100 thoughts on “Smooth Jazz: Endless Summer Sequel (10 Hours Jazz Music Session)

  1. Hi friends, please watch the Barbados edition and SUBSCRIBE to my NEW channel here: https://youtu.be/wivX5LJzPp8
    Finally the NEW Endless Summer Trilogy is here: https://youtu.be/29wkemYaoSs

    Thank you.

  2. Only thru two hours of it so far.  I need this music to chill out from my crazy life.  I really do appreciate the upload.  I look forward to the other eight hours of it too.  Thanks.

  3. Love 💗 the music 🎶 in the middle she will probably go in the water and swim 🏊🏼‍♀️🏊🏼‍♀️🏊🏼‍♀️so relaxed 😌🧘🏾‍♀️🧘🏾‍♀️🧘🏾‍♀️it’s 10 hours but it’s ok 👌 because I want to hear all of it

  4. There has has been no comments in like 3 years but now it's 2019 and I just want to say that this music really helps me and it's very relaxing 😙

  5. Nice for writing a 6 paragraph summary for two articles… yeah, just don’t fall asleep while listening to this😋 WARNING: VERY HARD TO DO! It is EXTREMELY addictive😋😋

  6. This is so Cool !!!!!.. I listen to this just about every night….. Thanks for posting…..
    What I'd love to see from you next ….??? How about taking the Summer Madness song Richard Elliot has out, and making it 10 hours …!!!
    WOW what a song…..if you do that for me …….I will certainly tip my hat to you brother..!!!!

  7. Really nice soft and smooth jazz music that I like to hear especially when thinking or working.

  8. When someone does you wrong….smile, and know you don'tneed to worry.. God's got them. No worries! May not be when you want, but it will come back 100%! #dotherightthing #love

  9. That woman is unlike the NPC's I encounter her hair doesn't move with the wind she's more like the ones we see on the I.S.S. they seem to exhibit this characteristic .

  10. Husband: HUN WHY ARE YOU ON NEWS LET ME SEE YOU Oh are you even my wife your as red as a red apple
    Wife:I been in beach for 10 hours sorry i been away i needed tan not burn also sorry i skipped breakfast lunch and dinner

  11. i am into my 3rd hour and I am feeling the burn through the PC screen , somebody tell me what sunblock lotion she's using

  12. mY ESCAPE jazz fantasy–Ms lady suntanning is in my spot of the beach that's cool thou be joining her in a moment, than I woke up, damn it dog.

  13. So Escape One, thanks for bringing a very talented individual before us. David's style is most pleasant and in my case, accomplishes its end…relaxation. And at 10 hours long, that's a lot of relaxing! I'm retired and an avid virtual wargamer and it is much easier to play the frantic scenarios with all the sound turned off and David's cool running at background volume. And I leave it on Loop with YT autoplay turned off.
    I just subscribed now, by the way and I'll be checking out the material in your pinned post.

    I know this is two years into the future, but thanks, man!

  14. Recien los encontré, hoy es 26.10.19, amo el Jazz!!! Soy Numeróloga y Grafóloga, necesito música permanente para trabajar y estudiar , gracias por armar este compendio musical tan bellisimo, reciban desde Montevideo, Uruguay Muchos Cariños!!!!

  15. If you're reading this then have a nice day have fun and don't stress just thank god for another day and live ur life and do the things u want to do and don't worry about what people say cuz u only live once💕💕

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