Shopping in Ubud Market l Tirta Empul l Ubud Palace l Saraswati Temple l Bali Tour Guide in Hindi

Shopping in Ubud Market l Tirta Empul  l Ubud Palace l Saraswati Temple l Bali Tour Guide in Hindi

Today is my 5th day in Bali & last day in Ubud. Right now, I am going to explore Ubud local area on foot. There is a very famous Ubud market close to my homestay. Local handicrafts, souvenirs and many more things are being sold there. People have told me to bargain a lot in the market. The shopkeepers love to bargain there. Apart from Ubud Market, I will also be visiting Ubud Palace & Saraswati temple. After that, I am thinking of renting a scooter. So that I can explore the area completely. There is a salon behind me, this not an exception, all the buildings here have alomost this kind of architecture only. It feels like there is something special, but there is nothing special. It’s a normal house. Everyone decorates their houses like this only. A taxi driver was haggling with me sometime back. why are you taking scooter? there is no fun in that. Take a car instead, I will give you a tour in car. And you pay me 100,000 IDR. I thought that 100,000 is very cheap. when I clarified, he said 100,000 per hour. And you get Bikes here for 60,000-80,000 IDR for a day. The house that you are seeing in the back, all the alternate houses are like this. Where you will see a board with Room available written on it. They have been converted into a hotel or a homestay. So, on this entire street, I think there are many parallel streets in Ubud, where you will get many homestays, spa & cafes. This is Jalan Raya Ubud, which means Ubud street. This is the main street market of Ubud. This is amazing 2 seater, 3 wheeler scooter-car, which runs on electricity. The fight with Online taxi is not there in India only, but it’s happening worldwide with Local Transport authorities and the associations. They have put a board here also, not allowed, Grab not allowed, Blue Bird not allowed, I have seen this board at many places, although I have used Grab in Kuta & Seminyak. I did not face any issue there. This is Ubud market, it’s a very famous art market. You get many things here like handicrafts, souvenirs, and many more things. Let’s go & see. This is the main lane of the market, there are many more shops in the side lanes also. Like that, there is a painting shop. A lot of woodwork happens here, Bowls, chopsticks, big & small bowls. Apart from that they also make items of jute & bamboo. I can see many beautiful items here, Whether it will reach India in one piece, it’s another question. You can see a few arbit things in the background, that black colored woodwork. I don’t know why it is being sold or what’s the utility according to culture. but it’s a very interesting thing. The way of bohni in Indian cultural tradition is being followed here also. It’s being said that in the morning if you are the 1st customer then they will be ready to sell you at any price. Let’s see what rates do I get? If nothing else, then also, I will need Fridge Magnets. He started at 20,000 and now he has come down to 10,000 IDR. 10,000 IDR means 50 Rs for one fridge magnet, he said. In my view the rate is not bad, it’s good. After a lot of discussion & negotiation, he gave it to me for 10,000 IDR. Normally they sell it for 20,000 IDR. and they sell it for 25,000 IDR in the afternoon. Come here, bargain hard. You will get good rates. This fellow liked me & said if he was a girl, he would have married me. In this market if you are bargaining then be prepared to buy. I liked this Unicorn for my daughter. When I asked the price, she said 3,00,000 IDR. I said 1,00,000 IDR to get away. Then the bragianing started, 1,50,000 1,30,000 & then finally it got settled at 1,20,000 IDR. I bought something from the adjacent shop also, she also gave me 50% discount. She is the lady, who gave me the product at my price thankfully. There are many Shahrukh Khan’s fans here, they just know Nahi-Nahi. Shopping here is good and very entertaining. You would not be able to go without shopping if you are coming here. I came here just to see. but the bad is full already. I hope that I don’t shop anymore. If I am doing this and I can just imagine about the women coming here. The shop from where I just came is not just a shop but a homestay. I was the first customer here also. He quoted me a price of 2,50,000 IDR for this, and 70,000 IDR for this. I asked if he can give both the things for 1,00,000 IDR . He said yes. just for good luck. Whenever your coming here, come in the morning at the time of bohni. If your coming in the morning, you will get good deals. Which you might not get in the afternoon. Ubud Royal Palace is right in front of the Ubud market This Royal Palace was built in the early 19th century. The king of Ubud used to live here. The Palace is quite big but all the areas are not open for the tourists. Only a small area is open, it will take approx 10 mins visit. If you are coming to Ubud Market then you can come here. Nothing special, it’s just OK. I have seen this kind of architecture in almost every building in Ubud. In fact, my homestay is also built on similar lines. Nothing exceptional, honestly. This is the temple for Goddess of wisdom Saraswati near Ubud Palace. I liked the fact, that there is no entrance ticket at both these places, because everywhere else, wherever I went, there was entrance ticket. Let’s go and see the temple. To go inside any temple in Bali, your legs should be fully covered. it should not be uncovered, that is not allowed, Although, even after covering people are not being allowed to go inside, because there is some ceremony or prayer taking place inside. Today also, I have taken a Bike for myself. And have come to Tirta Empul. This temple is 15 KMs away from Ubud center, it took half an hour on Bike to reach here. This is my vehicle for the day. This is the most comfortable way to see Bali, to hire a bike and roam. Before entering the temple, you get to wear the sarong here, so that the legs are completely covered. I am wearing shorts, otherwise, it would not have been necessary. He told me a different thing, legs are covered or not wearing sarong is a must in this temple, he told. There can be different rule in other temples. One thing is different here from India, you can enter the temple wearing the footwear. You can’t do that in India. This is the basic difference between Balinese Hinduism & Indian Hinduism in terms of entering the temples. This Pura Tirta Empul, or Tirta Empul temple. So many people are standing in the queue and by looking at the crowd, you can understand the popularity of the place. Tirta means Holy and Empul means holy springs. There is a belief that by bathing in these streams you get the same kind of piousness as you get by bathing in Ganga. after taking a bath in these springs. There is another belief which says, that these springs originate from Ganga, Yamuna & Saraswati rivers. This is the temple complex area behind the springs. This not like the traditional Indian temples. It is different from that. The statues are not like there in India. They also follow Hinduism. But there are lots of difference in Indian & Balinese Hinduism, in terms of rituals specially. Basic fundamentals are the same. The entry fees for this temple is 50,000 IDR means 250 Rs. This is Donation Box. It’s Dana Punia written here. means Daan Punya. The way we say Daan Punya in hindi, the same thing is here also. The area in the background is restricted for tourists, Or should I say that whoever is praying only can go inside. Tirta Empul is done, now let’s go to the next stop.

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