Singapore Travel Tips: 6 Things to Know Before You Go

Singapore Travel Tips: 6 Things to Know Before You Go

100 thoughts on “Singapore Travel Tips: 6 Things to Know Before You Go

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  2. Can you find out if the courts have court stenographers? Are the courts in English? Is the WiFi superior? Does the electricity go on and off? Does everyone have access to air conditioning?

  3. Visited more than 10 times to singapore. I love this country cos very safe,easy transportation and beautiful places to vst and their culture. Vstg again nx wk

  4. Very good food in. Singapore love it there I,m glad you enjoy your holiday there thank you for sharing your beautiful video love your video thanks

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  6. This guy is good he from Australia he love the foods in. Singapore he don,t get this kind of foods back home thank you for sharing your sweet healthy foods thank you for sharing Bless you.

  7. You can have gum and chew gum in public but don't leave it in every where you feel like doing inside your own house after finished chewing.

  8. @Yellowproduction There is no language called "Indian". I think you meant to say Tamil, its one of the oldest language still spoken in the world.

  9. I agree with you. Chris. I love hawker.s food they cook in front of you I love the hawkers is the best thank you for sharing your beautiful video

  10. Very nice videos, we like food channels and perhaps more time on that or a separate video for food only
    5-8 minutes.

  11. I stayed in Singapore for 3 weeks and got pretty much familiar with the mode of transportation quickly for a person who was travelled for the first time alone. I love Singapore. I can't wait to go back. 🙂

  12. I just booked a cruise from Singapore to Hong Kong 14 nights is there a SIM card that you know of that will cover all of Singapore Vietnam ,Thailand,?

  13. I'm Indonesian, so Singapore's weather wouldn't really bother me lmao.. I have a plan to visit Singapore, thanks for the tips btw

  14. This video is nice good one bro …check this out my video too more Singapore Chinese new year Celebration. you want to see more subscribe my channel like and share ….this video has Singapore traditional dance also

  15. Hello. I do agree with you regarding not exchanging money at the airport. Often airport anywhere in the world give about five cents off the value. Orchard road also gives a slightly lower rate than other exchange shops in sg. However, most exchange money shops in sg give a high rate compared to any bank in the world. Often the rate is higher than western union or the same. I mention western union as western union does give at least 2-3 cents higher than any western bank. Plus when using a bank atm, you are charged fees. Normally there are two fees, 1. the international bank fee and 2. A fee by your bank. Normally is about 20 dollars and low rate. I am aware there are ways around this but for the majority people simply use their atm card. My strong advice to anyone traveling is to simply exchange at a money changer. The exchange rate is clearly visible for you. If u have no cash for whatever mishap, can simply western union yourself. There is a fee but that fee is lower than any bank and exchange much higher than any bank.

  16. All money changers on town are government approved. They are cheaper than at the airport or banks. Most local use them instead of banks or airport money changers.

  17. You can chew gums. There are no rules you can't chew gums, though you won't able to buy them as they're ban from selling. I'm local and I've been chewing gums that I bought across the causeway in West Malaysia. Let me repeat that again, it's not illegal to chew gums. It's just illegal to sell them here.

  18. Have a question about the EZ link card
    So I can get it at the MRT airport station? And then give them back and get my deposits back when I leave at the MRT airport station?

  19. Just got back from a trip. Your observations and tips are pretty accurate and spot on ?

    Oh. The fourth language is Tamil. It would have been nicer if you had been specific.

  20. just watching this video is making me cringe in memory of singapore's humidity. it wasn't so bad when I lived there, but everytime I visit its unbearably hot. walk a hundred feet and you clothes are covered in sweat.

  21. I agree with you about foods is the best in the world in. Singapore the hawkers food are the best thank you for sharing your beautiful healthy foods

  22. hey! I would just like to correct a common misconception about Singapore. YOU CAN CHEW GUM HERE!! However the sale of chewing gum is illegal. Love the video though!

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