Should You Travel To Pakistan? Foreigners In Pakistan Tell It All!

Should You Travel To Pakistan? Foreigners In Pakistan Tell It All!

Okay, we’ve made it down and we are just
looking for the group now to see what they’re up to
they’ve probably finished their lunch by now (what’s up guys!) so we’re just going
to find them see what they’re up to and see what’s next on the agenda let’s go! (we are heading to Khaplu) (one of the Ancient Kingdoms of Baltistan) (It’s 105km east of Skardu town) (It will approximately take 3 hours) Alright, we are on our way to Khaplu just enjoying the ride this time a lot
shorter which is great but the landscape on our way is really really cool again
really unique, looks like we’re driving through Mars -really barren very red lots
of rock it’s very very interesting yet another beautiful type of landscape
that’s here in Pakistan so just going to enjoy the drive, relax a bit
and we’ll see you win Khaplu. Alright, quick pit stop on the way to
Khaplu just because we’ve noticed probably the best sunset we’ve seen so
far for taking a moment to get some snaps and then back on the road. Okay we have arrived in Khaplu, we are
staying at the beautiful Serena Hotel here in Khaplu, very very beautiful old
school looking place you can really tell there’s a big Tibetan influence
beautiful beautiful room it smells of like the wood that everything is made
out of and we are right next to the palace which is absolutely beautiful I
can’t wait to see it in the light tomorrow morning so we are just gonna
enjoy a nice communal dinner this evening really chilled relax enjoy the
rest of the night because it’s young for us we’re used to getting much later than
8 o’clock so I think I’m gonna call it a night and enjoy the rest of the night
and I’ll see ya early tomorrow morning peace. Good morning from the beautiful Khaplu
I’m on the rooftop of the palace to start my morning and this place is
absolutely out of a fairy tale it’s just picture-perfect the birds are
chirping the mountains are in the background in every single direction
it’s just a great great place to start the morning off so I’m gonna go start
the tour learn a bit about a history of the palace and the royal family that
once lived here and you guys just enjoy let’s go! Okay I’ve just been hanging out with a
Anaushe and Alexis these two photo gurus we’ve just been taking some
awesome snaps in fact let’s show you a couple now. Okay ending the day off where it started
on top of the beautiful Khaplu palace today has been super chill but super
eventful exactly what we needed lots of pictures, lots of video, lots of tea lots
of cake, perfect what a great way to end our stay in Khaplu so now we’re gonna
hop back onto the bus another three hour drive to Shigar where we’ll be visiting
the Shigar Fort and seeing what else it has to offer but great time in Khaplu
and we’ll see you in Shigar, peace! Alright, we’ve just found a local group of school boys who were riding on top of that bus playing their instruments so they’ve hopped up
now that they’ve seen us and they’re gonna do a little performance for us
lets go. After the amazing performance we then
made our way to Shigar, once we arrived we took some time to unwind after such an
eventful and amazing trip. We hung out reminisced and talked about how our
views of Pakistan had changed. When I first found out that I was invited to
join this trip I was really excited but did I ask all my friends if I should
come or not? And the answer was no. When I told people I was travelling here their
perspective was very skewed it was very biased they’re judging a place they’re
judging Pakistan on what they’ve seen in the media and what they’ve heard from
other people, even now my friends might are texting me asking like if I’m safe.
or “oh you’re in the mountains that’s where Taliban are and you’re not safe.” My perception before coming to Pakistan was it obviously looks really beautiful
I’ve seen photos online but not a lot of people travel here and I guess I knew
there was a reason to that so I was a little bit skeptical, not in saying yes
but just right before the trip I was a little bit nervous I guess as to what it
would be like whether I would enjoy it or not. My initial interpretation of the
country was a bit negative because the way that it’s perceived by the media
isn’t very great coming from the United States. For the kind of travel I like to
do I like to explore places that are misunderstood and I feel Pakistan is
misunderstood with the media saying all these grandiose sensationalistic news
articles and stories I feel like it’s very wrong impression
of this country. To travel to these countries I found that it’s usually
quite opposite these tourist unfriendly countries are the friendliest. So many
times during the day people came up and wanted selfies and we’re asking
questions some places people run up and ask you your name and they want to sell
you something but here in Pakistan it’s just people trying to say hi and they
want to know where you’re from why why you’re visiting and they just want to
talk there’s nothing to worry about it’s all smiles and good times. It’s been such
an incredible trip this is my second time around so my perception has already
been changed, my aim this tour was to really help the other guys really see
the true and real side of Pakistan and I can say without a shadow of a doubt
their perceptions have completely flipped whether they were a bit unsure a
bit hesitant in the first place or whether they’ve kind of seen what
Pakistan already has to offer through our past videos, their perceptions have
now even become even more positive after experiencing the people and the food. I have actually been seeing so much positive information about Pakistan on social
media lately so I was really excited to have the opportunity to come here with
CPIC and get to experience the place for myself and an amazing time here in
Pakistan and I don’t want to leave. We haven’t even left the country yet and
I’ve already been planning my return to Pakistan this has become one of my
favourite countries I’ve ever visited they said that it was gonna be really
dangerous that something bad is gonna happen to me, that I’m gonna die or
something. Basically just that I shouldn’t do it and you know what now
I’m here and I don’t regret it It’s freaking awesome like the hospitality of
the locals it’s just amazing it’s just a wave of smiles and warm welcomes it’s
just too good to be true and the views in Pakistan they just blow my mind away
I don’t regret coming at all. I’ve never been to Pakistan and I’ve always wanted
to come to this part of the world all that I have experienced here is kind
eyes is handshakes is smiles is people like interested
getting to know me they’re asking my name crowding around just because
they’re interested, I have never felt in danger I’ve never felt threatened so I
would say that my perspective on Pakistan has gone from pretty neutral
very you know unbiased to really loving the culture here, to really wanting to see
more of it wishing that the media didn’t highlight
this this country and these people in such a negative manner because it’s
flawed and it’s incorrect all those people that warned me about coming here
I want to show them the films that I’m gonna make and change their perspective
on this country. All of these new influencers are going to go now and
spread the word even further through their audiences, the global audiences are
gonna spread it even further from there so it’s just gonna be a real snowball
effect where you know we’re gonna bring real big change to the tourism in
Pakistan and as it should be because it would be a shame to leave this country
undiscovered. Pakistan thank you again so much for having us we’ve absolutely had
an amazing time that we will never forget and we’re gonna share our
experiences across the globe. Love you Pakistan, peace.

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