SIARGAO VLOG + Tourist Spots, Budget at Itinerary Para sa HINDI SURFERS

SIARGAO VLOG + Tourist Spots, Budget at Itinerary Para sa HINDI SURFERS

Hi Guys! We’re now here in Siargao!! We just arrived in the resort. Let’s go to the reception. Staff: Inclusions in your stay are breakfast and island hopping for tomorrow. It’s 7:20 PM. We’re in the main road looking for a place to have dinner. there’s also a BDO ATM here So we’re having breakfast here in Patrick’s on The Beach We’re in Magpupungko. This is 45 minute van ride from Patrick’s on The Beach. Entrance fee is 50 Pesos. Just a few reminders when visiting Magpupungko. No swimming during high tide and don’t leave your trash. Let’s be responsible travellers. Siargao is very eco-friendly They care for the environment and do segregate garbage. We’re here in Boulevard here in General Luna. We took a tricycle from Patrick’s on The Beach. Fare is 20 Pesos per person. The reason why we chose Patrick’s on The Beach because it was recommended to us by Nat & Cil. Shoutout to Nat & Cil. We’re now here in Patrick’s on The Beach! πŸ™‚ Patrick’s on The Beach is a good choice beacuse it’s beach is not reefy unlike other resorts Boulevard boss We’re going to Cloud 9. I highly suggest to visit Cloud 9 before sunset. I’ve heard that Cloud 9 offers a beautiful view of the sunset. Hi guys! We’re still here in Cloud 9’s boardwalk. We’ll stay here until sunset. There reason why there’s a bordwalk is as what you can see it’s rocky Boardwalk helps the surfers to easily reach the surfing spot Locals here in Siargao are nice We’re here in Boulevard. We’ll have island hopping. Hello guys! We’re here in Daku Island. Second stop of our island hopping here in Siargao. Entrance fee is 50 Pesos per person Crystal clear waters just like that of Boracay. We’ll have lunch here in Daku Island. Cottages here a re for rent. Cottages in this side are cheaper at 250 Pesos compared to 300 Pesos on the other side of the island. Our cottage is 250 Pesos Locals here sell seafood. We bought seafood and have them cooked… Here’s the beachfront. Beautiful! We’re in Guyam Island. Last stop for our island hopping. Entrance fee is 30 Pesos per person. This is a small island. We’re in Tourism Road looking for souvenirs. Most of the restaurants and resorts in Siargao are here in Tourism road. If you are visiting Siargao I would suggest to book your accommodation along Tourism Road. Here’s the souvenir shop. Let’s check out this souvenir shop bamboo straws If you’re on a budget there are cafeterias here in Tourism Road. Here’s one of the two ATMs here in Tourism Road. We booked our fourth night in Siargao at Eddie’s Beach Resort so we’re now transferring there. Eddie’s Beach Resort has a honesty store and their gate is automatic! If you are DIYing your Siargao trip. Just go here in Boulevard for island hopping. We’ve been to Daku Island yesterday and we’re coming back today. We’re back in Daku Island. The boat we had going here is quite small and I got wet. Mary Ann: You came back. We’re in Aventino’s, a popular Pizza parlor here in Siargao. This is just across the beautiful church We just visited Aventino’s and were now here in Crepes Siargao. It’s our fifth day here in Siargao. Today we’re going to Sugba Lagoon. Here in Siargao, they do have a transportation they call BINGO. Sands here are very fine just like that of Boracay! To preserve the bamboo straw, after use, soak and wash with warm water, let it dry and keep in refrigerator. We’re in Del Carmen Port. We’re back in Del Carmen Port. We’ll have lunch as it’s past 2 PM already. We’re in Maasin River. We are with Marco, a solo traveller. We’ll ride a boat later. Boat cruise costs 500 Pesos. Jenny: Hi | Ed: What’s your name? | Jenny: Jenny Guys if you’re visiting Siargao, look for Jenny Hi guys. We’re back here in Aventino’s for dinner. It’s our last night in Siargao. Good morning guys! We’re still here in Eddie’s Beach Resort. It’s our last day in Siargao and we’re leaving at 1 PM. They have USB slots here in Spotted Pig Siargao. We’re able to charge our gadgets. So cool! Spotted Pig is also a perfect place if you are bringing work here in Siargao

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  1. Anong drone po ang gamit niyo?
    Do you have the contact details po for the van that you rented for 2000?
    Yung boat for island hopping po (Guyam, daku and naked) 1500 lang po whole boat or per person po?
    Thank you po!

  2. Hello po sir..? balik po ulit kayo..? thank you po sa vlog niyo. Basta sa Mary Ann s paluto parin kayo pag bumalik kayo ng siargao ?God bless po..

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