Simon Hope, BA (Hons) Tourism Management

From a young age I was always interested
in visitor attraction, mostly theme parks that’s where my background came from and
it was always this interest of I was going to do like a business management
degree or something like that and then obviously in 2015 when it was announced
that you’re gonna do the visitor attraction course how’s that right
that’s really going into the pathway I wanted to start him so obviously I took
the plunge especially from coming from Essex I
didn’t know Stoke-on-Trent at all and then obviously it drew me because of
the fact that Alton Towers is in partnership. I love Alton Towers, I go
all the time and then that really brought me in and ever since then I’ve
been sold to be fair. Obviously being someone that wanted to go into that industry, having hands-on experience is really vital and because of the
connections you make as well you go through various different departments
you talk to various different line managers and they all have a different
way of managing and you see which one you like and which one works well and it
really does give you that experience of management as well. Everyone at Staffs
will help you no matter what, whatever circumstance whatever you do they will
help you and especially with Visit Attraction, the Alton Towers side is
incredible you get experience that not many other degrees offer you and also
the staff that are here are incredible they really do support you no matter what and
they really are there to get you better and make you a better person it’s not
just about a piece of work to them it’s about making you a rounded person so
yeah you

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