Short Rib Casserole for the Holidays | Tia Mowry’s Quick Fix

Short Rib Casserole for the Holidays | Tia Mowry’s Quick Fix

– Hi guys! So this week, we are celebrating a progressive holiday party with Kin. To see what the other shows are making, make sure you click the
playlist in the description. For my part, I’m really
excited about this. I am making the main dish, my short ribs casserole with potato crust. And the best thing is, it can
all be made the day before. How is that for a quick fix? (lively music) So first, I’m gonna start
searing my short ribs. So what I wanna do is I wanna make sure that I season my short ribs. And I’m gonna start with some salt. It’s snowing salt, we wanna
give our meat some flavor. You know how much I love flavor! I’m gonna add some pepper. This is gonna be delicious. I have my pan here, I want
it to be really nice and hot and I’m just gonna add
some olive oil to that because oh (laughs) or maybe
that was a little too much. Let me just kind of move
it around, there we go. Let’s get this party started because after all, this is a partay! It’s the holidays, yay! (kids cheering) So I wanna hear a really
nice sizzle, which I do. So how you know that your
beef is perfectly seared, it will remove easily from
the pan, like that, see? And look at that, we
have a really nice crust, just the way I like it. So this meat has a lot of marbleization, which means there’s
gonna be tons of flavor. So if you thought searing your short ribs was gonna add loads of flavor, you are not gonna wanna
miss this next step. And what I’m gonna do is, I’m just gonna take out my short rib and all of this stuff at
the bottom of this pan, I call it goodness, okay? ‘Cause it is full of goodness. And what I wanna do is I
wanna bring all of this flavor and all of this goodness out. And how I do that is I’m
just gonna add some red wine. And so I’m just gonna deglaze my pan. There’s just goodness at
the bottom of this pan which is basically flavor from the meat. And I’m just gonna slightly reduce this and just bring all of that
goodness up just like that. And this is just gonna add so
much flavor to the casserole. So if you don’t wanna use wine, you can use apple cider or vinegar. Alright, this is perfect! Ugh, it’s smelling good already. Now I’m just gonna add some onions, just loading this casserole up. I’m gonna add some
carrots, and some garlic. Love garlic! Stir this up. I’m gonna add some beef stock. And now I’m gonna add my
short ribs back into the pan. This is so pretty to me, I just love the little specs of orange. Add some salt, pepper,
and some nice herbs. It’s just some thyme and some parsley. So I’m gonna put this in
the oven at 325 degrees for three to three and a half hours. Now I know that seems
you know like a long time but it’s the holidays and you
can get a lot of things done. While this is in the oven,
you can wrap your gifts, you can have some hot cocoa, which I make the bomb hot cocoa by the way, make sure
you check out that video. You can get those Christmas
cards in the mail, you can decorate your tree, you can maybe watch a Christmas movie? One of mine? (laughing) I did an incredibly cute movie
called A Gingerbread Romance that’s actually airing
on the Hallmark channel. So three and a half hours have gone by, you missed it, I had a music break and I was singing all of the
wonderful Christmas songs. ♪ Christmas is here, Christmas is here ♪ ♪ Christmas is here ♪ Does it go like that? (laughing) Ugh! Oh my goodness, you guys,
this smells so good! Jeez, why are you so delicious? Why do you smell so great? Anyway, now I’m gonna add some mushrooms to this amazing casserole. I’m adding my mushrooms in now after I put it in the
oven as opposed to before because I don’t want my
mushrooms to be all mushy. So I’m just gonna let this cook for about eight to 10 minutes. I’m just gonna take my forks here and I’m just gonna shred my short ribs. So this meat is so tender, it’s
just easily breaking apart, and that’s what that
three and a half hours did to this meat. Alright guys, so I have
some good news for you. So at this stage, you can
just let this cool down, put it into the refrigerator
and it can sit there for two to three days until
you’re ready to serve dinner. The day of the party, this
is what you’re gonna do and I promised you a potato crust and that’s what we’re
gonna start with first. So I’ve thinly sliced my potatoes and don’t worry about taking the skin off. And I’m just gonna add flavor to this and add some melted butter. Oh my gosh, you guys. Look at this, just, I
mean come on (laughs). I’m gonna get my hands
really nice and dirty and just kind of toss these
thinly sliced potatoes so that every potato gets
some butter love, like that. (laughs) Oh gosh, these
potatoes are swimming in butter but guess what? That is a-okay (giggles). Oh my gosh, wouldn’t you
wanna swim in butter? I’m just gonna start layering. I wanna keep them really nice and close. The more potatoes you get closer together the more potato you get. And this will creative
a decorative effect. We wanna make it pretty. Now I’m gonna add some salt,
a little bit of pepper, and now onto ♪ The cheese ♪ ♪ Cheese ♪ ♪ Cheese ♪ (laughing) Yeah, I’m pretty cheesy. This is just, I’m getting happy already. (giggles innocently) More cheese, you guys know
how much I love cheese. If you wanna say how I make
my macaroni and cheese, make sure you check out that video. So if you’re not a cheese lover like me, you can just bake this off with some salt and pepper and some herbs. I’m gonna add some thyme, look
at that, gorgeous, darling. Gorgeous! I wanna make sure that
my cheese melts down and I cook my potatoes so I’m
gonna throw this into the oven at 425 degrees for 30 to 40 minutes. So when you pull it out of the oven, this is what it looks
like and oh my goodness, this smells divine! It is so delicious! Alright, so I know you
guys are curious to see what this looks like so let’s dive in. Ugh, look at you! That looks amazing! Make sure you follow Tia Mowry’s Quick Fix and make sure you check out the Holidays with Kin
playlist in the description. (cheerful music)

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