There are a few poisonous snakes This place looks very promising I wish I had a camp I would have loved to stay here atleast for a night A few people live here I could have interacted with them This is my kind of place this is quite deep very dark. cant see anything using mobile’s torch They have put a block this place is interesting i have to climb this hill while exploring such deserted areas you might be concerned for safety issues till now I have found that the locals are good If you are afraid of animals… while travelling solo.. I asked this question to many people here the guide whom I met yesterday told… There are not many wild animals in Turkey Only a few wild boars There are also a few poisonous snakes Due to wind erosion… these rocks are getting the shapes of chimneys this is how they are formed whats this! i will enter from here not able to enter with this camera there are a lot of caves inside this is another thats another this is blocked countless caves, stairs… There are cracks this looks spooky I can fell down if I am not careful I am out My shoes are spoilt Why do we sweat so much! Why do I sweat so much! that was horseshit was fresh it means.. I am trying to be Bear Grylls 3 more kilometres to walk! cool breeze if you get tired while hiking relax for a while in such cafes you can buy pomegranate & water melon also roosters and pigeons but not for eating them want to relax oh god! what are you doing, kid! we are sitting like this while walking, I met them i said them Hi They offered me something to eat what they were eating I also offered I had and then I sat with them to talk Eva travelled solo across Jordan she shared her experiences about the country, culture despite travelling alone, she visited there Yesterday her leg got injured she was climbing the hill and she slipped They are going to Bursa, Istanbul and then they’ll travel in a bus for 46 hours to reach Vienna and then Germany She has visited India I always ask every tourist about their experience in Delhi Most of them say it was ‘Ok’ She also had not so good experience Just because of a few people our whole city, country gets defamed Eva was talking about WorkAway Through CouchSurfing you can stay with someone without paying for the stay Through WorkAway You can volunteer Like Eva taught English in a school in Cambodia There She stayed with a local family So in exchange for your services… You get free accommodation and food There are a few more similar websites For eg wwoofing There are many travellers who travelling for long term by following this way of travelling So to travel continuously you can follow You keep asking me – how I travel so much? In comparison to those people I travel nothing While teaching English in Cambodia She used to visit other places and stay with other locals So this way she travelled for 1 month without spending money Platforms like Workaway can be helpful for you Whats the reason! I am meeting a lot of solo travellers in Turkey I am amazed I just came across this how should I save him! why don’t you walk fast! its 7:15 pm i am getting late I took a shower, packed my bag My Couchsurfing host is waiting for me in Urgup he has offered me this its delicious Mention my name and get discount if you stay here 5 lira for milk and 1 for Bread total 10 Lira Actually my host took me to an appartment where I am going to live alone so I came here to buy things to eat bye to this appartment Thanks to Ahmet Though I could meet him for just 5 minutes Today I am planning to reach Trabzon its in Black sea region in mountains Black sea is called Kaara Denis Denis means Sea Kaara means Black Trabzon is around 615 kms away its 9:40 am I got this ride within 2 minutes


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