Seulsudae’s extreme camping challenge! [The Return of Superman / 2017.06.11]

Seulsudae’s extreme camping challenge! [The Return of Superman / 2017.06.11]

We borrowed this for a day. Donggook tries camping for the first time. Look at this. Where are you going? Where are you going? (What is that?) What is that bus? Sir, is this your house? House? It’s similar to a house. You can take a look around. There are dolls, too. It’s a bus that has been remodeled into a camping car. Hello. – Is this a camping car? / – Yes, it is. – You can drive it, right? / – Yes. I actually drove it here. – Really? / – Yes, I drove it. – You can take a look around. / – Let’s go inside. It’s an old model. Can you drive it with Type One driver’s license? (Donggook has many questions.) – I am envious. / – What is this? What is this? What is this? What is this? The music isn’t coming from here, is it? – It’s a lamp. / – It’s a lamp. – Take a look. / – It’s a broken blender that was turned into a lamp. You have skills to do this. We came prepared. We just haven’t set everything up yet. I will invite you when we start grilling meat. Thank you. Come when we start grilling meat. – Okay. Thank you. / – We will eat a lot of meat. (A sentimental camping trip begins.) My goodness, this is tasty. (He found the food container.) Really? This is tasty. What dish will be made with the ingredients Sian likes? I will make a stew. Add in anything you want. What do you want to add? – I want to add sausage. / – I like sausages. What else? – Cheese. / – Should I add cheese? I like bananas. – What? Do you want to add bananas? / – No. – I want to add this. / – Don’t add bananas. – An apple? / – Yes. – You want to add an apple? / – Yes. – Milk. / – Milk. – Shall I add everything? / – Yes. (This is becoming a strange stew.) What about strawberry jam? (What will they say?) – Add it. / – Add it. You will eat it, right? Okay. – Add a lot. / – Should I add a lot? – Milk. / – Milk. – Water. / – Water. I will add this. – Curry. / – Curry. – Is it doenjangguk? / – No, it’s curry. (He peels an apple.) I will add bananas. (Will this dish taste all right?) (Sausages go into the pot.) Strawberry jam. My goodness, I can’t imagine what that’ll taste like. Dad, we don’t have ramyeon. Let’s add ramyeon. – Hit it. / – Me, too. (Powerful) Sian broke it. (There are all kinds of ingredients.) – It looks delicious. / – It looks delicious. (While that’s cooking…) This is the first time I’m straightening my back. I’m working like a slave for this sentimental camping. That’s Dad’s. (He suddenly became excited.) – What? / – That’s Dad’s. – Should I sit here? / – Yes. Okay. (Whatever.) (Donggook wants to sit next to Sian.) Sian, are you happy to be camping with me? This is Seola’s chair. Let me sit down. I have been working hard. I want to sit next to you. May I sit here? Lean back. Lean back in the most comfortable way. Let’s sit in the most comfortable way and look at the clouds in the sky. When else would you look at the clouds? This is sentimental camping, okay? Look at how many clouds there are. No. (It’s not my taste.) It’s almost done. (Forget everything you knew about camping food.) (Curry meets fruits.) This is incredible. It’s curry and fruits soup. (Let’s try it.) How do you think it will taste? – I think it will be tasty. / – Blow on it. I will taste the dish first. Fruits. How will it taste? (It’s nice.) It’s tasty. I can’t believe it. I will eat it. Do this if it’s tasty. Do this if it’s tasty. (Slurping) – Seola, how does it taste? / – It’s tasty. It’s tasty, right? (It suits Sua’s palate as well.) It must really be tasty. The kids are loving it. I suppose it suits their palates. It’s really tasty. I ate this. – It’s good, right? / – It’s the best. The uncles don’t know how tasty it is. Give them some to try. (Please enjoy it.) (How will it taste?) (He tastes it…) How does it taste? It’s really tasty. You did a great job. You are the best. (It’s good, right?) (It’s a taste they want to share.) (It has an addictive taste.) I finished it. Thank you. (He returns the empty bowl.) He finished it. Hey, look at this. (The camping is just getting started.) No camping is complete without meat. It’s well-marbled Korean beef. Korean beef. Look at this. What is this? – Korean beef. / – Meat. Meat. (The Korean beef gets grilled over charcoal fire.) (Appetizing) (Meat is the highlight of camping.) This Korean beef is of top-quality. It’s great, but… My back hurts. (He gives himself a prize for his hard work.) (He suddenly starts singing.) (They sing in harmony.) ♪ Butterfly ♪ – Be quiet. Be quiet. / – ♪ Butterfly ♪ Sing together. We are camping together. No, this girl was being loud. (This girl?) – Don’t call me that. / – That’s rude. Be polite to your older sister. Why would you call me “this girl”? I am bigger than you. You cute little thing. I am not cute. You are not cute? I’m a grown-up man. Sian, deliver this to those ladies. Say, “Please try this.” Be careful. Be careful. Deliver it well. Don’t spill it! (Sian delivers the meat without spilling it.) – Hello. / – Hello. Hello. What is that? This is meat. Meat? Goodness. Thank you. – It’s Korean beef. / – Is it Korean beef? That’s great. Please enjoy it. – Okay, we will enjoy it. / – Thank you. Goodbye. – Hello. / – Hello. Gosh, thank you. It looks delicious. – It’s Korean beef. / – Korean beef? – Thank you. / – We will enjoy it. – Please enjoy it. / – Thank you. (They make skewers with Korean beef.) Come here, Sian. (Shall we grill them?) It’s hot. Sian, it’s hot. I will wear gloves. Sian, are you putting on gloves to help me? I’m hungry. Eat one. Should I eat one first? Your eyes sting, right? Smoke goes to a handsome person. I am handsome. Let’s try some Korean beef skewers. Eating Korean beef skewers will make you tall. That’s it. Dad, try putting everything in your mouth. (It’s coming off.) Korean beef is the best. Let’s have a toast. Let’s toast with Korean beef. Meat is the highlight of camping. – Cheers. / – Cheers. (Sua eats like it’s her first meal of the day.) It’s hot. Sian. (He puts a piece in Dad’s mouth.) (Eating) (My goodness.) (It’s hot.) – It’s hot. / – Is it hot? I will give it to him. (Refusing) Sian, let’s eat another piece of meat. Then I will call you Handsome Sian. You don’t like that? Shall I call you Baldy, then? Baldy! Baldy doesn’t want more. Let’s eat. It’s because I had ramyeon. It’s because I had ramyeon. Is it because you had ramyeon? (He can express his thoughts now.) Look at the sun. It will say goodbye soon. – Bye. / – Bye. It has been a dream of mine to go camping with you. I finally did. Jaea? “Finally” is pronounced like “Jaea”. I finally did it. Did you enjoy camping with me? Was it hard? Did you not enjoy it? It was hard. What was so hard about it? It was hard! What is he saying? – Is he singing? / – He is singing. That’s right! (At every camping site,) (there is one guy who sings as he plays the guitar.) (Sian’s sorrowful voice is charming.) (Let it go) (He enjoys singing pop songs.) Okay. Stop it. What’s with you? Are you drunk on the ambience? (But he can be a little bit clueless.) – No. / – You’re so cute. (Children laugh more when they are camping.) Kids. Dad. I am sorry. It’s good to lie down. Is it good to lie down? Dad, let’s come camping again. Okay.

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  1. I really love this show.  I love the way the Korean culture raise their kids. Very Respectful and Well behaved children.

  2. What's that drama when it was at the camping sence I'm I watched it before but I forgot where it was from,nvm I found out it was from sassy go go

  3. i cant believe its tasty when banna apple milk strawberry jams are added when its not supposed to.. i should try..

  4. ???????????????????????????????????????????????

  5. 11:33 i keep repeating how sua hug lee donggook's arm..she loves her dad so much..suddenly I miss my dad? (he's at home while im at college, dont get the wrong idea?)

  6. What-

    Camping is suffering in the woods with mosquitoes biting you and sleeping in a tent that was accidentally put on a rock, which you unfortunately now have to sleep on.

    Oh and s'mores

  7. I know it's a joke and all but everyone commenting on sua's big appetite may be funny now but it might give the girl serious self esteem issues when she's older…even the subs that display expression end up commenting on her big appetite….I think we should all think about how these kids are going to grow up with their childhood displayed forever in the internet

  8. In Singapore there is a prata a Indian traditional dish it has to be eaten with curry or sugar or a combination my little Brother usually eats it with sugar I eat it with curry you can put banana chocolate and rainbow sprinkles

  9. Curry plus milk sure make your dish delicious,we at malaysia put coconut milk instant of milk .if anybody come to malaysia,i will make one for you guys??

  10. Culture shock after seeing apples and banana jam and milk together!!! Never ever trying it man!!! Not my taste..
    But I love how Sua Sian seoul ate growing up fast that hug to dad though 11:35 Sua is just adorable af ?????

  11. Imagine being the cameraman:
    "Just casually filming Donggook cooking without getting hungry"

    5minutes later:
    "wait my tummy is rumbling"
    (Seola and Sua appeared and fed me noodles)
    "(In my head) Can I have beef too pls?"

  12. Awww the 2 most handsome people in korean (Aka. Sian and Jin from bts) Should meet each other sense they are both always saying "Im handsome" and maybe have a competition on who is the most handsome..please give me 3k and maybe we can seee of video of that???

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