Shillong to Tura Episode 10 | Meghalaya, North East India Tourism

Shillong to Tura Episode 10  | Meghalaya, North East India Tourism

Namaskar friends! Welcome to Visa2explore! This is your host, Harish Bali. Right now, I am at a Golf course, near Shillong. We will begin our day here. We will be spending just 15-20 minutes here. It is already feeling good being here. In the past few days, we travelled in the Khasi Hills region. After that we went to West Jaintia Hills, which is a different region. Today we are going to Garo Hills. To reach Tura from here, we need to cover a distance of about 310kms. There are two routes – one is via Guwahati and the second one is via Nongstoin. Not much difference between the two routes. Maybe a difference of about 15kms. Today, we will be taking the Nongstoin route. The time is 10.15 am. In my opinion, even with small breaks on our way, we won’t reach there before 8 or 8.30 pm. We will stay here for 10-15 minutes more. Then we will begin our journey to Tura. The journey is really awesome. Look at how good this road is. The car is going at a comfortable speed of 60-70 kms and there is almost no other traffic. I have mountains on either side of the road. This landscape is very different in comparison to the landscape that I’ve seen so far. This is West Khasi Hills area. So, we will keep travelling for 1 hours or so and then take a break to eat some food. We’ve travelled 58kms from Shillong. Now we’ve reached Kynshi. The dhaba that you here…. …”Dukan Ja & Sha”…. ‘Ja’ means food and ‘Sha’ mean tea! Once inside, I found out they have more options in non-veg food. In veg food, what is available is – dal-rice, Jamyrdoh (the green leaves) and a potato dish. I’ve asked them to show us the raw Jamyrdoh leaves. These leaves are good for blood circulation. It is eaten in the form of a chutney. And what we have in front of us is a dish cooked with these leaves. Quite a simple preparation! I saw inside the dhaba that they have a neat & clean cooking space. So, if you are travelling on this route, you can stop here for a bite but…. Obviously, you must not expect amazing taste here but you will definitely get hygienic food. That is what I feel after coming here. When I ate Jamyrdoh the first time, it didn’t appeal to me much. After eating just one leaf, I thought I won’t enjoy eating any more of it. But since I’ve eaten it more than once since then, I am beginning to understand its taste and…. Now I am beginning to like its taste. So, if I eat it 4-5 times more, I will develop a taste for it. It is tough to like it right at the start. It has a very strong smell. While travelling in Meghalaya, you will notice lettuce served in salad at many places. And, of course, there is onion. Overall, a decent meal! After this meal, we will have a cup of tea and then move on. I just notice milk being warmed here. Cow’s milk! This is quite uncommon, because so far, wherever we’ve travelled, we’ve noticed powdered milk being used. Cow’s milk is available at very few places, and this is one of those. I am going to take a 10-15 minutes of break and roam around outside. After that, I will have a cup of cow’s milk and then continue our journey. By the way, this whole location is awesome! And the place where this dhaba is located, is in a different class. Look at the view from here! We had taken a 15-20 minutes break in between our meal time here. And we went for a walk till some distance away. Coming back from there, it feels like we should stop after every few minutes and enjoy the view. So beautiful! Wow! Amazing! There is one good thing though. Right now, I am the only person standing here. The best thing is there is peace, there is nature, and…. …we are enjoying. Life is too good! The place where we ate our meal, we’ve travelled 3kms to reach Markasa. After travelling for a 5kms long pleasant stretch from Markasa, we’ve reached Mawphanlur. I cannot believe my eyes – look at the view in front of me – what a beautiful place it is! So beautiful! So beautiful! Look at the clouds! The clouds are floating all around us and we are right in the middle of clouds. Really magnificent!!! I do not have words to describe such a beautiful place! What a beautiful location! Right now, there is only one other group of tourists here. Otherwise, there is nobody else here except for us and them. It means not many travellers know about this place. This is a completely unexplored location in West Khasi Hills region. We’ve been travelling through Meghalaya for the past 8-9 days now. On a daily basis, at least for two hours, I keep staring at the sky continuously. Because I really like watching the clouds! Abode of clouds! At this moment, the view of the clouds that we are seeing in front of us….. …I haven’t seen such a view anywhere, not even once, in the past 8-9 days. This moment is exclusive! While you are travelling by air, in an aeroplane,…. …the kind of clouds you see out of the window, this view is even better than that, I feel. Really exclusive! Just see, there are different shades of colour even in the clouds. Just a little bit of sky area is visible. And the blue shade of the sky indicates a completely unpolluted environment. Just a 180 degree view of sky, rest of it is just clouds! Awesome! Just look at the nature at its very best! How good it feels! I do not feel like leaving this place, though we have already spent almost 45 minutes here. Just see! So good! So good! One can cover a long distance while walking through this area. You can stand here, sit or just roam around, do whatever you want in this open space. It is already 3.15 in the afternoon. If we stay here further, we will reach Tura only by midnight. But it is a long way to go, so we will make a move. Now, we are going to try to travel non-stop for the next 2 to 2.5 hours. After that, we will stop somewhere for a cup of tea. Rest of our journey is a lengthy one! One after the other scenic views are passing by and we are really enjoying this journey. We have been travelling for 45 minutes. We will have to stop now. Look at these mountain slopes! Dome-shaped mountains! Clouds above! Road on the left hand side. This view is the stuff Windows wallpapers are made of. This is a kind of view I’ve not seen in my life ever. Seriously exclusive view! I don’t know whether such views would be available between December and March but….. ….we’ve come here in September. During the monsoon season, such views will be available everywhere. You can stop anywhere on the highway and…. ….look at or appreciate this beautiful natural view. And enjoy your journey too. We’ve crossed the Nongstoin Bypass road. This whole journey of 310kms has 208 kms still left. You can see the board also read Tura 208kms. We’ve stopped to see this waterfall. We are enjoying this view. If you want to enjoy this journey in the best possible manner….. …you should leave Shillong at 4.30 am. You can cover this journey at a comfortable pace and reach Tura by 5 or 6 pm. We left Shillong at 10.30 am today. That was a mistake. We should have left early. Come, let us move on. Finally we’ve reached Tura at 9.45 pm. We are staying at a home-stay in the Lower Burny Hills area. It is written here. I will show you the home-stay in the morning because even I have not seen much around. Right now, I just want to have something to eat and hit the bed because…. …I am feeling really tired right now. I am awake since 4 am today because I had to reply to certain comments, copy some data, etc. I want to share a very important information with you. The biggest fault in today’s journey was that we left Shillong at 10.30 am. If you undertake this journey through this route, you must leave at 4.00 am. The sun rises early in this region. While enjoying this journey, you can easily reach here by 5 or 6 pm. Anyways, we will do local sightseeing tomorrow and show you the kind of place Tura is. We will show you while seeing for ourselves. It is goodnight for now. We spent 3 days in Tura. Seriously, I felt that in order to do justice to our journey into Garo Hills region,…. …we should have planned our stay for at least 7 or 8 days. Our journey into Garo Hills is packed with excitement. In the coming episodes, you will see waterfalls, local food, tribal village tour,…. ….and the world-famous Wangala dance of Garo Hills. We will meet soon. Till then goodbye! Thanks for your time!

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