SF Tourism Organization Warned of Homelessness Impact on Visitor Numbers

SF Tourism Organization Warned of Homelessness Impact on Visitor Numbers

PEOPLE VISITING SAN FRANCISCO FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD ARE BECOMING MORE AWARE OF THE HOMELESS PROBLEM. KPIX FIVE’S JOHN RAMOS SAYS: THE CITY’S TOURISM INDUSTRY IS WORRIED. It may sound crazy, but shortly after the 1906 earthquake and fire leveled SF, city leaders decided that TOURISM was a way to repair the economy. It workedâand now, more than a century later, visitors contribute more than 700 million dollars a year to keep the city running. “So, tourism has long been the key industry in San Francisco.” Welcome to the 108th annual luncheon of the city’s largest tourism organization known as SF Travel. The group includes businesses that cater to touristsâso you may be surprised how candid today’s message wasâ “We’ve got such a glorious history, such a beautiful setting and the fact isâwe’re letting it slip away.” And there is one problem causing that concern. Daniel Lurie/Founder, Tipping Point Community Tonight, 23,000 people will be homeless in the Bay Areaâthat’s a crisis.” Joe D’Alessandro/SF Travel President and CEO “We’ve lost conventions who are afraid to come to SF because coming here they saw some of the conditions on the streetsâthey said, I don’t know if this is safe and secure.” Ironically, it may be the superheated economy, with its high housing costs, that is forcing those on the margins out onto the street. Whatever the reason, homelessness is growing in the Bay Areaâand is becoming much more visible to the visitors. Shawn Prementine/Family visiting from Ohio “My wife noticed a sidewalk full of tents and she said, you wouldn’t be able to build a house on the sidewalkâso why are they tolerating tents on the sidewalk?” The city “tolerates” it because it doesn’t seem to have any choice. There is simply no affordable place to put poor people in the area. But the tourism group believes THAT compassion is being exploited and more should be done to deal with the crime, filth and open drug use in the city. (Joe) “We can’t blame people on the streets because they’re there because of unfortunate situationsâwe have to help them. But at the same time we can’t tolerate bad behavior on the streetsâand that has to stop.” SF’s tourism was born of adversity and it faces adversity today. Luckily, the city holds enough charm to keep visitors coming back in spite of it. In SF, JR, KPIX-5. THE 700 MILLION DOLLARS THAT JOHN MENTIONED IS JUST FROM THE TAXES GENERATED BY TOURISM. OVERALL… VISITORS SPEND MORE THAN 10 BILLION A YEAR… MAKING TOURISM THE CITY’S LARGEST INDUSTRY. TOSS TO METEOROLOGIST MARY LEE.

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  1. Why would anyone bring kids to San Francisco? Take them to Disney land lol this place is not for kids old people or religious types

  2. All they have to do is make panhandling illegal with HEAVY enforcement. Years ago, when I lived in Fort Worth, TX, they did that. Was very controversial, but it seriously cleaned up the downtown streets and made it a lovely and safe place to hang out at night. They shut down the soup kitchens too. Seemed cruel, but it had a HUGE positive impact on the local economy. Evidently, the bums just mosied on over to San Francisco. Haha.

  3. Who would have thought that when you give out free needles that people will just drop them on the ground? I mean there is no way they could have foreseen that right? Walking the SF streets is like playing HIV hopscotch.

  4. maybe the region should hurry and connect up bart with san jose subway, add extensions that goes to Vallejo-Benicia, Brentwood, and San Rafael. then they can have homeless always on the move by telling them 1st 50 "Homies" to San Jose main station gets a shiny $20 bill. Or Scavenger hunt (no pun intended), every "Homie" who completes it gets a $10 Starbucks gift card.

  5. A holiday company put my friends in a hotel right on union square. He had to do a mad dash out and back again each evening. He said, never again’.

  6. If it's too expensive to live there, than move. Why would anyone choose to live on the streets just to stay in that area?

  7. The homeless and the gangs are huge embarrassments. California could reduce both greatly if it stopped being such a bunch of delusional pussies. Show no mercy with these selfish parasites.

  8. So liberal socialists can't give out free housing like they always promise? Where is Ocasio Cortez? Why isn't she in California fighting for the homeless? Instead she is letting illegals get housing before them.

  9. I went there last year And within one hour A homeless guy attacked me and my dog with a stick we had to have are car locked up at night you cannot park on the street at Without your car getting broken into If you're into poop Hypodermic needles I'm bums Then San Francisco's the place for you ??????????????

  10. Santa Cruz is the same now..there are more homeless than tourists downtownand the cops are dressed up to look like 'hosts' for tourists. Its a joke. More liberal fraud. They keep voting the same people into office who are only concerned about what Trump does than their own problems.

    When I vote this year its not going to be for any liberal. My first time voting because I'm tired of their bullshit.

  11. Yeah…. We'll see for how long tourists keeps SF economy floating. I wouldn't count on it as more people watch the news and tourists come back telling everyone they know how frightening and disgusting it was.

  12. It’s mayor breed fault she takes drug money that’s why they won’t wipe out the homeless because drug money flows thru city hall that’s how they pack they pockets the homeless drug addicts aren’t going no where as long as city hall and cashing in on that drug money

  13. By this time next year SF Tourism will be DOWN by 10%. Why do you put5 up with this when every major city outside California is shipping homeless to SF and California. These people are parolees, sex offenders and mentally ill. Lock em back up…and house the ill in the soon to be abandon shopping malls and old Sears and K-Mart stores.

  14. California is like the plague. It spreads its cancer all over the mid west. Right now they come to Nevada and bring their bullshit. NO ONE CARES ABOUT THE WARRIORS BASKETBALL here in Nevada so when you see someone with the hat or Jersey you instantly know they are a loser. And they like balls ..big ones.

  15. Furthermore no one wanted the shitty ads raiders . They are the worst. Plus football is dead. They took one too many knee stunts for most people.

  16. After the last time when I went to San Francisco and stepped on a needle I made sure to go home to Grove and told everyone to avoid this dump. It's absolutely disgusting.

  17. Thes homeless people didn't came and make their tents overnight ! so the question is .. What the city council / government been doing all these time ? ! … suggest " SACK " the F @#$ lot of them ! !

  18. Your answer SF is Sanctuary City. You won't see me visiting SF. My neighbors moved in one year ago due to the increase in crime.

  19. I've NEVER EVER seen as many homeless people as I did in SF and that was OVER 20 years ago. They still haven't fixed this problem?!?!?!?!

  20. They STILL don't get it! Their foolish wealth redistribution schemes and "tolerance" beckons people who DO NOT want to live like normal folk. Individuals who are addicted flock to a warm, sunny climate where the necessary concerns are taken care of and use whatever they can get in panhandling for the drugs they enjoy. LIBERALS are leading these people astray and the rest of us are suffering from it!

  21. I love how people think Republicans are going to solve California's problems. All the Republicans are going to do is still as much money as they can. Lie to you and put one of their friends in there that is totally unqualified for the job. And guess what San Francisco will still have the same problems.

  22. So they voted in a democratic as a mayor, who are more worried about helping new voters , ops: sorry illegal immigrants, than the homeless

  23. My boyfriend and I went to L.A. there are a lot of homeless people in the streets. I got confused and I thought I was in Mexico

  24. It's not the homeless that are the problem, but the homefull. These super rich liberals should share their homes with the less fortunate.

  25. Just how Venezuela has proven socialism doesnt work, San Francisco has proven that liberalism doesnt work.

    People can talk about "gun nuts" and "white supremacy" all they want when they talk about the right (which represents probably less than 1 percent of the Republican party) Just because you are for gun rights, doesnt mean you are a gun nut. Just because you are pround to be white, doesnt mean you are a supremacist.

    But the fact is, people that travel are not thinking twice when visiting those red areas of the country. They are thinking twice when visiting San Fran, Detroit, Chicago, New York. Portland, Seattle etc.

  26. “We can’t blame the people who live on the street.” Yes you can, you don’t get addicted to heroin by shooting it once or twice ?

  27. Last time I was in SF I was at Fisherman's Wharf and it was panhandle city….the whole time was homeless drug addicts asking for money. I have nothing against them BUT damn I'm on vacay…..leave me alone.

  28. Wake up, San Francisco: Homeless people do not help the economy. They scare off people who might want to spend money.

  29. Nasty! I will never go again. Let's not forget to warn about the shit everywhere, used needles and trash all around. Crime, it's just nasty…and gross. You people did this…now deal with it.

  30. I thought about visiting SF, but after the bums and violent illegals running rampant I have no interest anymore. You can keep your shithole bastion of leftist mistakes.

  31. Sanctuary Citie , SF support's Illegal aliens but not Legal elderly and the mentally ill citizens and the Working poor. Boycott SanFransisco and any other Sanctuary city that doesn't have a solution for affordable housing and care centers for the Mental illness programs. I've lived in SanFransisco for 15 years. It's to expensive and Dangerous. Beware and don't go there. That's the only way too change politics $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. When SanFransisco loses Billions they will CHANGE. Democrats and the Far leftist are Greedy. They say their for Human rights, but won't spend the money .

  32. I took a shit on the streets of san francisco once. even my shit is afraid of sf and it went crawling back to my anus.

  33. And what would sf be without liberals. Concord. Utah. There are no successful conservative cities. Only conservative towns with no real economy or tourism.

  34. CHALLENGE….LOL… When did we go from problems to "challenges"? Bad enough you have ro get people to scoop poop after their dog but not hiring to scoop human poop. Stay away.

  35. We were there in August and we won't be going back. The smell of human waste is every where you go. Our hotel had cops at each entrance every night we were there and they even say don't go out at night if you don't have to.

  36. My partner and i no longer drive through the city when going fishing. You can smell the shit a mile or more before you get there. The needles and shit on the sidewalks has kept us form our breakfast spot.
    My wife and i used to go to the city twice a year, stayed on Columbus at a nice hotel so we vould go to the theater and all the wonderful restaurants and bakeries.
    These days we wont step foot in that stink hole full of junkie panhandlers.
    Thank the liberal politicians for allowing it to happen. The city is destroyed and may be beyond redemption.

  37. If homeless mess bothers you put them in homes. Win win situation. Structured is best . I don't like pink houses let's get rid of them

  38. Just fucking shoot them all!!! Im sick and tired of these mother fuckers!!! Just put them in a gas chamber and problem solved!! Im sick and tired of dealing with this bullshit when we pay so much fucking money to live here…

  39. What did they expect ? Their democrats , the same political party that gave America the KKK and voted against dam near every civil rights issue in the history of America ! There ! I said it now go do your own homework on the subject . Democrats are the scum of the earth .

  40. I just want to clarify not all homeless people conduct the bad behavior like drug using alcohol if using needle going urinating or defecating on the street I am Steven and I am homeless in San Francisco with my dog Mister Bean and I have never set up encampments or urinate or defecated on the street at night I set up a small bed near coit tower and in the morning we get up and leave and there is no mess no needles no urine no feces none of that I don't use drugs I don't drink but I've seen many people think that the people like me and my dog Mister Bean I just like all the other drug users are giving us a bad name that's not true some of us homeless people I actually not on drugs and not using alcohol and just need help getting into a program for mental health and to get off the streets

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