100 thoughts on “Smooth Jazz: Endless Summer (10 Hours Jazz Music Session)

  1. Very relaxing! It´ll help me sleep better for sure. Thanks for making this! You´ve gained a subscriber 😉

  2. Feel like escape from busy life. .. relax,calm and get to be myself again Thank you for beautiful work.

  3. After years of PTSD + insomnia, I finally found a cure ! Many, many, many thanks . . . . . . and I'm going back to sleep now. God bless you !

  4. I like this song. Esp 1st song on this track. So cozy after hours working. Thank You. From Jakarta, Indonesia 😊

  5. after a long 11 hour work day. just finished 2 bergers . Hot shower music on point . now real to call my lady.

  6. Are you playing the jazz in this video? if so, I congratulate you. 10 hours of this pure magic takes hard work.

  7. Hi friends, please watch the Barbados edition and SUBSCRIBE to my NEW channel here: https://youtu.be/wivX5LJzPp8
    Finally the NEW Endless Summer Trilogy is here: https://youtu.be/29wkemYaoSs

    Thank you.

  8. As part of my 12 step recovery program, I replaced talk radio with mellow relaxing music. Your's is one of my go-to channels for just that. Thank you so much for playing an important role in my healing and recovery.

  9. Loving the smooth sound…feeling warm walks on the beach with my music in my ear…smiling …saying hello…I enjoying my playlist on YouTube 10 hrs worth listening too…feeling happy too…come…enjoy this with me…relax…Live…Laugh…enjoy your Moment's in Your Day…Life! Shalom…take the long walk home…enjoy, J

  10. I am a veteran and I have trouble focusing after leaving a combat situation. I found this by accident and it has been a Godsend. It helps to calm me and focus on my mental recovery. Thank you for putting this together.

  11. Lewis Thank you you're the very best …i wouldn't have found this on my own. on cloud nine now and it's because of you again Thank you ^_^

  12. I really like this channel for two reasons: smooth jazz can relax your brain and get out of the bad stuff. So that why I subscribe to this smooth jazz channel. I hope you reply to my comment put down below. I know you want everyone to like this video. You to have 3.1 like on this video. Now you have 3.2 like on the video because i hit that like you. I set a goal if you get 5.0 likes on his video your parents might take to airtime or zap zone. And one more thing I like smooth jazz so please read this comment

  13. Yeah, it's legit that she arches her back on the beach. However, I am just here for the good music, thanks.

  14. @escapeOne likes to bake girls. The bakery is opened and sells fresh baked beach women, chilled with great music!

  15. Very nice long mix. I can just let it run an forget about it whilst I get on with my work. Thank you :O)

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