Snow Camping Tips and Tricks

Snow Camping Tips and Tricks

(gun shots echoing) (footsteps in snow) – [Voiceover] So when
you’re hiking in the snow, this is the kind of thing
you want to look out for, this massive cornice, just one big avalanche
waiting to happen. You can see just in there, this big overhang of hardened snow or ice that can fall down at any moment, so we definitely don’t
want to climb up that bit. We’ll go back down and then around and over the top. There’s a few trees up there, so there won’t be any risk of avalanche on the other side of this hill, where the pitch of the mountainside
is less than 30 degrees. So avalanches should only occur when the terrain is
steeper than 35 degrees. As you can see right there, a lot of this is definitely steeper than 35 degrees, with a huge section of ice
and snow just waiting to fall. Feathertop is there Sweety Right there. That is the mount, what’s it called? Feathertop – [Voiceover] Winter
camping in a snow tent. So we have a few videos
on our YouTube channel on how to do this, what to carry and how to prepare yourself. Possibly the most important tool in snow camping in a tent is the shovel, so a lightweight aluminum, probably only about 300 to 400 grams. So I’ll just open up the rear, show you what’s inside. So this is a small pit I’ve
dug out with the shovel, there’s my backpack, so it’s just a bit of a storage area. So, by digging down,
there’s a nice storage. And inside there is the sleeping area. We can easily access the backpack (zipper zips) through the other door on the
other side of the vestibule, just come back this way. So all the guy lines are buried, so each guy line is tied to a stick and then we dig a hole
out with the shovel. Just come in this way. There’s my hydration
sack hanging in the tree. So we put the tent here just to get a bit of wind protection from
all these snow gum trees, that’s what their called, snow gum trees. So there we go, inside the sleeping area. So it’s a little bit messy, we’ve been camped here a couple of days, so there’s a little bit of food spilt on the ground, unfortunately. Christina’s in there sleeping. We have hiked about 16 kilometers today, so she’s pretty stuffed. Bit of water boiling just here. So, I’ve got the fuel can buried
in the snow for stability, but also the fuel canister, I’ve got a DIY EVA foam cup holder there, so the can is not actually touching the snow, it’s being insulated by the EVA foam. Let’s just go for a walk through this way and I’ll show you the
awesome view that we have. So this is pure Alpine,
pure Alpine, Australia. So there’s many square kilometers of land there with no trees. The Bogong High Plains,
nothing can grow there, except for a couple of
little knee-high bushes that are buried under about
one and a half meters of snow. Just take you back down, and just down there, the GoPro’s
probably not picking it up but there’s a water
source there, a nice creek that we’ve been filling up from. That’s where we’re getting our water. Saves ourselves the trouble
of melting the snow. Melting snow is hard work. Let’s walk around this way. Back through. There’s Christina’s snow shoes. and I forgot to show you, I am wearing snow shoes myself. Let’s walk around this way. So one of the big factors in
snow camping like this is, personally, I don’t like to
come out when the weather’s bad, so, throughout winter,
I go on the internet almost every single day and
I check the weather forecast for all the ski resorts on
the east coast of Australia, so I monitor the weather
conditions all winter round. So a lot of preparation goes
into winter snow camping. So it’s probably the most
extreme form of camping. More extreme than desert, bush, jungle. The first few snow camps
that you do might be a complete disaster, but once
you get the hang of things and you’re a bit more
prepared, it can be fun. Another guy line there. It’s easily adjustable,
just pull that to adjust it. Before we go to bed tonight I just better check all the guy lines,
they’re nice and tight, because we could experience a storm. Very easy to adjust with
these line lock cleats. We have a bit of an air
vent at the top there. Another crucial factor in a
snow tent is the air ventilation because if there is a heavy dump of snow, the base of the tent can be buried, even the top can be buried, actually. That’s not gonna happen tonight though, because I’m pretty confident
there’s not gonna be any snowfall for the
next fews days out here, based on the weather forecast, from the most reliable weather forecast website in Australia. I’m just taking my snow shoes off, let’s just go inside. So this is the pit of the vestibule, so, very important factor in snow camping. And one of the most comfortable things about snow camping actually is you can dig this little pit in front of your tent. So it’s best to have your
pit about knee height. You can actually sit inside your tent and just have your feet on the ground. So this is another piece of EVA foam, just to keep my feet warm. So what I do is I come
in here, I sit down, hopefully the camera is picking this up. So, I’m sitting inside of
the tent on a nice warm mat. My feet are on the EVA foam. Here’s dinner, well the
early stages of dinner, just boiling water. Let’s see what we’ve got
in the food bag over here. So, to save energy, to
save ourselves time, on this trip I’ve precooked all our meat, so all our meat we cooked
before we came up into the snow and we made sandwiches. We made about twenty different sandwiches with a full loaf of bread, because preparing meals in the snow can just be a nightmare, so one tip I’d give to anyone
who’s heading into the snow is prepare as much of your food
as you can before you come out but it is best to have
stove, just in case. Just in case you need to melt the snow. So here’s what I’m about
to cook, Pasta Vegetariano, hopefully I’m pronouncing that correctly. And hopefully you’re not offended by the mess of our snow tent. It is very warm and cozy in there. That’s what she looks like. There’s those air vents I was
talking about a moment ago, just up there, those
nice little air vents. Water’s almost boiled. So here we are, guys,
back in the snow house. I’m wearing two woolen
jumpers, at the moment, just thin ones from a thrift store, so a lot of videos on
our channel about wool and how we pick up cheap camping equipment from thrift stores. So I’ll be wearing three of
those tonight, while I sleep, inside my sleeping bag,
there’s my bag right there. I do actually have a down jacket as well but lately I’ve just been using
the down jacket as a pillow for my head. Just swing around here,
cooking a bit of rice, to go along with the Pasta Vegetariano. This is Bush Channel! (upbeat music)

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  1. Watched this vid a few times now. I was up at Feathertop this week just before the bad weather hit. Had whole mountain to myself for two days. Where did you park to get where you were camped? And what was the model of that Mont tent? It looks great inside.

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