Shooting Mahadevapura Srirangapatana Tourism Mandya Tourism Mysore Tourism Karnataka Tourism

Shooting Mahadevapura Srirangapatana Tourism Mandya Tourism Mysore Tourism  Karnataka Tourism

We are now at a location known as Shooting Mahadevapura Near Srirangapatana a village known as Mahadevapura has a small check dam I got to know about this place from a YouTube channel The channel name is City Biker Harry Harry bro, thank you for letting us know about this beautiful location Click the link above to view the view the video of Harry bro The reason why this place is known as shooting Mahadevapura is Due to this big check dam and two houses Let’s see all of these The reason why this place is known as shooting Mahadevapura is Due to this Bungalow house If you ask Bungalow house in Mahadevapura
Anyone will direct you My name is Srinivas, I belong to this house Around 150 movies have been shot here Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi Featurung RajniKanth In kannada all actors filmed here Shivaraj Kumar’s mana Mechida Hudugi Ragavendra Rajkumar’s Nanjundi Kaylana Movie name: Mana Mechida Hudugi Movie name: Gajapathi Garvabanga Rowdy MLA starring Ambrish Many movies filmed here In Tamil Rajni Kanth movies More than 150 movies were shot here In Tamil Rajadhi Raja, Dharma Dhurai It is said that Sage Kanakadasa visited here The “Nama” applied by Kanakadasa is submerged under water here When water level goes down, the Nama becomes visible When water level rises it is not possible to access this place Hence Kanakadasa’s temple has been installed on the banks of the river That temple is visible from here Here at Shooting Mahadevapura, in the Bungalow house the exterior was used for shooting This house was used for its interior shooting Even here 150 to 200 movies have been shot Let’s know more from the resident of the house My name is Manu Kumar M J This is my home Our village has a title Shooting Mahadevapura Because many film shootings take place here Hence the name Shooting Mahadevapura We feel pride to say that many movies have been filmed in this house of ours Like Janumada Jodi, Mana Mechida Hudugi, Karpoorada Gombe, Thavarina theru Ramachari, Chinnari Mutha, many more movies were shot here That way we feel very happy Movie name: Mana Mecchida Hudugi Movie name: Karpoorada Gombe My Grandfather was also famously known as Bhoothayya Based on his Miserly attitude, a character was created in the movie Bhothayyana Maga Ayyu Were the same movies shot in Bungalow house and here? There they would take the exterior part of the house Here the interior part of the house For example, in the movie Karpoorada Gombe Scenes of Mysore Lokesh were shot there Shruthi’s entire scenes were shot in this house Movie name: Rowdy MLA Movie scene: Karpoorada Gombe River Cauvery is flowing quite fast I’m not attempting to cross it We will go by vehicle and see the other side of the dam Gende Hosahalli Bird Santuary is associated with Ranganathittu bird sanctuary Is also located at Shooting mahadevapura Even here at Gende Hosahalli, many migratory birds visit But this bird sanctuary is neither developed nor popular Hope in the future it will get its due publicity (Police Notice) (Ramaswamy Dam) Now we are at the other side of the shooting Mahadevapura Dam This part is also known as Ramaswamy Dam From here the previous place is almost 5 Kilometers walkway Come let’s see (Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary – Gende Hosahalli) (Beware of crocodiles) This is an overflowing dam This part is known as Ramaswamy dam During rainy season, it is not possible to walk here The water over flows from here This is a well-planned dam No matter how less the water in-flow in the river The channels will definitely receive water In case of excess water, the water will overflow They have ensured sufficient water supply to the channels You can see that this dam is in U shape It starts here There it takes a U-turn Again it connects other side At both the ends of the U-turn, there are channels That channels will always have water That’s the way it has been designed Ice Candy is it? How much?
(Rs. 15) (Please do not Litter) (Save nature) When City Biker Harry had filmed his video There was water at this location He had walked across this place with difficulty Now when I’m here there is no water So I can walk easily The steps and the numerous vehicles there That’s a temple there It is known as Kaveri Bore Devara Temple Will make the video of the temple later This is the place where the dam takes a U- Turn You can see the U shape At this place vastness of river Cauvery can be seen my name is Yeshu I frequently visit this place This is an awesome place When there is more water this place is ultimate lot of movie shooting takes place her Does move shooting take place even now? Yes occasionally That’s why the name Shooting Mahadevapura Generally people come with family and cook here Especially during Ramzan, New Year and Christmas more people visit here Can we come here when water level increases? When the water level increases they do not permit here Only when the water level is low they permit Once in a while untoward incidents keep happening here Oh one has to be very careful around here is it? Yes Are you from this place? Yes I’m from Mysore I will not be proceeding any further from here If we continue further we will reach the other side of the dam If we still continue further we will reach the place where we first began I will not be going further It is dense like a forest The links for all the locations shown in this video are available in the description below

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  1. Please do visit chandagal! It’s before sangama. Hardly any one knows about it. Please do make the next video about that place. Chandagal is famous for exotic birds which migrates from different parts of the world and there’s a old gumbuz there as well no one knows about the place.

  2. Sudeesh your enthusiasm. is helping us to know the existance of such serene and vast places around mysore.may God bless you.

  3. Super bro you have collected a lot of information n the shotting houses .. awesome, the entire video is well done in form of a short story..
    Great bro
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  4. Beautiful place thanks for the upload however too many ads making its annoying ….who is the architect of the dams ..

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    ಆದರೆ ನೀವು ತಿಳಿಸಿದ ವಿಷಯಗಳನ್ನು ಈಗ ಮೆಲುಕು ಹಾಕುತ್ತಾ ಮತ್ತೊಮ್ಮೆ ನೋಡಲು ಮನಸ್ಸಾಗುತ್ತಿದೆ.
    Thank you very much for your lovely information. Not only this, almost all the vedios covering wonderful information.
    Thank you once again

  9. I'm from Andhra, but because of only your video…I have visited that places..very nice places… please keep going and upload in YouTube as well 🤝

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