SIS vs BRO House Tour!

Hey guys it’s Karina.>>It’s Ronald from>>SIS vs Bro!>>And today we’re doing a house tour! Part 2. [Music playing] We did a house tour last year. But our house just changed quite a bit. So we’re doing a second one.>>Oh yeah.>>So let’s begin. This is the entrance of our house. We got two plants. We got some white pebbles
and these steps here and then we got a brown door. So, let’s go inside. The very entrance. We got a carpet.>>Yes.>>For our feet.>>Yes.>>And we got more shoes. Because in a year we’ll be gettine more shoes. Don’t we? So we got more shoes. Right there, we have the game
studio, the recording studio, and all that kind of stuff. But we’re going to
show you guys that last. So stay tuned for that. So now let’s go to the kitchen.>>We got some cat bowls, because in the first
one we didn’t have cats. So now we do. We have two cats. Here is our breakfast table/dining table. We never use the dining table. We always eat here. This is like the main game.>>Dinner, breakfast, snacks I guess.>>All right. We got a massive canvass here
but eventually it will be full of colors.>>Yes.>>We got our TV right here. So in case, just in case we wanna
watch some TV while we eat. We can do that. We got some trash bins.
>>Two trash bins.>>Because people like trash. Right? We got some more cat bowls.>>We have the majestic oven.>>Oven that I really do not
understand how it works. And we have four ovens. We do not need this many ovens. We only use one but we have
four just in case we wanna cook in them.>>And we have a microwave right here.>>Plus a microwave. We also have a magnet right
here on the fridge from a fan that gave us it last year. So thanks whoever gave us this. All right. That’s it for this kitchen. Now let’s go to the dining room. So right here is the dining room. And right here, we got some blue balloons from Ronald’s birthday party because if you didn’t know,
Ronald just turned 10!>>Okay, eh!>>And over here I got me a piano. ‘Cause now I play piano. But I’m not that good at it. So yeah. And right here is the cat’s… Of mostly Chibis favorite spot. The freezer. We don’t know why we have
our freezer in the dining room but we just do and Chibi loves to go
on top of here because it’s so high and nobody can get her. But recently she’s just been
hanging around the chairs ’cause little Georgie can’t get there. She’s like I’m gonna stay with you Georgie. And George is actually right behind him. George, can you come out?>>George.>>Hi George. Sorry. Okay I’ll fix it. There you go. Here we got little cabinets here
but we do not look in here because we have some candy in there but,>>Smells really bad.>>Yeah. Now it smells really bad
because it’s kind of old. So we don’t look in there. No one goes in there. We got actually a bunch of laptops here. We play some games here. I’m actually playing
Stardew Valley at the moment. Ronald’s plays Fortnite over there, and we also edit our videos right here. And here we have a very
extremely new cat scratcher toys.>>Yes. We got this like a week ago.>>When we first got it for the cats
they were like, hmm this is awesome but now they’re like, I’d rather sit on the chairs.>>Yeah.>>And also we got new couches! If you didn’t know, last time
we had these white couches but Chibi kind of ruined them. So we have to get new ones. But now we get two couches. So we have room for everyone.>>For everyone to lie down
and enjoy their relaxing moments. Oh yes.>>And right here on the coffee table
Ronald’s actually building a robot out of Lego. We have a fireplace. When we first get our uhm Chibi and George, they first went to the fireplace. They saw it and they’re like,
I want to go in the fireplace.>>And then we showed
them how to turn it on. No not how to but it turns on
with fire, they’re like nope nope.>>Not the fireplace. We also have our TV. Keep right over here we got
a couple of cameras here. Mostly vlogging cameras. Our remote. It’s very extremely special. A remote. And of course we got this SIS vs Bro
1 million subscribers play button!>>Oh yeah. [singing] We have a couple of games here. We have a Nintendo switch case. And we have my 1 million
subscribers play button. It’s the new edition. It’s wooden.>>Yes.>>And it looks cooler. I can’t wait to get mine.>>Right over here is
like the eletronic cabinet. We have a bunch of eletronics here. At the bottom, we have
some cat toys right here. We have very interesting things.>>And we have a VR.>>Yeah and I didn’t
even know we had a BBR. I didn’t even know we had a BBR. So we have that. I don’t even know how
like half of it works. So, great. And this one, we have
backpacks for our laptops.>>When we go travelling.>>And here we have some more games. This is my favorite one.>>[inaudible] #NOTSPONSORED.>>And now it’s moving on to this place.>>Ronald’s room! Oh yes.>>All right.>>Welcome to the magical
land of Ronald’s room! So over here I got books
and squishies in the back. Over here and lots of stuffed animals. Some Rubik’s Cubes. A broken Lego set, two backpacks. And this is a whole bunch of trash. These are my clothes. My clothes yes. We have we shirts! We have long pants. We have… stuff you don’t need to see. And we have short pants. Oh yeah! Over here is my beautiful iMac. My headphones, my mouse, and my desk. Oh I have this Burj Khalifa
structure statue because I like it. Here’s my… [Music playing] bed! Oof. Over here, is my bathroom. I have a sink, my retainers. I just flipped them. Toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, stuff stuff. And the magical machine. Yes. And the shower right next to it.>>And Ronald by the way
you have two guitars. Why do you need two? I can have one.>>But you can have both.>>Really?>>Yes.>>Now we’re going to
a room right next to it which is the guest room/storage room. So right here is what my favorite
room is because of the carpet. The carpet is so cozy
and fuzzy and it’s like the best carpet.
>>I don’t even have a carpet.>>Yeah you did but here, it’s a little
bit of a mess because we have like glitter slime supplies and stuff and more glitters are here. We have some interesting things
that will be used for future videos. I don’t know what this will be used
for but we found it on the internet and we were like, we must have it! We have more interesting
things here and here and we just have a bunch
of things for videos here.>>Yeah. And here is the magical land of the bed. This used to be two beds but we
removed them and got one bed.>>And then here’s the bathroom
that we very rarely use cause it doesn’t have toilet paper. Actually it does have toilet paper.>>It does have three rolls! What?!>>Who uses them? All right. It’s a mystery toilet paper theif.>>The magical machine
is laying right here.>>Okay? And now we’re gonna go upstairs, upstairs, upstairs,
upstairs, upstairs, upstairs. [singing]>>Welcome to the magical
land of Karina’s room.>>Karina’s room. I put stickers on my door so everyone knows This is my room. Not your room.>>It’s mine. Clearly it says Ronald’s room.>>So welcome to my room. When you first walk in,
you walk into my closet.>>Well, very big with clothes.>>Yours is bigger. Mine’s more filled. Here I have pretty much only shorts. And what do I have down here? Pajamas. Shorts and pajamas are here. Here, I have nothing obviously. You can see I have nothing. And right here at the bottom,
I have my sneakers, my shoes. I have these ones that are not sneakers. And yeah I also have my unicorns slipper. Whoo.>>I never see you walk around in them.>>I do walk around with them. But here I have my one-piece
outfit clothing things like overalls. I have some onesies here. Some dresses. Over here I have all of my shirts.>>[inaudible] t-shirts over here.>>I have some more shirts up there. I put up there because
I didn’t feel I putting them on the hanger. Hmm.>>Damnnnn!>>All right. Right here, I have coats and jackets. And here, this little bit separates them. I have long sleeves and sweaters. Over here is my school uniforms. We got shirts, skirts, sweaters, PE uniform, PE sweater, and stuff like that. Here I have just mumbo jumbos of things. At the very bottom, I have sandals
and also some more shirts. I got some merch here. You can get it at SISVSBRO.COM And I just got these in yesterday because in middle school,
you need headphones and I didn’t have any headphones. So now I have headphones. Right here I got pink box,
blue box full of art supplies. I have some markers here. On the second one of mumbo jumbos, I got box here of things. I got washi tape, a lot of washi tape. Bit of a washi tape hoarder. But yeah. I got lots of books, notebooks, some [stuttering] things. At the very top, I have some games. I have some larger pieces of scrap paper
like the big ones of colors and stuff. And at the very top over here,
I have some Christmas decorations for my desk but right now it’s not
Christmas so I just keep them up there. And right over here,
I have some of my bags. I’m missing one. It’s a silver bag but yes my bags. And then I have stuffed
animals and my hats.>>Welcome to the actual room.>>That took way too long
just to show where my closet.>>Now it’s time for my room. Starting right behind you. It’s my wall of arts. I put my art here. Most of it. Some of it I had hidden
away but I stick it up here and this was my very first one! It’s a picture of Noah,
it’s not very good at all because it’s my first one. But yeah. Noah’s my friend. She’s my neighbor. So. That’s fun. Right here I have a box full
of some paper, some ribbon. I have my hot glue gun here. I got some stickers, some pom-poms, yarn pom poms I made. A flower. A bunch of other random art things. I have my tripod here. And down here in this corner,
I have a hat. I made so, yeah. I keep it right there
but it keeps on falling. Right here I have a folder. I have some my artwork in here
but I don’t feel like putting it up because I just don’t feel like it.>>Damnnnnn! I like this one.>>Really.>>Yeah this is really cool. I like the– these ones because I don’t
actually have to use any of my artistic skills because I
really don’t have any.>>I like that one
that looks like a monster.>>No no.>>That one?>>Yeah.>>That was I was
trying to paint a feather.>>Oh.>>Didn’t quite work.
>>I see it now>>It kind of looks like a leaf. Right here I have a little
section for like desk. Like some thing’s here I had on here
but I didn’t have enough room for all my like things I made. So I just stuck some things here. I have my Eiffel Tower, I got some
moustaches, I got some pens here. I also got a little stapler. And some flowers. In these drawers I have
some paint, some of my paint. This is only a very small portion of it. Here I have some random things. I have some golf balls here. I collect golf balls whenever
I see them I take them.>>Golf balls?>>Yeah I got golf balls.>>And down here, I have
some other random things. I have some Polaroids,
I have a Polaroid book. And right here is actually my school bag. So I’m just going, I leave it right here. So it’s out of my way.>>Okay now we’re going into the big part.>>My desk! The most of the things here I made. I actually have a big thing of books
right here for school and stuff. I have a bunch of school
things, school papers. Stuff like that sitting right here because
I don’t know where else to put them. I need a shelf. I have too much things. I made this, this I made. Woah! No. Okay my unicorn fell. I also have my iMac here. I have a little pine cone here I painted
because I like painting pine cones. And also I have a little
poem I made from school. It’s not like a really
poem it’s like a thing says mama. It was so funny. So I just put up there. I don’t know how my teacher did not
laugh while reading that but, yeah. Here’s one of my bags. Actually supposed to be in my closet. But it’s right here. And here, I got a box here. I got a camera, Ronald gave
me this for my birthday. Ding ding ding.>>Oh Christmas. I think it was Christmas.>>Christmas?>>Yeah I think.>>Oh yeah for Christmas. And then in here I have a bunch
of glitters and paints. I have almost all my paints
here and a bunch of glitters. And I use this as a pallate as well.>>I smell paint.>>Okay now we’re going
on to that side of my bed. Here I have a little slothbank. I keep my coins here. I have this little glass teddy bear. Like two teddy bears
I got from my grandma. And I also made this. For my art class. And also I have a heart soap that I made. So this is my bed. I have a bunch of stuffed animals on here. I got some lights here they’re colorful lights
because I think they’re really pretty. I have the other side of my bed. I got books, a phone case, alarm clock, that kind of stuff and my bathroom. Right here to my laundry,
my towel, my shower, bath tub, sink, toilets, all the necessities. Okay that’s all for my room. Let’s move on to the next door
room which is the guest room. All right. It’s right over here! No one has like ever slept
here except one time, some guests slept here but that’s it. Right here we have a box of old
clothes that do not not fit us anymore. And we give it away to our cousins
because our cousins might like them. And this is the bedroom
part of the guest room. We actually gonna have guests tomorrow
so it’s gonna be inhabited tomorrow. And now let’s go to our parents room!>>Oh yeah. So right here is our parents room. They have a big closet. It goes from here and here! And back here!>>Are you jealous?>>No. No. All right. And right here is their bathroom. They have two sinks. So many products on the bottom. I don’t even know what they’re for.>>#NOTSPONSORED>>Yup. They have a bath tub, toilet, and the biggest shower I’ve ever seen. This way is the bedroom
part of their bedroom. They have their bed. They have some bottles. Not beer. Don’t worry not beer. And I have some [stuttering] my mom right here has
some hair products. Hair things. This is my actually my
straightener but she likes to take it. It supposed to be in my room. The thingy. Another thingy. Lots of other thingies. Laptop, book, a bookness. And we have a cat bed. And weights. Oh yes!>>Is that hard?>>No. It’s easy. Okay guys now we’re going
to our parents’ terrace. And I’m little bit mad about it
because my balconies like really tiny but this is so big!>>It even has an upstairs.>>And you can see a view of the pool
and the sea but don’t look at it yet. We’re gonna show you that later. This is their entire terrace but wait. There’s more! They have the upstairs part. Up here, you can go upstairs. Even better viewing point drop here. And I like this because I can go
on top of here onto the roof. And then here is the glass that goes
down to the hallway and I can look through in here at people, though right
now the glass that’s super dirty because no one cleans it so I can’t
really see through it. And now I have an even
better view of our backyard. We have the pool there, we have
a gazebo type thing over there, we got lots of grass there and we also
have a second layer of our backyard. We don’t really use it. But we have real lemons down
there which is pretty cool. And you can see the sea a little
bit over there just a little bit. Not really. Now let’s go downstairs
back to the recording studio.>>Oh yeah.>>So guys right now it’s time to
show you where we record SIS vs BRO videos and gaming videos. It’s right in this very room. [singing] Right off the bat, we got our all
time favorite, the mystery wheel. We have a little bit
of a closet right here. We keep some slimes here. I was meant to sell this on Etsy
but just never got around to do it. So yeah. I also have, we also some hairspray
here for some reason. I don’t know why we have hairspray. And as you guys probably know this is
where we always sit to make almost every single SIS vs BRO video we make. We also have some glues here
from a thumbnail we made for a video which we literally
made right before this.>>Mhm.>>Right here is our dad. He’s working.>>Hi.>>Hi. What are you up to?>>Why are you wearing
headphones llike that?>>Okay thank you.>>You’re welcome. And we have two screens here. This is for the big recording
thing and this is where we play games and we have a camera, we got two lights. One there, one here. And of course the chair. We gotta sit on a chair when we
make our videos so we got a chair.>>And at the moment
he’s doing something. Oof. What’s that? Oh oh oof.>>Ooh.
>>I look stylish there.>>I look even more…>>And every time we’re
making a video, Chibi’s always just sitting
down and watching. She’s the first person to see
our videos because she’s literally there while we’re making it. Chibi’s here right now, she’s like, are you guys making a video? Ooh I want to be in it. Now Chibi is so big. You’re so heavy now Chibi. You know that right? Right?>>Ate a lot Chiboo.>>I love her so much. Guys there’s one last room
you haven’t seen. It’s the bathroom. In case we’re make a video,
and we need to do something really quickly we do it here. And we need to wash our
hands from slime.>>Yes this is the slime
washing off station. And this is the big shower.>>This is the biggest shower so far
and I don’t know why it’s in this room.>>Yeah.>>Why not my room?>>Why not your room?>>All right and that is literally
the last room to our house. We hope you liked this video. If you did, smash that like button
and we’ll see you all next time. Good bye!

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