100 thoughts on “[SFM/FNAF/BBIEAL] Camping with Baldi (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖) (english subtitles)

  1. The fire goes out

    Rockstar Freddy: Oh no

    Freddy: Oh no

    Orville: Uses his magic stick

    The fire appears

    Rockstar Freddy: Poker face

    Freddy: Poker face

    Mr. Hippo: You're a wizard Orville

    Orville: Im a what?

    Mr. Hippo: A WIZARD

    I N T E N S E L O U D N O I S E

    Orville: Touches Mr. Hippo with the magic stick

    Orville and Mr. Hippo get teleported

    Freddy: T R I G G E R E D

  2. Nices Video wie immer ich hab mir so eine abgeflacht war mega geil ? könntest du vllt. So im Video welche Grüßen oder ist das zu Zeit für das Video zu prudozieren ?

  3. WhY aRe YoU rUnNiNg?! WhY aRe YoU rUnNiNg?! I be running because this game makes no sense and it’s too hard

  4. 0:36 WHY ARE YOU RUNNING!?????
    Ps:everyone deletes my comments so don’t delete my comment =(

  5. I luv the Bendy part!! XD

    Bendy:Oh no no nooo…

    Me:Oh yes ye-



  6. Why are you running?
    WhY ArE YoU RuNn-
    Edit: 3:07 I have a speaker and I had the volume all the way up and it wasn't even loud….. BTW R.I.P headphone users
    w o w
    4:50 gAy fRoGs! ??

  7. At the begginning that looks like a submarine from spongebob i think…it is a submarine and omg that smile for baldi lol XD

  8. Rockstar Freddy: "I dont want to go!"
    Me: "SAME!"
    Baldi: "Your going aaaaaanyways!"
    Me: "Not m-"
    Baldi: *TELEPORT*

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