Sims 4 but I go on a deadly vacation

Sims 4 but I go on a deadly vacation

Hey there friends, how’s it going? My name is Kevin. And today we’re playing The Sims 4 again. Wait, why is this incomplete? Oh, it’s because Jim stole the DJ station. So now the lot says it’s incomplete. Well, I guess we’ll just place another one Okay now that we got that over with I want to Find a rich family and have Jim join them for a no particular reason This looks like a rich family. The Fyres. Maybe I should make them more familiar with fire I’m thinking that I want to become friendly with them and take them on a nice dangerous holiday I need someone rich because my bills have gone up to like 30, 40 grand and Jim is unemployed He’s living off the state right now. Ah yes, his offensive winter wear. Good, good. Okay. Let’s get going. We gotta introduce herself to the neighbors in this freezing cold. Maybe I should just invite them over in the morning Wait, where’s the guy in the basement gone? Where the hell is he? He asleep? No, he’s outside in the freezing cold Why are you out there fighting with plants? Like look at this? You must be absolutely freezing You gotta wear your bro clothes, even if it’s snowing outside, he’s freezing to death. That’s good It’ll give him energy and he’s nice and cold. It’s like an iced coffee in a way Ah, probably not a good idea to sleep there Wake up, maybe, wake up. Like why does he keep going outside by Ok I was gonna cancel his next action, but it’s death by freezing He lasted so long that must have been suicide by freeze Surely he kept going out there and he’d go out in his normal clothes. Where is Jim? I’m asking him to plead Oh, he’s there it is a long way around I suppose did it work? Yes. You can’t suicide that easy Lois You’re not getting away from me Must be so pissed look at me doesn’t look too happy about coming back and then Jim’s expression And since I can’t bloody trust him with an arch anymore, he’s gonna get a Dora that’s locked most of the time Wow It’s like having cows You have to lock them inside in the winter ahead giving him just the doggy tour that like Never works – I’ve only brought back two people by pleading and I plead a lot one of them was this guy and the other Was someone he was working in my restaurant who died from old age? And then when I got them back, they immediately died from old age again His boss may not think well of him skipping work Well too bad and let’s see do I know those fire people? I know antek lols who’s here in his radical Sunglasses, I can invite someone else bring this random dog. It’s cat lady who looks like a prisoner and father Christmas What a weird group to bring to her house what the hell is happening to you What okay, I think she just turned into a vampire and this is her dark form This looks like someone who would say I’m your best friend by day you rest now bear by night and just put on these coats locks the door for everyone But Jim, this isn’t even my house. Oh, it looks like something has gone down here already. My boss is cold Should I pick it up? Okay, I don’t have an option of yesterday. No B visa. He’s so cheery It’s like I just decided not to come in How quirky am I is that the nanny? Why does he follow me fucking everywhere? Oh wait I solved a crime in this house by which I mean I was dancing over here while people look for evidence Can they not get in out this case struggling with life in general good thing. I’m all tucked up in here and their bed I don’t know where they are. And the dog is on fire on their couch. Yes. They’re on the way good. Thank god I’ve been asleep here all day start flirting. She’s feeling flirty already. This is our in What no Jim this is why we’re here I flirt with her she doesn’t like it she flirts with me I don’t like it Oh God, I think her own husband is here. This is a very strange situation guys What what’s going on people? No. No, it’s not. Hold on. I’m still here Hey Oh, how are you? Because this is like offer Betsy. Oh, you’re awake I just like happened to come in here exactly when you walk I wasn’t watching you sleep or anything That was that would be weird. Also ignore that. I have no reflection. I’m not a vampire Yeah, this is better. That ghosts better feck off looking over. Just looking in at us. Sure She won’t look at me, but I’m making progress Odd the walk-around smooth shine dance She’s just had a talk and he’s dancing Reach dancing level – you mean that dance earlier was level one. Oh my god He is unreal. Now know that the song was just picking up. Jim doesn’t seem to care. He’s here for him as always Damn ghost. You’re done here. I’m taking your food vampire command command to leave That’s right, I have the control ask to move in she’s sleepy. She’s like sleepwalking She won’t be able to say no to me moving in. Wait, they only got 20,000 It’s only enough for like one cycle of bills. Well, I guess we could sell the house Yeah there that would be good actually. Okay, let’s take a vacation We’ll go with the two of you and father Christmas go to this one. It has one bed one bath That should be fine father. Christmas is making the most of it yet Christmas, Sam Santa Rest of the year. I got to do something. So I just sings The Bob Dubay Okay, we’re gonna set out on some adventure through the jungle, but we’re gonna need some Items first just gonna buy all his machetes. I’m gonna need more than that, though Oh, we got some more stuff here spider repellent that doll. I don’t even know what it’s for just buying all the dolls I don’t even know what they do while you still like trying to sell stuff. There’s nothing here right clogged drain Yeah, go for it. Ruin it for everyone else It’s he gonna stick that wrench down it because I don’t know what else he could be doing. Okay, good. It’s broken Oh, here we go. Here’s their other stuff. I need buying all this shit. I guess he’s happy. There we go Alright, I think we’re good to go. Alright, here we go. Our merry band of misfits Santa Claus. Amber an umbrella her with the burger We’re really roughing it out here. A swarm of bees is to send me and Morgan. Alright, so fair holidays going good Hey stay away from Jim. Oh, she got through she Voluntary the jungle when she almost trips over at Laird strange-looking egg examined the odd a tire rocket skill leads the best result as soon as he doesn’t have any she is the a good shake a Soft roaring comes from the shrubs nearby. She runs to safety but gets a little singed in the process. Okay Come on, we’re going through and you’ve examined the hay Siobhan seemed so unexpected visitors spiders One of them just left She’s like now effect this you’re not going home. I’m giving them machetes I’m not giving them any other survival gear because I like that they can knock down the weeds for me I don’t know where Santa Claus is gone. I assume just lost in the jungle dead somewhere siobhan found an abandoned pack yes search for a useful year Siobhan takes a look at the pack and decides is pretty safe as she opens up the pack a poisonous scorpion crawls there and stings her Siobhan his Poisoned and in a lot of pain the next stop along the pad appears to be a natural pool. Yes. Let’s go Come on, all of us are going oh, she is serious poison. She’s filthy recently bitten Uncomfortably wet. Nope. Nope. Nope from spiders Overheating and tired. She’s feeling the Falls though, but she’s also feeling achy. He’s swimming and her jaw his labs Look how happy he is Siobhan is having a really Enjoyable hike in the jungle when she suddenly he was the same screaming a short ways off Siobhan tries to jerry-rig a distraction Long story short during your escape a huge nest of spiders drops right in ahead other some treasure there Jim can look for that God. They’re not looking in the best of shape. Are they? I’m just gonna take some of their plasma for a bit of energy Wait, no get up. You have work to do other spiders in the bush good. That’s what you get Yeah, this is her of that Jim. It’s like exercising. He’s fucking amazing. Oh my god. She found more spiders She’s having a rough day an ancient pedestal. What would I do I would take it especially when the person is expendable Wait, she follows a sequence of steps that safely deactivates the trap that Roush’s hers. No. No, it’s it’s mine I gotta get Jim out of the Sun as well he’s he’s not gonna do well if he continues on in the Sun we got a run Jim and say there temple like Immediately try to pass that door, it looks fine Yes, he was fine Chuvalo you want to go next oh my god I think they’re both poison there and this gas is poisonous probably shouldn’t have walked to do it Morgan should try checking out some little strange temple mechanisms as she choked on the gas she had A vision of death on the ancient relic. Hey, that’s my husband. You guys should just start guessing things. That’s how these temples work It’s just trial and error Wait what Oh, Jim somehow figured it out I didn’t even tell him – I told him to excavate and he just went over and solved the whole puzzle guys a fecking Genius when he wants to be wait, is he gone outside again? He’s so bloody stupid like just after being a genius. He was out there in the Sun She’s probably like all the poisons playing tricks on me Wrong activation we’ll get it eventually it’s all trial and error. How did Jim get through this by himself? The first time Siobhan wasn’t able to fight off that poisoning and it has progressed and gotten worse might want to do something about that There we go. That flies his energy up. We’re doing great I’m leaving the others just sleep for a bit cuz they were getting annoying God She may be dying and poison and everything, but she’s having a blast. Look at how much fun she’s having What’s this are poison darts sticking out of Morrigan? She definitely did not activate the right trigger just activate them all come on activate everything in here But where are these doubts even coming from you’ve to hand over that treasure you found earlier, by the way? Missy come on put it down. That’s right. That is mine attempt to swipe. No, you don’t need to swipe it It’s just yours step onto the plate with flirtiness. Yeah, go for it That’s the only one I can actually go on. So back it up round one Okay I think we might be screwed because the other ones are energy and inspiration and I don’t really know how to get those unless oh, No, no, I tried that already. I forgot that doesn’t work. Well, we’re back home. She’s running to father Christmas Just like please help me the only present I want this year his life They’re all just having a little chat about the holiday now like how poisoned do you and pretty? Poison have poison to you, Jim and actually fair, honey. All right. Well, I guess we’re going home The holiday is over and they’re both sufficiently poisoned Well, I know chiffon is I don’t know but the other one so much she’s been poisoned a lot But I don’t know if it’s really stuck the icky feeling could go away on its own or it could get worse It says yeah, I go off to work there your grind. Don’t worry. Sure It’s only criminal duty with who cares if they get poisoned. Am I right now? She’s trying to get some sleep quick command to wake up. Oh, there you are Ignore the graves, by the way, since I live here now I can take them right? Yeah I didn’t even know them, but they’re added to the collection AGM, it’s me Grimm Do you want to go out on a date? Not now? I’m busy She wasn’t able to fight off the poisoning and it has progressed in garden worse. Yeah, I’m not surprised She got hella poisoned. I hear there’s a great parity go near the nightclub Grimm. Please stop being so needy We’re allowed to kill other people. It’s sorry for waking you up, but I need your plasma Probably not too safe considering your poison, but oh well Hey, stop burping on me. That’s gross Wow. Looking great gym. Just train it past the time. We need a montage of girls Just want to have fun. Oh I like that. No, no. No, that was perfect don’t change anymore. That was a formal outfit Apparently why do they even have that in there? Ah, she’s gonna sweat the poison out. That’s a good plan I’ve got to get much more creative the way I killed people because Apparently ei watched my videos and they patched what I did last time when I did a pool party in the winter and everyone froze To death. Yeah, well that temple doesn’t have as good treasurer as I’m about to get innocent people dying Oh, she’s dying from the poison. No one could have seen it panning out this way. Jim is shocked Doesn’t mind that the Grim Reaper is just reaping back there. He’s sleeping right through it. No God, she’s pretty bad nose Well, she’s gonna go tomorrow. All right, I’ve quarantined her now. So the poison won’t spread to any other innocent people It’s just for the greater good, you know, she didn’t seem bothered She is dazed take selfie. There we go Take that photo lovely lovely a Winter Fest starts tomorrow cuz I extended the seasons. We just said Christmas a few days ago Well your Christmas present might be death Just so you know, hey who gave you that mop in quarantine? She’s passed out, but she’s gonna die soon She might wake up dead. Oh, no, she has died This was unexpected Alright, I’m actually going to leave that one here as like a present to whoever gets this house I think it’s a nice little display case look at an amount of money. Why are you called fires? They’re all dead move household into a loss into the Pickens family. Could this be the perfect home? Yes Yes, it could Hey everyone. I’m a home to her like ah, how’s your little vacation? I had a killer time They’re all just immediately like ah, he murdered multiple people. Oh, by the way, I brought this hundred and forty thousand simoleons with me I found it it did however find these 9 grand perfect and a grand. Alright. Well, that is a success now We’ve got lots of money again. I hope you enjoyed this Sims 4 video just goes to show it’s a jungle out there I appreciate you watching as always and I guess I’ll see you next time. Bye for now shoutouts patreon soldier fortune Adrian K Alexander cared almighty peanut anaconda Kiwi NER 34 Ashleigh Oh Morgan bad speller Brandon krobak cannibal owl at Headley Cody Vaughn cookie mignon Daniel Fernley Daniel Daniel David OSes Derrick Williams story the Explorer. Dr strawberry eccentric elite alert Seema Emma Hampshire emotion boxy thermacare trigger V Damnit, boga theater Leafs Harley Peterson Haley Gabaldon Elena Maria Bowers. I’m fat Jesus Jack Toland Jack Graham. Jeremy deep adelikat Jeremy the squash

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  1. Seriously they patched that? Why? Like jeez, finally give us something with substance and then take it away making it once again the watered down sims game…I'm going back to the sims 2 and build a pool with no Ladder. The stupid NPCS walking by will tresspass, and jump into the pool to their deaths. They get what they deserve and I will kill who I please. What EA just did is like making the outsider sims be amune to fires, and drowing just coz they want family friendly gameplay, but killing your OWN household. Yeah that's fine

  2. i pressed space to unpause the video but it just went back like 30 videos in the playlist and i just dont need that stress rn

  3. In an unexpectedly diabolical twist, Sims were hosting pool parties in the winter and their guests were freezing to death. yikes! Sims invited to the pool party are now immune to the effects of the cold during the party
    Clearly, ea only saw the one episode, otherwise they wouldn’t have described jims diabolicalness as unexpected

  4. "Fixed an audio Issue on when Teen Sims Please for forgiveness on Gnomes"
    What does that even mean?

  5. Kevin needing to work around EA’s patchwork so he can murder more sims is like when I had to find ways to sneak my iPad into bed to watch videos past my bedtime without my mother finding out, it progressively got harder to pull off.

  6. Jim Pickens having a calming holiday walking cheerfully through the temple, while the two people he brought along are basically having everything go wrong in a slapstick manner.

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