Sewing Sleep Masks for Travel | Maker Knows Best S1E5

Sewing Sleep Masks for Travel | Maker Knows Best S1E5

– [Isa] That’s me. Isa Beniston. – [Christie] And that’s
me. Christie Beniston, Isas doting mother. Together we’ve sewn and grown. – [Isa] Threaded and thrived. – [Christie] And turned our love of craft into our livelihoods. – [Isa] This is Maker knows Best. (Isa speaking French) (Christie speaking French) – I have no idea what we just said but today is the travel episode. – And we’ll be making eye masks to help you get the z’s you deserve on route to your favorite destinations. (upbeat music) – [Christie] Mine will be a sewn wool and flannel eye mask
embroidered with a wink so you can keep one eye open in case that beverage cart rolls by. – [Isa] Mine will be a similar take on the same thing but
with a different pallet of fabric and floss for
a funky bloodshot look. Jet lag can be exhausting okay? Well, mom? – Mhm. (airplane intercom) – [Pilot] Please put your tray tables up in the upright position as we prepare for descent into crafting. – I think we’re almost there. (Christie speaking French) – For my project I’m going to be using leftover fabric from my stash,
some batting from Bluprint. I’ve pre-drawn of course my design. – Yes. – [Christie] I’ve got
my embroidery scissors on standby always, my
thread, embroidery floss also left over from another project, and elastic for the strap. And my hoop. – [Isa] So I have pre cut out my canvas panel for my eye mask
which is a little rough but it’s not touching my face. But on the back where
it is touching my face I’m gonna be using flannel. – Nice. – Yeah nice and soft. I have a more fun elastic for my strap. – [Christie] I like, I
actually really like that. – [Isa] Thank you. I
thought it would be funny. – [Christie] I wish mine was a little more jazzed up like that. – Well you can use some
on your next project. – Okay. – And then I have some embroidery floss to add some details afterword when I’m done with my applique, and of course I have my fusible for adding the eyes to the
front panel of the eye mask. And embroidery scissors as always. Iron for fusible, and
some pins and needles. – [Christie] All right, let’s get making. So I of course am going to first draw my design onto my flannel. – [Isa] That’s a good idea. – [Christie] I think its
nice we both chose flannel. So Isa I have to ask about those calming colors that you’ve chosen. – Oh my green.
– That electric yellow. – Yes my electric yellow. Well this is how I feel when I’m tired. I feel like a swamp monster. (Christie laughs) So I thought I would
personify that feeling. – Nice. Okay I got it. And I forgot to tell you but
I’m using my light box today so I can see the design
through to the flannel. – [Isa] That seems easy. – [Christie] And you
know if you don’t have a light box, you can
just put your design up on the window.
– True. – And that becomes a light box. – [Isa] A giant light box. – Well let’s see, travel
for the Beniston’s. Just to be clear this was a big trip and a once in a forever trip. But anyway, so we went to Venice. And this is a little sister story. We got off the train.
I had you on the right and Ellie was on the left with
her heavy little tote bag, and there’s a ramp going
down to the water taxi, and Ellie was being rolled down the ramp into the water of the Venice canal. (Isa laughs) – That was so funny. I don’t know how you just launch into it. – [Isa] You know, I like to improvise. You know what I am gonna do though? – [Christie] What? – Is I’m going to start
my eyelash on the applique instead of above it. – [Christie] Oh! – [Isa] So it will anchor the applique. – [Christie] Pin and press.
Pin and press. Pin and press. – [Isa] But I am not using hoop. – So I’m using a hoop. I’m using this really nice hoop that I got with my
Bluprint embroidery kit. Our favorite mother daughter trip is The World’s Longest Yard Sale. – Yes, I love that trip. It’s a series of flea
markets and barn sales, yard sales, obviously,
and they’re all along this one highway that starts
in Alabama and ends in Ohio. – Yes. Yeah. It’s a great way to see
that part of the country which is absolutely beautiful, and really sample other peoples stuff. Hey guys, Christie Beniston
here with a fiber factoid. Did you know the first punch needle tool was invented in the
1800s by Ebeneezer Ross, naming it the novelty rug machine. Rugs could now be made in
a fraction of the time. Isa why do you not use a hoop? Cause I just can’t even imagine. – The canvas is really stiff. I don’t think that a
hoop is required to use. – Okay. – [Isa] It’s like that
sort of lazy cop out where it’s not actually easier. – [Christie] Yeah. – [Isa] It’s probably harder. – Once its on though it’s so much easier. It keeps it really tight
and ready to go, but anyway. And I’m just using,
again, my favorite stitch which is just, is this a back stitch? I think it is. – [Isa] I think a back
stitch is supposed to split the stitch that came before it. – [Christie] I am splitting.
I am, oh before it? – But like up through it. – [Christie] No, I think
I’m doing it right. – I think instead of
getting in a fight about it – Yes. – We should probably just
watch a Bluprint class. – I think so. – On embroidery. – I think so too. I saw that there were several. – Yeah, next time you’re
on a really long flight. – Yeah. – Bluprint classes. Okay, so I do my first stitch, but then I come back up
through it like this. – [Christie] What are you? You’re just winging the wink? – I’m winging it. – Just like an airplane you’re winging it. – Good one mom. – Nice one. – [Isa] I’m trying to remember how we occupied our time
with all that driving during The World’s Longest Yard Sale. – Well the first year,
you wanted to listen to big band music from the fifties. – Oh, it was yeah, but that was festive. – Somehow you thought that was our theme. – It was thematic, yes! – I didn’t get it. – It’s so relaxing. – Right, all that brass. But usually, we like a good audiobook. And we also like bad audiobooks. – Growing up on road
trips, y’all would get audiobooks from the library. – [Christie] Yes, yes. – And just didn’t care if they were appropriate for children. – Well there wasn’t, I guess not. – I was in the back seat like. (Christie laughs) – [Christie] I wanna talk about, do you remember the first time I had you do your sketch book? – Like a travel journal? – A travel journal. – While traveling? – Yes. And I remember so fondly your sketchbooks. It was third grade, so they were graphing. – Like a bar chart? – A bar chart, and so
you did the Venice canal, which actually had a lot of stuff in it. – Oh like trash? – Trash. – Like we were like 22 bottles. – Right. But there was like a dead fish. (Christie and Isa laughing) So I had you chart, I had you chart that in your travel journal. – Of all the things to pay attention to. – I know. – Hey guys it’s Isa Beniston here, with an Isa Benis-tip. Anything is a hundred times funnier if you put googly eyes on it. I like to put googly eyes
on the inanimate objects in my studio to feel less alone. (crew laughs) So depressing. It’s true though. Mom do you know what
would be really helpful for this next part? – I don’t know, what? – A sewing machine. – Oh. Wow. – [Isa] Let’s get started. – [Christie] Yeah. – Okay, I am switching out my bobbin. – Okay. I’m gonna tell a little trick that I do when I sew something that’s circular. So I divide the circle into quadrants. And that way I can get an
equal number of stitches. – [Isa] Oh! – So it’s not all bunched up in one area. – That’s really cool. – I know, it makes more
of a consistent fill with my satin stitch. So a satin stitch is a stitch where all of the stitches are right
next to each other in a row and it makes a nice solid fill. – Okay look, I cut my panels. – [Christie] Way to go ! – [Isa] So what I have to do is turn them against each other. – [Christie] Right. It’s called wrong side. Wrong side facing. – Wrong side facing. – Yeah. – And then I am going to, I gotta figure out this strap. – [Christie] Oh, all right. – [Isa] I think, right? – [Christie] Yeah.
– I should do that now. – [Christie] Yeah yeah yeah. You could sew this, turn it inside out, and then just tack sew this. – [Isa] Oh, with a top stitch? – [Christie] Yeah. – All right let’s get the ball rolling. I’m gonna sew my panels together, and I’m gonna turn them inside out, and then I’m gonna top stitch. – [Christie] Oh, all right, I get it. – All right, I’m threading this. I’m going to start sewing momentarily. – All right. – It might get a little turbulent in here. – Okay. – You might wanna buckle up. I have a really hard time
using my sewing machine. – Yes. – With shoes on. – [Christie] Nice, watch your curves. – [Isa] I know but see
what I’m gonna do is were. – [Christie] All right. – [Isa] This part’s fun. – [Christie] I don’t think
you left a big enough hole. – [Isa] I did not leave a big enough hole. – [Christie] But if you pull it. – Okay, so I sewed my two panels together wrong side facing. – [Christie] Yes. – [Isa] And now I’m just
turning them inside out. – That looks good. – Thank you, I feel good about it. Okay so I have to just do my strap. – [Christie] That’s
working. No, I think this was a really good solution. Just make sure you don’t turn the elastic when you attach it to the other side. – [Isa] Yes, yes. Make
sure your elastic strap does not get twisted. All right, I’m pinned, I’m ready to go. I’m gonna top stitch. – You know what you could
do is use a really cute other color to do your top stitch. – I like that idea. Let’s look at these ones
that I got on bluprint. Cool, I’m gonna pop this on here. – [Christie] It’s nice thread. – [Isa] We’re going! All right I’m almost done. – [Christie] Ah, here we go. Okay, good. Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick. (Christie and Isa laughing) – This is exactly what it sounds like when we drive together. Turn turn turn turn! Stop stop stop! You know, I think that my top stitch looks really nice but I
didn’t do a very good job of mimicking the outline of my eye mask. – [Christie] No you didn’t. Okay I’m doing my final stitch because I finally got my needle threaded, and I’m doing – Are you doing a french knot? Are you? – I’m doing a french knot. So I’m doing two loops around my needle. – [Isa] Plunging it. – [Christie] I’m plunging
it into the eyeball, and I’m gonna pull on it, and it’s going to make
just a little glint, just the barest little
glint, so I look real. – That looks good. Yay! (audience oohing) – [Christie] So this
is gonna come in handy in the car. – [Isa] On a plane. – [Christie] On a plane. – [Isa] On a train, or just
at home, if it’s too bright. – [Christie] Oh, yeah. – [Isa] If you’re trying to
sleep through the day time. Well mom. – Yes Isa? – It’s time to wake up and
talk about our common threads. – I guess you’re right. – Oh my goodness. So, to recap. – Okay. – We both like to keep a
travel journal or sketchbook. – I agree, on all our trips. – What else? – The World’s Longest Yard Sale will forever be a cherished
mother daughter trip. – Agree. And, road trips are meant
for meaningful conversations, not music. – Not in our car. – Maybe audiobooks though. – Audiobooks. – Audiobooks. – For sure, yes. Well Isa. (airplane intercom) – [Pilot] We’ve just touched down at the end of the episode. Please use caution when
opening overhead bins, as items may have shifted in flight. – Thank you for flying Bluprint, and we wish you all a
safe and happy journey wherever your travels may lead. – [Both] Ciao!

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  1. Cute! I love both of these. I use an eye mask every day since I work night shift and blackout curtains don't prevent light from getting around the window edges. I'll have to try making some of my own. Love the Mom/ Daughter banter. 🙂 Isa you remind me of Zoey Deschanel.

  2. Thank you for this entertaining mother/daughter tutorial. I need to make a sleep mask, as I will be flying cross country in a couple weeks. Ciou!❤

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