egg. That’s 4 ants! Aren’t they cute? Oh, and one more taking off
my other hard boiled egg. Yes, that’s 5 ants. Oh, bon appetit,
my little ones. Oh! And another one taking
away my salt shaker! Ha ha ha. That’s 6. 6 ants! Oh, and one taking my
pepper shaker, too. Oh, ho, ho. 7 little ants. Ahem, don’t sneeze, baby. ANT: Ah, ah, achoo! THE COUNT: Oh, gesunderblatz. ANT: Thank you. THE COUNT: Oh, and there’s
another little ant! He’s carrying away my
Transylvanian brownie. That’s 8. 8 ants! Oh, they’re so cute. Oh, and one carrying
away my pickle. That’s 9. 9 ants! Ha ha ha ha. Don’t get heartburn. Yes. Oh, and one ant carrying
away my delicious hero sandwich for the road! Ha ha ha. That’s 10 ants! Ha ha ha! [THUNDER] THE COUNT: Oh, and they’ve
carried off all my food! Ha ha ha! Oh, but that’s OK, because
it’s raining. And who wants to have a
picnet in the rain? Ha ha ha.

62 thoughts on “Sesame Street: The Count’s Picnic

  1. This skit kinda scared me when I was a kid. Seeing those ants take away all that food creeped me out and I don't remember the background music being so scary.

  2. This is so enchanting! And he's more invincible than other vampires, in the daylight and all. Sesame Street's Count von count rocks!

  3. The Count was planning a picnic to observe all the ants carrying away his food? Why didn't he bring a tent? it's raining anyway.

  4. i would have counted them as i squished them… like, "squish" one ant carrying my food away, "squish" two ants carrying my food away… and i would still have food left:)

  5. @omnivorous65: Actually, no he doesn't. That only applies to solid vampires in classic cinema, not lovable Count of Sesame Street.

  6. After the ants took away all of the Count's food, it was funny how he said "who wants to have a picnic in the rain" since I'm sure if there were no ants taking any of his food, he probably would have been almost finished eating everything since there was only seven pieces food he had since every piece of food was small enough to eat and his sandwich at the end was something he was going to eat on the road so he would have finished everything before the rain and walked home to eat his sandwich.

  7. Well that's true. Whenever the Count finishes counting something and announces his total number, thunder and lightning come. However, there were many skits the Count was on where he made thunder and lightning come after announcing his total number but, there was never any rain coming (it was only on this skit that it rained after announcing his total number). Yes I agree, the Count is awesome.

  8. I guess a nice comfortable thing to rest on while all the ants eat the Count's food or they knew it was going to rain or that the Count would make it rain since he makes thunder and lightning when he announces his total number and the ants probably wanted shelter to eat under while they eat the Count's food.

  9. You know he's not trippin about the ants taking all his food because when he said " It's raining, but that's okay" Cuz in his mind, he knows all the ants will drown and die a horrible death . . . You're an evil mutherfukr Count! But you were always my favorite muppet, besides Grover of course. . .

  10. “Aw, don’t sneeze, baby!”



    Ok now that’s just hilarious.

  11. I love where the Count lives! He has gorgeous scenery around his property! I always noticed his beautiful castle in the background, but if you look very close, you can see Sesame Street!

  12. Count, you're lucky those ants didn't crawl into your pants. When was the last time you treated your yard?

  13. По-русски было бы так:
    О! Приветствую!
    А я сам решил отдыхать на природе и поесть свой самый любимый обед, который я принес с собой!
    Ой! Что происходит!
    Это муравей!
    1 муравей! Он взял моё яблоко.
    Вы знаете, что муравей может нести то что тяжелее во много раз.
    Ещё один муравей взял мой банан. Так уже 2 муравья!
    Ещё один взял мою салфетку для обеда. Уже 3 муравья!
    Ещё один взял одно отварное яйцо. Уже 4 муравья!
    Ещё одному досталась второе отварное яйцо. 5 муравьев!
    Ещё берёт мой соль. Уже 6 муравьев! Хорошенькие муравьи!
    Седьмому попался мой перец. Уже 7 муравьев!
    Сейчас он всчихнет!
    Будь здоров, муравей!
    Ещё один взял кусок моего вкусного пирога. Уже 8 муравьев! Приятного аппетита, добрые муравьи.
    Ещё один взял мой огурец. Уже 9 муравьев! Осторожно, не надорвись.
    Ещё один берёт мой большой вкусный бутерброд.
    Всего 10 муравьев!
    Они растащили весь мой обед!
    Всё будет хорошо!
    Кажется дождь собирается!
    А я не обедаю под дождём!

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