Sightseeing Places around Coorg | Tala Kaveri , Nisargadhama & Bylakuppe Golden Temple

Sightseeing Places around Coorg | Tala Kaveri , Nisargadhama & Bylakuppe Golden Temple

Before seeing day 2 vlog in Coorg Let’s see a recap of Day 1 in Coorg First we went to Abbey Falls in Madikeri From there we travelled 66kms to reach Mallali waterfalls Water flow was less due to summer While returning we went to Rajaseat to watch the sunset If you haven’t watched the video yet then Check for the video the link in the description Let’s now check out the places to visit in Coorg – Day 2 Our day started with this beautiful view from our homestay’s balcony We have planned to visit 3 places today So we quickly completed our breakfast and packed our bags and Started from our homestay Now we’ve come to Raja’s tomb This holds the tombs of people from Royal Dynasty from 18th century These monuments are built with Indo-Saracenic Architectural Style It’s a mixture of Indian’s and Mughal’s architecture and so it was called as Indo-Saracenic Many buildings like high court, railway stations are built in this style during British period The tomb in the center is built for Dodda Virarajendra & his wife Mahadeviamma The tomb on the right is built for Lingarajendra and The tomb on the left is built for Rudrappa built in 1834 A.D After this, towards the talacauvery temple We stopped by Triveni Sangam Three rivers Cauvery, Kannike, Sujyothi mix at this location Bhagandeshwara temple is located nearby Now we’ve reached Talacauvery They’ve built a temple inside for agastheeswarar Since this is said to be holy, people wash their feet before entering the temple Talacauvery is located at 1270m high from sea level It is called Talacauvery because Cauvery river originates here only Cauvery river flows through South Karnataka and Passes through Tamilnadu and mixes at Bay of Bengal Since photo and videography is not allowed inside We didn’t show how the temple looks from inside While returning from Talacauvery to Nisargadhama We stopped-by in a spices shop and purchased few items Like how Assam is famous in India for “Tea” Coorg is famous for “Coffee” Like other hillstations we can get lot of spices here and also natural honey When you’re at Coorg, don’t forget to purchase one We’re now at Nisargadama It little crowded because of weekends Nearby the parking space, there are many adventure games to try for 90’s kids like us 😛 If you’re a 90’s kid and willing to try these fun activities here after watching our video then leave a comment below Before you reach the entrance of Nisargadama, you’ll find many shops Now we’re heading towards the bridge that connects Nisargadama The reason bridge is installed there because Nisargadama is an Island They offer boating facilities as well. They also provide cottages for staying here Nisargadama is 64 acres in total Which contains trees like teak, sandalwood and Bamboo & Animals & Birds like Deer, Peacock and Deer. Inside the Island they’ve placed statues and models of people and animals depicting the old traditional lifestyle of them If you’re planning to visit Coorg with your family then this is definitely a good spot Next we are headed to watch the Golden temple in Bylakuppe Since it is a Tibetian settlement We tried one of their traditional food item called ‘Momo’ Taste is super…. Served along with spicy chutney We also ordered Papaya Smoothie with it and watermelon juice Papaya milkshake is 50Rs and tastes awesome Momos cost Rs.80 for 8 pieces and tastes superb Try momos if you’re at this place After that we went to our resort & day 2 trip ended there we will upload a separate video about our stay at new resort In day 3, we went to Dubare elephant camp and Nagarhole National Park We’ve already uploaded a separate video on them, I’ll leave the link in the description Hit the like button if you like this video If you want to see more travel videos like this then Subscribe to our channel If we’ve missed to cover any places in Coorg then Mention them in the comments section Will meet you in the next travel video

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