Sky Princess: tours of ALL cabin types!

Sky Princess: tours of ALL cabin types!

Ahoy there cruisers welcome aboard the
Sky Princess. We’re going to take a look at an interior, oceanview, balcony, mini-suite, accessible balcony and a suite. First up is a standard balcony. You can choose either twin or queen beds. All cabins include the “Princess Luxury Bed”
which is incredibly comfortable. The lamps beside each bed have a USB
charging port. There’s storage beside each bed as well. At the desk, you’ll also
find plenty of outlets including European and US sockets. There’s plenty of storage as well as a fridge. You can request an ice bucket
from your room steward and all cabins receive
complimentary 24-hour room service. And a large TV with plenty of movies, TV
and interactive content. y You can find the air conditioning controls just next to the entrance. We really love the closet space
on Princess ships. It gives you ample space
to hang all your clothes and here’s a wardrobe with shelves
and a safe. The bathroom is compact but well laid out
and has everything you need. Plus, there’s ample storage space. Next, we’re going to take a look at a mini- suite cabin. These cabins are significantly larger
then the standard balcony cabins and include a separate sitting area. The large sofa converts into an extra
bed. There’s loads of storage and a curtain
can be pulled across to separate the bedrooms. The cabin also includes two large TVs making it perfect for families. The balcony is larger and includes a
table and two chairs. Just like a standard balcony cabin
there’s plenty of storage space in the wardrobe area. The bathroom is larger and includes a bathtub
and a massage shower. Now on to an accessible balcony
cabin. These cabins have been adapted for disabled cruisers and those in wheelchairs. The room is large with plenty of space. Like a standard balcony, there’s a desk
and plenty of storage space and the cabin has extra wide doors for easy access. The balcony is large
with step-free access. And there’s plenty of storage. The large wet room bathroom
is wheelchair accessible and includes grab rails, a lower sink
as well as a large adjustable seat in the shower. Next is the brand new
premium oceanview cabins located at the forward of the ship. This new stateroom design offers a stunning wall to floor window which brings in loads of natural light making the room really bright
and spacious. This room can accommodate
up to two passengers and the Princess Luxury Bed
can be a twin bed or a queen sized bed. The desk area includes storage, a
fridge as well as plenty of plug sockets. The wardrobe is located just next to the
bathroom and it’s where you’ll find the digital safe. The bathroom is the same
layout as a standard balcony cabin. Next is an interior cabin and this one was
set up for four passengers. These are the most
affordable cabins on board. Just like all cabins on Sky Princess they include the Princess Luxury Bed. At the desk you’ll find plenty of plug sockets, a fridge and a large TV. There’s a large wardrobe with shelves and a safe. And the bathroom is well laid out with plenty of shelves. Next we have a suite with balcony. This suite is located at the foreword of the ship and can accommodate up to four passengers. There’s loads of room including a separate living area and the large sofa converts into an extra bed. The living area leads to the balcony
which features premium furnishings. This suite included a forward-facing bedroom with the Princess Luxury Bed facing the large window. Suite guests also receive complimentary minibar set up once during their cruise plus free bottled water daily, access to the Lotus spa thermal suite complimentary laundry & dinner in a speciality restaurant on embarkation day . There’s also plenty of closet space throughout the suite. The bathroom is larger with a
separate shower and bathtub. Thanks for watching our video tour of the cabins onboard Sky Princess. Don’t forget to hit that subscribe button and the Bell button so you’re notified when we upload and check out our patreon to supporters
even further. That’s it till next time… Happy cruising! you

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  1. So which cabin would you choose?
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  2. Very nice, thank you! Balcony is my choice. That one looks virtually identical to the Royal. Understandable since they are sister ships, I guess. LoL

  3. Going on Sky in July and chose a balcony. Was wondering though, if you ever saw or film obstructed balconies or partially as a video. I would be curious what are some obstructions people get…from small to large. I think that would be interesting!

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