Snow City Mysore tourism Karnataka tourism Snow Park in Mysore | Mysore’s first Snow park

Snow City Mysore tourism Karnataka tourism Snow Park in Mysore | Mysore’s first Snow park

We are in front of Mysore’s newly opened Snow City Come let us see the details This Snow City has been opened today in Mysore i am one of the partners, My name is Ashok Gajanan Here it is minus 6 minus to 7 degrees This is Indias First Snow Park where it is as low as minus 7, minus 6 degrees It is spread across ten thousand square feet This was the old Regency Theater This we have converted and made into Snow City Here in Snow City there is Snow fall, Snow rides Snow Igloo, various such games are there The important point is Here in Snow city, Snow is made using Purified water So in case some one where to eat the snow Then there is no risk There will be health problem Thirdly the shoe and Jackets Which are given here to the public to use Since it is very cold inside So they have to wear shoe and jacket So each time, show is for a duration of approximately one hour after each show we wash it So hygiene is maintained, there will be no problem Also we have made a nice system for Mysorians ticket is Rs 250 They have to get their ID card Aadhar card, license any address proof so for them its Rs 250 for outsiders its Rs 300 and on weekends it is Rs. 350 We have also made a snow cafe here along with various rides basketball and other games are there Snow bike is there Every seasonal games Ice sofa is made During dassara, Dasara theme is made Diwali time, diwali theme will be made theme will be changed frequently This is open 365 days in all seasons game zones and restaurants all are coming up Is there parking facility here? Yes parking facility is also there Here is the shoe counter, all shoes are to be deposited here I will tell you what all is inside Snow slide riding you can take the mat and slide down using it Snow fall is not working for next two day after two days it will start if any one has Wheezing has heart problem please do not go inside This was required in Mysore There is snow city in Bangalore, London and other places but in Mysore it was not there This is tourism place, this was needed now it has been done in Mysore, We are very appreciative about it Did you like it? Yes Would you like to come again? yes Did you like it? compared to Hyderabad and Bangalore there is scope for further improvement here more games can be included do you like it? Yes it is nice Is it value for money? Yes I have come from Mandya, Grand children are having vacation children enjoyed here a lot Would you like to visit again? definitely yes

100 thoughts on “Snow City Mysore tourism Karnataka tourism Snow Park in Mysore | Mysore’s first Snow park

  1. ನಮ್ಮ ಊರು ಮೈಸೂರು?????? ಇದು ನಮ್ಮ ಹೆಮ್ಮೆಯ ನಗರ , ಮೈಸೂರು ನಮ್ಮ ದೇಶದ ಅದ್ಭುತ ನಗರ

  2. I visited yesterday ( May 1st) it was very crowded, overall experience was good, some drawbacks are there since it's a beginning, hope in upcoming days they will come up with their best service

  3. Not worthy at all, for the ticket price more games can be included, and there is loot in the name of locker n parking, even cameras are charged, it was told dat for locals (Mysore) the ticket price is only 250 but dey charged 450☹️

  4. Snow city misguided to mysore peoples regarding fare .actual saying in this video sapose to mysore people just show you're I'd /aadhar ticket just 250/- but when we went to asking ticket fare , they says that no sir we are not giving such concetion. totally confused which one is true ,which one is false, plse request to mangement before changing atlest brought notice to publicsee.

  5. I dint know about this…am here after seeing my friends status in whatsapp… its nice i will visit with my family n friends

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