[SEVENTEEN] GOING SEVENTEEN 2019 EP.23 TTT #3 (Camping Ver.)

[SEVENTEEN] GOING SEVENTEEN 2019 EP.23 TTT #3 (Camping Ver.)

Going SEVEN Now you guys can go shopping with the diamonds you earned.
-Okay Beforehand, why don’t we check how many diamonds you got? A thief….. did you steal something? [DIA Flex]
-Hey you gotta flex Flex Flex [(FLEXing is a great idea but) no, you gotta count though] (Min-sullen)
-I’m sorry.. But the gesture was cool. Put them back in and okay One One Two Three Four Five Six Wait?! It looks like we don’t have all 50.. -Hey, it’s less than 50?
-32, 33 -34,35,36,37
-You guys stole some 50! Less than 50 diamonds Everyone we got some of your diamonds from an anonymous source. You guys managed them poorly, so someone gave us
-Oh we just left them there intentionally the diamonds on the ground
-We just put them there. Since it was your fault, we can’t just give them back to you, right?
-OK Don’t okay! Why did you say okay??!?!?!? Rock Paper Scissors for 13 diamonds? Don’t you think we gotta admit this is our fault? We prepped them with hearts
-Right but you guys were careless, so what we are suggesting is [The wish chance from] -you guys have the wish chance from us, right?
-Yes [Give the production crews a wish chance as well!!]
I think it would be nice for us to have a wish chance as well. -Wait a second
-You are dealing in a lot of things here. Why don’t we just use our wish chance for getting 13 diamonds back? Let me tell you what we are wishing for first [Let’s hear her out]
-Well if you say so Any type of content and any type of project! [100% participation]
-100 % participation in any project without complaining [(Isn’t that too easy?) We can afford it easy] [(Closed deal) Promised, no back out] If we just do that, are you going to give us all the diamonds? So if we say wow let’s not do this, we already have enough audience, [(What if they ask us to do such a thing?)Can you get into cold water in Winter?] Right! You have a point. Even if we accept this deal, the team members with the wish chance can ask for exclusion. [(disappointed)]
Yo you can’t do that. We are on the same team. -But at that time we clearly had separate teams
-Yeah it’s because we split up. [(Don’t think too much) right now at this moment!] Right now at this moment~~~~ -Like a magic
-So, we are going to accept the deal. Okay, then I will give you guys 13 diamonds back. OK [Got the 13 diamonds back!] But hold on! But this is really weird logic -we put our money wherever we wanted to leave..
-No we admitted already -The thief is the problem!!!!!! IRREVOCABLE 🙂 Happily on the way to shop~ [Welcome]
-It’s so funny he is waiting.
-We are majestic. because we made money. [(Got the diamonds) we can buy everything here!] [Yo but first, we absolutely need an Indian tent]
-Yes you’re right. We absolutely need one
-So we want a full tent set, -an entry model stand
-13 sleeping bags
-Let’s just buy one of everything Let’s just buy an Indian tent for now and see what we need later. -Let’s buy an Indian tent and lucky box as well
-Lucky box? Should we buy one? What can we get from the lucky box? [(Even if we buy one) if we don’t get the tent, it’s no use. If we buy one Indian tent, we get 13 of them, right?
-Yes Then if we buy just the full set, that’s it Yes that’s it, so we just need to buy that one I was just curious so I thought about buying it -Then, the tent and sleeping bags?
-Yes we need sleeping bags
-Can we get an Indian tent and sleeping bags? [(sleeping bags included) If you buy the full set, you get everything~] [:-O a huge combination] [50 Diamonds] – 10 [40 diamonds] [Please one diamond discounted]
-Can you give me a discount of one diamond? [Dino will sing for you][Quick give-up]
– Once in a while~ [Let’s buy some food!][The end of camping store shopping]
-Thank you
-Thank you Hello~ -Oh! A twin!
– How’s business? [(Mr. Wang) Your neighbor brother sold us a great item][(Mr. Jang)] Welcome Let’s just say one thing. Give me everything here Can we buy all the food? Yes. Could we get one of each? [(The business closed) It’s closed once all the food is sold out][We deliver]
-If you ask for everything, they would probably close the door
-We’ll buy everything
-Do you guys do delivery service? Please deliver it to Cheongdam-dong over there. There will be an extra charge for delivery. A what? [Just kidding lol] How about paying it with a piece of a diamond? Thank you~ [Shopping is done in the food store too!] [Delivery]
Now, we should divide ourselves into teams of setting up a meal and setting up the tent. How about doing it voluntarily? Who wants to cook? -Me. I wanna cook.
-Me too. I suck at setting up things Alright, I’ll do the tent. Let’s divide: those who want to do a tent, go there and those who want to cook go there. Cooking sounds more run. [Cooking team / Tent team] Please cook something delicious! And when one side is over, help the other side. Alright, let’s say this is the basic team, and when you are done, come to the other side to help. There’s an expert on spicy noodles there. [Expert on spicy noodles] Shall we start? [Let’s relax for now until the delivery is here] [Why don’t we play a game of Werewolf?] [After a round of Werewolf] [Delivery completed / Setting up starts for real]
Can anyone give me a hand? Wait, aren’t we supposed to go in and put that pole up first? [Harder than requests / Pitching up 2 tents fitting 10 people]
Stand the pole first. It’ll get stuck if we lock it. Let’s unfold this and see. I’ve never pitched a tent before… [The tent is already coming to an end] Welp, that’s why they say “There’s no place like home.” [Super homebody]
I usually hate going outdoors. [Jeonghan the angel]
Well, let’s grill some meat and let others have a piece. [Time to cook] It’s my first time doing everything from scratch. [Washing hands before dressing up the vegetables] [Chop the mushrooms with skills] [Smart / search how to cut onions] [Cut the onions with skills, with a small knife] [Grinding garlics] [Dressing up the vegetables] [Clean round off] [Meanwhile, grilling begins too] [Went to wash off the grill / Went to wash off the tongs] [Watch out, this may salivate you] [Table setting / Perfect sharing of work] [Let’s eat what is cooked first]
Set up everything before grilling meat. [Don’t forget singing during camping] [S.Coups & Jeonghan are a party of meat] [Joshua & Mingyu & The8 & DK & Seungkwan are a party of chefs] [Woozi is a party of instant noodles]
I’ll cook the instant noodle now. It would be better to eat and cook more if it isn’t enough. I’m going to wash utensils. [Sanitary and cleanliness! Wash the hands first] [Takes a long while to wash all 13 sets] [Wash the dishes too] [Shake off the water to finish] How’s it going? Set up the table there. [Set up table for 13, please.] [The 8’s rice folded in egg omelet] [DK’s kimchi stew] [Yummy instant noodle] [Starts dancing] [Joshua’s Gambas / with DK’s mashed garlic] [Meat is delicious all the way]
Ooh, yum! [Hoshi’s Chapagetti]
Look, lots of tiger’s power in it. [Tension] That’s bland. -I get what you mean.
-Doesn’t taste bad, right? [Eyes of hamster] [Rice on one hand and instant noodle on the other] [Food eaten for an hour – 10 portion of beef, 15 portion of pork, 8 portion of pork ribs, egg omelet, kimchi stew, gambas, 10 packets of instant noodles, 10 packets of spicy noodles, 10 packets of Chapagetti…] [Meal is finished] [Continuing comment]
So, we… [So natural, it gives chills]
It’s right to do this, right? Am I supposed to continue? Wait. Hey, now that we are done with the meal… That sounds more awkward. I acted as if it isn’t but it was awkward alright. Just continue. Let me show you what natural progress is. [Loading natural] Man, we had a full meal. I’m stuffed. I’m way too stuffed. Mingyu, S.Coups, and Jeonghan grilled the meat. Kimchi stew! DK’s kimchi stew was great too. [Careful with the pronunciation]
Jogas~ [Please call it Hongbas.]
-No, Hongbas, Hongbas.
-Oh, Hongbas! Hongbas! [The 8’s egg omelet too] Okay, we should start tidying up. [We’re still hungry]
Alright, let’s tidy up and have dessert. Sounds like a plan. Shall we play a game? -There might be some who want to volunteer cleaning.
-Yeah, there are some people like that. [Dumping onto others] [No cleaning, thank you / Withstanding with full force] [Throwing game]
Alright! Stand in a row. Let’s go. I’ll go first! [5 people who fail the mission will be cleaning] Let’s pick 5! [Muffled]
Oh, are you volunteering, Seungkwan? [Entertainer to his bones]
No, I’m setting up the picture here! It’s messy. [Challenging item – spoon / First up, S.Coups] I thought you nailed it! That was a nice surprise. [Challenging item – wet wipe/ Second up, Jeonghan] [That was so close…! / Since it is on the grass, it bounce off well] [Challenging item – battery / Third up, Joshua]
Oh, a battery! A battery! That’ll bounce off right away. [Battery] [Challenging item – a shoe / Forth up, Jun] [Fail] Jin Ramen Mild! [Challenging item – J* Ramen Mild/ Fifth up, Hoshi]
-The mild one!
-Since it is mild, it won’t make it. Mild won’t do. [Mild flavor] [Partly on the area] Accepted, accepted! [Deep bow / Thank you bros] [Mild flavor did it]
Even if it is partly on, we’ll accept it. [I don’t have to clean!] [Challenging item – work glove / Sixth up, Wonwoo] [So close] [Challenging item – Sausage / Seventh up, Woozi] [Too far] [Tip from the successful one]
Guys! Target here. This isn’t good. It shouldn’t happen. Hoshi did it. [Challenging item – Chili paste / Eighth up, The 8] [Taste of red] [Spin around and fail] [Challenging item – Sausage no. 2 / Ninth up, Mingyu] Sausage warrior! -Sausage warrior!
-S. W! S. W! Drop! Argh! [Makes his own sound effect] [Challenging item – Instant rice / Tenth up, DK] [His pose is 10/10] [Practicing] [Ceremony] [Escapes the cleaning duty] [Challenging item – ssamjang / Eleventh up, Seungkwan] Don’t feel pressured! Don’t feel pressured! Don’t feel pressured! Don’t feel pressured! [Pressure 116%]
Bye, bye! It’s my first time doing something in one go! [Challenging item – Crumbled can / Twelfth up, Vernon]
I think I picked the wrong item to work with… -But I’ll go with it anyway.
-You can’t change what you picked! [Perfect landing] [This is nothing] What’s that? [Challenging item – Pork rib sauce / Thirteenth up, Dino] Pork rib sauce! [Fail] [Three people succeeded so far]
Wait, why do I must wait for so long to give it a try? [Fail]
It’s fun to play a game with music. [Five places left / Failure continues] [Everyone from Coups to Wonwoo failed / Woozi’s second try]
Don’t take too long, 1, 2, 3! [Partly on is accepted / Success zone welcomed] [Quick progress]
Okay! Next. Sausage~ Sausage!! [Goes on ambiguously] [People in the success zone do not approve]
No it’s not it. [(Sad Min)] One~ Two~ Three~ Soybean paste! No~ Next person~ Pork Rib Sauce! Pork Rib Sauce! Now four people~ [Continues to fail]
I got it four people ?? It’s not gonna work that way~ Now, the first three people~ That’s too far [Tries to throw a pair of cotton gloves agin]
What’s wrong? [Stable landing/ Perfect success] [5 successful people/ 3 seats left] Red pepper paste! School yard school yard! [This time it’s a success!/ Everyone in the sausage group made it] [(Where are you headed??)] School yard~ Sausage~ Sausage~ [I’m the only one who didn’t make it]
Everyone from school yard made it. SeungKwan. SeungKwan’s not gonna make it. He won’t [What do you mean I won’t/ Makes it] [(So moved)] [Only 1 seat left] I didn’t go yet! [I need to make it/ It feels like it may be his last chance]
Pork rib! Pork rib! Pork sauce! Pork sauce! [Dino made it too] Joshua~ COUPS~ Jun~ THE 8~ Jeonghan~ Please clean up~ [It’s almost like they won the world cup] [We love cleaning] [COUPS begging /Can we do another round 8 vs 5?] [Work hard~]
You can do it~ [Time for deserts] [Wine, beer, juice]
Everyone did you all fill up your glass~ Raise your glass please~ -It’s good.
-It’s delicious. Everyone! It’s a beautiful night. One Two Three~ Cheers! Today, today as well, if you want to get drunk, go ahead. Are you drunk already? Please don’t pretend you are drunk. Hey Hoshi, we can tell if you are drunk or not~ Okay. I’m not drunk~ [Not drunk/ Chief Kwan is speaking]
Anyhow, there’s something called ode to youth. My youth is Seventeen and Seventeen’s youth is me. What’s he saying. [Fails to move their hearts/ They didn’t approve it]
Ode to youth. [(Lonely)] Guys then how about we raise our glasses for this mood? Alright~ Now, it’s a beautiful night. [Yes] [(Tastes it)] Let’s drink to this ambience. It’s a beautiful night. Again? That’s enough~ Stop it! I think he wants us to get drunk. Hoshi won’t be here after 30 min. Then can we proceed with the 12 of us? I think he’s going to be gone soon. I think everyone wants to look funny in front of the camera (Introducing himself) Let’s just act natural. [Yeah, you just need to take care of yourself] Then why don’t we do this. Let’s share how each of us feels about TTT from last year and this year. What each of us thinks are different personally. Jun: I have a lot of memories from last year’s TTT What are those? Jun: The 8 and I we left in the middle of last year’s TTT. Right. We weren’t together. Yeah. We were together. I have so much memories about that. Jun: Through the project, The 8 and I had lots to think about It was cool. Jun: You can only feel it when you are alone after working in a team Jun: About what I’m bad at. Jun: I learned a lot about that. Jun: Me being alone versus performing with the 12 members Jun: It just feels so different DK: What I really like about this year’s TTT is that DK: When I was preparing for the musical, other members were on a break. DK: So I couldn’t travel and I felt bad because I had to practice DK: So I worked thinking ‘I need to practice anyways’ and now I feel like I’m on a journey, so I’m very happy S.COUPS: I’m so happy that all 13 of us are here again at this TTT. It’s really good. DK: I love to travel. DK: I really like that all of us are doing this. Joshua: I personally feel like this. Joshua: Of course it’s fun when we all work and broadcast together Joshua: But we are also tired and sensitive due to lack of sleep Joshua: So at times it feels bitter. It’s cold. Joshua: It is cold but since I am just chilling with my members, they feel more special. Joshua: When we are together, it is so much fun. Joshua: It is so fun. Joshua: better than hanging out with my friends. Yeah, I feel the same. It’s fun when we all hang out like this. It’s amazing. You can’t compare this with anything. S.Coups: As time goes by S.Coups: I don’t think about us leaving each other. S.Coups: Like I can’t do that. S.Coups: I though as time goes by S.Coups: I thought that ‘We are just going to go our own ways.’ S.Coups: Now, I don’t think that way at all. Hoshi: Everyone thinks that our relationship Hoshi: is precious and I love that. Woozi: To be honest how can us 13 all agree and understand each other. Woozi: We are all here. Woozi: We have done a lot of things but we are going to do more. Woozi: I have been thinking that I want to do more with members recently. Woozi: I think about it more recently. We are bonded. Woozi: We get sensitive about out stats and stuff. Woozi: I just want to do this forever with these members. Woozi: It’s not like ‘We want to last long’ Woozi: I honestly think about ‘I want to do this forever with these people.’ S.Coups: It was like our immature goal. Woozi: I think that would be awesome. ‘We want to do this for a long time.’ Woozi; Currently that is very important and special. S.Coups: That is my hope. S.Coups: It is not something to achieve. S.Coups: That is just my wish S.Coups: It is not that ‘We are going to do this for a long time’ ‘I want to do this for a long tome’ Boo Seungkwan: I shouldn’t think about this but Boo Seungkwan: I just get anxious when I feel like something is going to happen Boo Seungkwan: Whenever I think about it… Then you should listen to ‘Smile Flower’. We made the song when we were going through that. Dino: I have been looking at the ring pretty often. Dino: When we were doing GV, you know who the ring changes? Yeah. Dino: My pinky draw my attention. Yeah. Me too. Yeah. Same. Dino: As it changes like, first grade, second grade, Dino: the progress of how the team has been changed and how I have grew Dino: are all explained by this one ring. Kim Mingyu: Time went by fast since we got the first ring. Kim Mingyu: I don’t know how it went. When I look at the right, there are so many memories. DK : We have spent a lot of time together. DK : We forgot about what happened in the past and when you see the video it gives you throw backs. Woozi: At the concert I thought abouta lot. Woozi: When we are getting old and when we walk down the hallway, Woozi: other idols say hi to us Woozi: Enthusiastically. Woozi: That made me realize that ‘I used to feel the same.’ Hoshi: ‘How did time just flew by?’ Woozi: Ever since we started this team, we kept going without stopping. We just did it. Woozi: When I thought about it, we are here. Woozi: Honestly we have far to go. That felt weird. S.Coups: What I felt was, S.Coups: there used to be people who loved us, S.Coups: It’s a little bit like Hoshi, back in the day, when we were looking at SHINee S.Coups: and loved them. That reminded me of that. Boo Seungkwan: Even though we went before everyone did, there were so many people who we looked up, Boo Seungkwan: and we were just happy about the fact that we were able to be on the same stage with them. Boo Seungkwan: But now we are that people who get looked up by everyone. Boo Seungkwan: All the sudden, I feel pressure. Boo Seungkwan: I feel like they are looking at us like that. Boo Seungkwan: These people like carrots ( Seventeen’s official fan club) are going to dream their own dreams by looking at us. Boo Seungkwan: They can be encouraged. We used to be like that. Boo Seungkwan: I thought about how I want us to be the team that leads the K-pop scene. Boo Seungkwan: I though about that during our last performance. I feel the same. DK: We also watched our seniors’ performance and grew our dream, thinking I want to be on stage like that, become a group that sings and energizes like that. S.coups: It wasn’t just empty words. S.coups: We watched all the rehearsals and tried to learn all we could S.coups: Thinking that there are people who look at us like that – You can’t consider it easy-, simply.
– you can’t think of it as easy. Seungkwan: Even just 1, 2 years ago I liked that we were the last in order Seungkwan: and thought ‘wow, we’re the ending’ but now I feel this great responsibility Seungkwan: and it couldn’t be that lighthearted anymore. Mingyu: There are still a lot to do, a lot that I want to do Mingyu: and a lot that I have to do. S.coups: Do you know what is so interesting about our relationship? S.coups: That we have a relationship that no one can understand. S.coups: How many hours are we apart, even when we are working or eating? S.coups: But despite that, when we meet we still feel very touched and missed S.coups: and kind of really special. That’s so interesting to me. S.coups: Even families can have conflicts if they spend a lot of time together S. coups: Maybe because we have that fondness S.coups: I can feel that we want to treat each other preciously. DK: Like you said, I think it’s because there are a lot that we feel toward each other. Hoshi: And we also have that Hoshi: Consideration and accepting each other’s difference. Mingyu: Don’t you have anything to say, Myung Ho? The8: I want to hear it today. Dino: I said it at the beginning of our debut. [(Maknae is cute)] [(Maknae is cute 22)] But our maknae really did work hard. S.coups: Maknae did work really hard. Wonwoo: He played the biggest part in our group Dino: At the beginning of our debut, I thought “I’ll be an artist that will become history” Dino: because I vaguely thought I wanted to just show my passion You have to now too. Nothing’s changed. Dino: Nothing has changed but there are differences. What? – At that time…
– Isn’t that the same thing? There is nothing special, but there is something particular. Dino: Back then I thought like, short but with impact. Why do you keep laughing. Are you playing don’t laugh challenge alone? No….Since everyone is smiling – No.
– No. We’re listening very seriously. Dino, your big passion is good. You grew up so much Dino: Plus, what changed so much than before, as I mentioned earlier, Dino: I think I got to see a little further ahead. Dino: It was so interesting that I thought like that. Hoshi: And similar to when I talked with S.coups before, Hoshi: I felt that our members think about our team very much because Hoshi: Jeonghan may be this calm and only listening~ Hoshi: he might look tired and all but he really thinks of our team a lot. He thinks about our team a lot. Really. Jeonghan really does. S.coups: He’s just listening beside us, but he just likes to listen, like The8. But when he speaks? S.coups: He thinks about our team the most, really. S.coups: When I talk with him Hoshi: I was so surprised too. Really. S.coups: He talks like he almost only has us. Hoshi: What I was touched by from Jeonghan is that I was touched a lot by him saying that he hopes members don’t undermine us because he only has our team. Me too. [Embarrassed] I’m embarrassed. Don’t hide~ But I think we all feel that way. Our team, really… I think that’s why the team lasts longer. I think our team is really special. [Chief Kwon’s BACK]
Should we wrap up we a final toast? Those who will go inside go~ Right, lastly! Whew, this is so hard. [Ugh Mingyu Kim] Everyone~ Mingyu spilled lastly! Uhh Mingyu Kim! Without a single day! It’s kind of weird if he doesn’t spill now. It is weird (FIRM) Finally, let us, Seventeen last long like this. Seventeen’s TTT~! [The next day0 [Members all in sweet dreams] [Let’s wake up now] [What] [Runs while barely awake] [S.coups 1st place] [I’m sleepy…] [Let’s wake up quickly] [Members are getting up one by one] [Everyone woke up in 5 minutes] [Half asleep] [Half asleep 22] [Half asleep 333] I feel like I am getting all the light of the world now. Staff: Everyone! Today’s camping is… Today’s concept is the “Happy Camping Day.” Staff: You can enjoy all the food and everything we offer. This is a familiar scene. We did the happy camping thing yesterday. Hey, maybe the concept is a repeating day, but why is the producer stuttering like that? She’s stuttering too much. [Stop… Stop making fun of me and eat!] Don’t eat right away. I heard yesterday that the alarm goes off when we eat. What? [Don’t try fool us]
If we eat that, you will come to us with the mask. You will come to us and take them back. What? The day repeats itself. Then should I drink that orange juice? [We’re hungry, we should eat] We should be careful eating it. Pour it quick, pour it quick. Let’s just eat. We should be quick. [Nothing careful about this] The macarons are the same from yesterday! Wow, the milk is good. [Eating right after waking up] It’s good. [Large bite] Are the macarons the same? [Got you again!]
Which one’s the best? I think this is good. [He ate it!] [The concept is that the day repeats itself.. / The siren goes off when they ate the macarons]
See, I knew it! Again, again, again! [What is this response?] Come on. [Epic fail / No one reacts to the concept] Again, again, again! Today’s true concept is “Happy Camping Day.” [Happy Camping Day] [Concept failed] It’s quite terrible though. They tell us to make the tent again. (Awful!) Yesterday was such a happy day for me. But it won’t be easy for me to do it again. One day is enough. No, guys! It was all a dream yesterday! [Stop being obsessed about the failed concept]
What kind of dream are you talking about? It will get hot in 30 minutes. We should run away before that. Shall we leave? Let’s go. [Sudden farewell]
Thank you. Bye! [Suddenly wrapping up] See you again later, don’t be sad, everyone! Going Seventeen, makes you anticipate the next episode! A show by Seventeen. Thank you. Good bye!

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  22. Im not Carat i just watch the content, listen to music and enjoy their stuff
    But i dont know that much about the boys
    But still it hit hard when S.Coups said " i really dont think we will ever leave each other"
    Today at MAMA they did well even tho they had little time and were robbed for awards, but i hope S.Coups were proud of them and that he is trying to get better at home in piece. So many bad things happened and at this point from my Oneit and NCTzen heart i really hope Seventeen and Carats will always be happy no matter what and no matter how hard it will be.. always take time for yourself, cry if you want to cry, be sad if you want to be sad but always fight for yourself. ??

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  24. Coming back to this episode today after that performance. Thank you for being yourself and I’m sure that you can do it

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    But then Mingyu sent a plate flying and that snapped me out of my crying jag lmao. This episode is a roller coaster of emotions.

  26. I cried so hard. Those times keep flashing with the memories of yesterday. I love this men to infinity and nothing will change it. Wah… I seriously cried so hard❤️??

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