Singapore Travel Guide

Singapore Travel Guide

Yelloww Productions Presents! A travel guide for Singapore. This
video highlights the major attractions of Singapore. In 10 minutes we’re going to cover the
following sights: we’ll start by visiting the Merloin Singapore’s mascot. We’ll visit the
colonial district where Singapore began. Then we’ll head on over to Chinatown,
which is one of the cleanest Chinatowns in the world. Then we’ll visit the colorful streets of
Little India. Followed by a visit to Kamong Glam to
see the Arabian community in Singapore. Then
we’ll head over to Orchard Road to do some shopping.
Followed by the Marina Bay Sands to see Singapore’s best night view. For animal lovers we’ll
see the world famous Singapore Zoo and finally we will depart
from Changi airport. Some other major
attractions that aren’t covered in this video because I have separate videos for
them are Sentosa Island, the Gardens by the
Bay, the Singapore Cable Car, and something
everybody should do while they’re in singapore is eat and a Hawker Center. Click on any of the
videos on the screen to watch them or find the links in the description
below. Before we visit the sights I just have a couple of introductory points
about visiting Singapore. Singapore is a country of rules
and you need to follow them! One of the most interesting ones is on
the Metro they do not allow Durians. This is a particular type of smelly fruit for those who don’t know and you can’t even bring the fruit on
the Metro. That’s something! The other thing to note
is that also a hundred and fifty dollar fine for not flushing a public toilet. So make
sure you flush and the don’t carry those Durians on the
subway! Wait! Hold on, hold on! Before we go on I need to, I need to wipe off my sweat. Okay. So what you need to know when traveling in Singapore is it’s really hot. So you’re going to need to
really cool all year round and bring a towel to refresh yourself. In front of the Fullerton Hotel is the Merlion. The half-fish half-lion. Which is an icon of Singapore and the Merlion, is what you need to come
and see there are three Merlion statues here there’s this Merlion, there’s one on Sentoas and there’s a
little Lego Merlion over that way. So a neat place for a stroll
in Singapore is along the Singapore River. There are the quays
with a number of restaurants. There are also a couple of historic bridges.
That one is the Elgen bridge which is the oldest crossing in Singapore. There’s
another historic bridge, the Cavanaugh bridge, this bridge was
built in Glasgow Scotland then it was put here it has been a
pedestrian bridge for a very long time and actually there’s a sign on it that
forbids the passage of cattle and horses. Along the Singapore river is also a statue of Sir Thomas raffles commemorating the date in 1819 when he landed here in this small fishing village made it
part the United Kingdom British Empire and turned it from a sleepy fishing
village into the metropolis it is today. Or at least
that’s what the sign says. To experience some of the local Chinese
culture in Singapore come to Singapore’s Chinatown at the
Chinatown MRT stop. It comes up right there at that escalator
and this is the cleanest Chinatown you’ll find outside of the one in Yokohama Japan. Chinatown is also home Buddha tooth relic museum that is said to house
a relic of an original Buddha tooth. Chinatown is also hot! If you come at the right time you might
even get to see one of their worship services. In Chinatown is about the only place in
Singapore that you will find street vendors. So enjoy the street vending while you’re
here and it’s also the most orderly and organized and clean Street
Market I think I’ve seen. If you stop by the Little India
neighborhood to experience a little bit of India. There are some narrow alleyway,s lots of small shops, good places for souvenirs. It’s a little chaotic very colorful and also a good place to
get some Indian food believe it or not. Little India also
seems to be home to Singapore’s jewelry and pawn shop industry. Convienently located right next to each other. On this corner
is a pawn shop located next to a jewelry shop next to pawn shop next to a jewelry shop.
In this building is one of the last surviving Chinese
residences in Little India. Now that is colorful! So in all my travels
this is a first! This is truly on open-air laundromat and
everything is convenient Singapore to food because you just took over this way and there’s an open-air food court so you can have a little bit to eat while you’re doing your laundry. And
right next to the food court is a restaurant that serves a fifteen dollar
fish head special everyday. Sweet! And finally Little India
is also home to some temples with some really long names I’m not even going to try to pronounce
this one. To experience the Arabian culture in Singapore come to Kampong Glam which is home to the Sultan Mosque
there was the Sultan that actually lived here in 1823 right next to this mosque.
There’s a street called Arab Street and right in front of the Mosque there is one way to beat the heat is with a cool and refreshing fresh
chopped coconut with a straw to drink the cool and refreshing lukewarm coconut
juice So after you drink the coconut you can
then have them cut the coconut open, chop it in half and they give you a spoon and you can eat the coconut. I thought this would be cooling but it
turns out that coconuts left out side get just as hot as me. So after eating
this coconut I’m still sweating! Maybe my coconut needs a little bit of a
sweat wipe. Kampong Glam is a neat little
neighborhood to walk around there’s a pedestrianized shopping street in front of
the Mosque which is a great place for souvenirs.
Arab Street is Singapore’s home to carpet vendors where you’ll find carpets carpets and even more carpets! Adjacent to Arab Street is Haji Lane
which is a small narrow alleyway that is home to a number of small trendy designer
clothing stores. The mecca of shopping in Singapore is on
Orchard Road that has rows and rows of shopping malls on both sides of the street and this is one good place to beat the
heat because all these malls are air conditioned on the inside. Orchard Road has all the famous brands like Louis Vuitton and Chanel. One of the newest shopping centers is the Ion Orchard shopping center which lights up a neat blue-color at night. It’s a number of different floors of
shopping extravaganza. But my favorite part of Ion Orchard is the
food court on basement level 4. Check it out for
some tasty eats. For some the best views in
Singapore stop buy the Marina Bay Sands SkyPark. It is this skateboard like thing atop of the three
towers of this newest casino and from here the views of Singapore are truly spectacular. Just behind where I was standing is a
wonderful view of Singapore’s central business district with all of the futuristic-looking high-rises.
You can also see the Singapore Flyer ferris wheel and on the
back side of the SkyPark you can see the Gardens by the Bay. The
final attraction that I’ll mention is something that any animal lover should visit and that is
the Singapore Zoo. It is world famous for it’s open plan
concept with very few fences. Here are some kids getting up close and
personal with a kangaroo and they also have some really neat
animal shows. Here is Pedro the sea lion. And the final attraction that anybody will see on their visit to Singapore, and it’s definitely a must-see is Changi airport. It’s been rated one of
the best airports in the world and I definitely agree terminal 3 this terminal that you’re looking
at is the newest area and this is the check in area and now
we’re looking at the area behind security on the right of the picture is a food
court that is open 24 hours a day this airport is stocked with some
amazing amenities including the world’s largest slide in an airport it also has its own
in airport convenience store that definitely has the largest selection of cold beverages I’ve ever seen in an
airport. If that’s not enough there’s also an in airport butterfly
garden yes that’s right a garden with real
butterflies in an airport! If butterflies aren’t your
thing there’s also a in airport Koi pond
for the goldfish watching extraordinaire. If you’re not
into either butterflies or goldfish you could also spend your time at the
airport bar playing the airport pool table. If all those aren’t
enough amenities for you this one is sure to do it! When you go
through passport control they have a little basket of complementary mints so that they
will ensure your breath is minty fresh on your flight home from
Changi Airport.

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  3. Very good information about Singapore. To learn about this country its
    good to learn how the locals live , work and play. Visit the three
    local enclave namely chinatown, little india and kampong glam. These are
    the areas of conservation where the early Chinese , Indians and malays
    used to live. Don't forget to visit the famous hawker centre where the
    entire nation feeds on. Most people eat out throughout the day here. I
    highly recommend the chicken rice at Tian Tian Chicken rice stall at
    Maxwell hawker centre. Urguably the national dish of Singapore.

  4. Do not support this place controlled by the barbaric one party that oppresses its' people and continues is Human Rights violations. Males are (and have been for decades) tortured in the prisons with beatings by paid perverted sadistic barbarians trained on how to inflict injury and pain to the human body. There are many beautiful places in Asia go there instead and STAY AWAY from a place such as this.

  5. Gotta agree. I loved living in Singapore for over 2 years, but the heat was killing me. It didn't help that I lived in an un-airconditioned HDB flat for most of that time. Thankfully my work schedule was 2-10 pm so I managed to escape the worst of the heat during the day and evenings and mornings were fine. I know a lot of people criticize Singapore for those hundreds of airconditioned malls, but you really do appreciate them as a way of escaping the heat and humidity. I was surprised though that you left out many of the historic sights that would interest a culture vulture and history buff such as myself. The Raffles Hotel, Asian Civilizations Museum, National Museum and the Peranakan Museum are all a must in my view, otherwise you'll have little chance of understanding how Singapore's unique culture came about.

  6. Hi Chris, I enjoyed your video tremendously. The information is very accurate for anyone who wants to visit my country. Yes, Singapore is no doubt hot and humid. But compared to many equatorial regions in the world, Singapore is not exactly that hot. Being a small and green island city state, the sea breezes and maritime effect cool the sunny island down quite a fair bit. all year round. Singapore is very safe, clean and well-connected. Welcome !!!

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