SHOP WITHOUT SELLER! Mizoram trip cost, Falkawn village, Lengpui Tourist Resort

SHOP WITHOUT SELLER!  Mizoram trip cost, Falkawn village, Lengpui Tourist Resort

I have taken the regional sweet dish made from sugarcane. I bought 1 kg and it costed me 120 Indian Rupees. We were on the way. Suddenly, we came across an amazing thing! Our driver told us a special thing. Let me show you! Here’s our car. This is a shed. Oh it’s raining! This shed is named Roadside Market. This ‘Roadside Market’ has no seller. Buyers will come. Take the commodity and deposit the money mentioned on the plastic bag, in the box. Now, I’ll tell you what are the rates. This plastic bag has a slip, where it’s written 10 Indian Rupees. Fresh Brinjal for 10 INR! These ones for 20 INR. This thing for 40 INR. I’ve seen such a thing for the first time! This vegetables might be grown up there. There’s a hut out there. Time to leave. Next we’ll see a village. It’s 12 PM now. Our car is down there. Everyone’s also there. It’s raining. Nobody came along because of the ascent. Everyone is waiting for me in the car. These houses, I’m seeing for the first time on the trip. These have been constructed only for the tourists. Nobody lives in them. It was good that I came here! A typical Mizo Village. There’s a name written here. Let’s venture inside another home! Don’t know what that means! Another house! The bad thing is that nobody is here who could tell more about these houses. Can’t really understand what those names mean. Second last day of the trip. Tomorrow we’ll be back. I have asked our driver to show us a few more places in Aizawl. After that we’ll proceed to Lengpui. Mizoram is really beautiful! Make sure, you visit this place! People are very nice. Stay in Tourist Lodge and Resorts of Mizoram Tourism. Hmuifang was not very good. Rest all of them were great! Thenzawl being the best! Good staff, resort, rooms and food. Overall a great experience! I’ll tell you about the itinerary in another video. I’ll share some basic information as to how you can plan your trip to Mizoram! You can easily spend a week in Mizoram. Time ran so fast for us. Didn’t even realize! We enjoyed and really had a great time! All thanks to the people of Mizoram and their great hospitality! So now going to Aizawl. From there will proceed to Lengpui, where there is Mizoram’s only airport. It costs 20 Rupees per person to go to the village. You need to write your name and make an entry. Falkawn Village is 20 km away from Aizawl. You can probably take a Sumo or hire a car like us. This is ATC, Aizawl Theological College viewpoint. It’s almost 2 PM now. That is Aizawl! But it’s raining. I wanted to take a photograph of Aizawl from up here. For now, this is all that’s there. Cold wind! K V Paradise. This is said to be the Taj Mahal of Mizoram. It’s raining heavily! Soaked in the rain. But it was fun! I’ve reached Lengpui Tourist Resort. It’s almost 4:30 PM. It’s been raining the entire day. We opted to stay here instead of Chaltlang Tourist Lodge so that we need not travel more. Lengpui Tourist Resort is almost 3 km away from the Lengpui Airport. We can get a taxi to airport from here (200-300 INR). Autos are available here. This is one of the rooms. Wait, I’ll show. This is one of the rooms. Here’s the attached toilet. This costs 600 INR. And another is the Suite Room which we have taken. Another one is the suite room. It costs 1,500 INR. This is the living room. A small refrigerator from the past! And this is the bedroom. These were single beds. Eventually they joined them. This should be the balcony. That’s the AC out there. This is the balcony. Mosquito coil is available. That means we’ll have to deal with mosquitoes. A Television! So this is the Suite in Lengpui Tourist Resort, owned by Mizoram Tourism. Today is 22nd and this day also marks the completion of our Mizoram trip. Now we are heading back. My family trip of Mizoram has come to an end. So it’s time to leave now. My flight is scheduled for 11:55 AM. My parents are travelling with Air India. The rest of us with Jet Airways. Boarding done. Another trip comes to an end! After an hour, I’ll be back to Kolkata. Had great time! Mizoram people are really nice. In fact it’s very cheap as well. In another video, I’ll be sharing more expenses related information of my trip. So that you can also plan a similar trip. People are humble, polite and really friendly. But the best part they are very professional! Really enjoyed the trip! The best time to visit Mizoram will be from October to February or March. Not very far from Kolkata and the eastern part of India. My ticket was 4,100 INR round-trip from Kolkata. Thank you to all of you for watching the video! And special thanks to the people of Mizoram for their great hospitality!

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  1. hi varun…i am also visiting mizoram next month with my 1 yr old baby and my family….i saw all your videos about mizoram…i am also travelling in the same route…just wanted one feedback…how is the lengpui tourist lodge? couldnt find any feedback on that online.

  2. at 4:27 to 4:33 minute of this video, you have forgot to explain about the bell ringing as if the bell ringed during Durgapuja. actually its cricket call. During my visit to Mizoram in 2014, me too mistaken it thinking that it should be from some temple nearby, but my daughter who is a student of Mizoram University explained me, that it is a cricket call.

  3. I live 3 years .
    Hlimen(Kolasib),Lunglei, Lwangthalai.
    Many people know each other.
    Now I came back my village.
    But I miss Mizoram.7782829541

  4. Sab se pehle shukriya varun bhai ka aap ne hme north east ki taraf mutawajha kiya.waqaee mizoram bht achhi jaga h ..un ki hospitality bht bht achhi h ..dusro ko b un se sikhna chahiye…

  5. After watching ur whole Mizoram series. I come to a conclusion that Mizoram is heaven for Nature lovers and vast scope for tourism industry but govt. need to invest more in the infrastructure. This is the right time for centre govt to think about NE more seriously

  6. Suna hai mizoram China k sath samil hone sahta hai. Mujhe ye sunke bohot bura laga???agar China jana
    Hai to jau lekin mitti India mata ji ki hi hoga. Bharat mata ki jai ho

  7. Your videos are very important for introspection so far as tourism sector is concerned, many lessons to learn for people involving tourism sector, however seeing that you enjoyed the natural beauty its very welcoming

  8. Really appreciate your vlog… But it's sad that the young topography of the mountain along with rainfall leads to muddy road during monsoon which really is problematic.. thanks for the wonderful video..???

  9. Ka khawngaih visit pui Tu te awm se..Han hrilhfiah sela..ruahsur lai lo ni kher2 bawk nen..hit viau lo..
    I love your video thank you for u coming Mizoram.. please come again and share again ur video..I miss my Mizoram from Madhya Pradesh ??

  10. I'm From Delhi but living in Mizoram right now and I keep falling in love with more and more everyday……..jewel of India, people must visit here atleast once in their life….

  11. Even in Nagaland farmers do the same they just left their vegetables with price tag on it and went to their field and most of the time they find extra money on it

  12. Sir mai mizoram ja raha hu to darr lg raha hai ki.maine suna hai ki wahan human flashes khate hai…plz help me.
    Mera cricket match hai

  13. Mizo people are great mizoram is great why people go to switzerland when mizoram is nearby goverment (center and state)please do something for promoting tourism

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