Solo Female Travel: How I Make MONEY, What Is My Job?! | Hobo Ahle ?

Solo Female Travel: How I Make MONEY, What Is My Job?! | Hobo Ahle ?

What do I do for work? What is my job? And how do I make money? Well basically the last job that I had lasted three days
and here’s a quick recap as to what that looked like. So once my friend and I got to SF, like we had arranged to work at a music festival called Outside Lands. And
essentially what we did is like- we got assigned a stage and we got to dress up
in crazy costumes, and dance on stage a little bit to hype the crowd, and we
would pass items out to the audience, or pick volunteers to come on stage, just
anything in that spectrum that they needed from us is what we would do. And
we did that all three days. *awesome music* Sailor: “when are you ladies goin out?”
All: “I don’t know lol” *random backstage noise* *awesome music* So on day two and three we dressed up as tacos, “TACOOOOSSS!” saw DJ QBERT, some breakdancers, and witnessed Action
Bronson throwing meat into a crowd. So working at that music festival was
definitely a first for me. I had never even been to a music festival before
actually, but that’s just kind of a good example of the types of jobs that enable
me to facilitate this life of constant travel. And so originally when I moved
into vehicles and- and was testing out life on the road, I had done it by saving
for a couple of months and using my savings as I was out on the road. So I
wasn’t working for a couple of months. And it worked and I know there’s a lot
of people that like traveling that way, that it works for them, but it’s just
really not enough for me. You know, I like to plan ahead, I like to budget, money is
something I take very very seriously. So I always strive to have money coming in
as money is going out otherwise I just get super anxious and stressed out and I
can’t really handle it. So that kind of leads into the question of “Okay, so how
do I actually make my money?” and when you get down to it, like I have a Patreon, I
have a YouTube channel, I monetize these videos, and I’m very thankful that my
channel has done as well as it has thus far. However, the income that’s generated
from both of those- it’s very very fickle. It literally changes from day to day and
so I just don’t see it as a reliable source of income. So what I would
consider to be my main source of income, my main job, is I work online through a
website called And the background that I have is data entry,
receptionist, personal assistant… things of that nature. And I’ve been on that
website for a little over a year now so I’ve developed some relationships with
different employers to where I can get consistent work. At the beginning it was
a bit difficult to get that first job, but after that it kind of- it
came really easy. So that’s something that I really enjoy doing. Is just that
freelance type of work and it’s very simple, it’s very easy, it’s- you can
get it done real quickly. And along with the freelancing upwork stuff like I am
no stranger to seasonal jobs or to taking a gig for a couple of days or a
day. And sometimes that does mean that I have to stay in one place for a little
bit longer. Like maybe I’ll have to stay there for two or three months so that I
can work physically at a location, but you know, I’m not really in any rush to
go any one specific place. You know I’m kind of just- if that’s what I need to do
or if there’s an opportunity that presents itself that’s really exciting
and it’s different and it’ll be like seemingly like a fun really cool
job … then I’m not gonna say no. And just to touch more on the resume real quickly…
I do a lot of people ask if having a bunch of different jobs kind of affects
your resume at all and how employers see that. And to put it simply, like I don’t
put all the jobs that I’ve ever had on my resume because there’s some where yeah
I’ve had them for like a week or a month and that might not look so good
if you’re looking for like a normal long-term job, but as far as
seasonal jobs or little gigs here and there… I mean if you just tell them like
“yeah it was a week-long job, I was there for the whole week.” They’re I mean- they’re
gonna understand that. So I think there’s a little bit of a different perspective
that comes with the short-term jobs versus long-term jobs, but when it comes
to if I’m trying to get a restaurant job even and be somewhere for a couple of
months then my resume looks very very different as opposed
to the the intermittent jobs. So really at the end of the day I feel like the
easiest way for me to answer the question is like “how do I make money?” I
work. “what do I do for work?” I make money. And as far as ideas for you making money
on the road I have done a video about that which I will link in case you’re
interested and I’ll see you guys next time! *awesome music*

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  1. The more I watch her videos the less I believe she's a traveling Nomad and lives in a van. Her friend's bmw and foofy dog lead me to believe she lives a different life all together. But all good, enjoy the vids.

  2. That looked like a heck of a fun road trip. I'd love to be a taco for a day! Temp work can be great, and you can learn skills to develop a career if that's what you want.

  3. Hey I live in hawaii and hawaii expenses are so high. Do you save money from living in your car? Because Im planning to do it as well ☺

  4. You are doing great doing YOU!Have fun,enjoy life and stay safe…you don't have to feed into the "mainstream" society BS!!!Most people make hateful comments because they are PETRIFIED to think and ESPECIALLY go "outside the box"! LOL…HATERS!!!LOL….I'm rooting for ya young lady!!!BIG UP!STAY STRONG!!!

  5. Your beautiful Not trying to be mean but black hair isn't for you also looks like you tryed to cut your hair but it didn't go well lol

  6. Why don't you tell your average monthly youtube/patreon checks are. Wil Burson in the video where he said he had to pay $4000 for an AC with 13000 subs, says youtube pays for everything. Just another video to get $4.50 per 1000 views, but still loved it.

  7. Sup with some of you commenters saying y'all don't believe she lives in a van etc…?I know ahle personally, y'all need to quit being negative and stop hating on her, all her videos are very informative and positive so I'm not sure why any of y'all would want to say negative things. Do y'all know how much work and effort you gotta do to record, travel, and edit just to make videos for y'all? Keep doing you ahle! Love your vids!

  8. Sell your car, and go to developing countries in South East Asia. Try Bali, super low budget, living like a queen, and enjoy the life.

  9. Well….you are keeping your enthusiasm-a good thing. You probably have not read Walden, by Thoreau yet, but there's lots of time. I do not envy people your age, nor your generation. When I enter an Apple Store it strikes me so very hard that absolutely no one in this entire store will strive to make any kind on meaningful contact with anyone else. Everyone is glued to a screen. My daughter tells me that her internet presence is 60 % of who she is, even when she is with someone!! Other people are not supposed to be ships passing in the night, but your generation has solidified this- the more aloof the better, because the mistake is that aloof people must have something special hidden-which they do not. Clothing and tattoos and piercings are no substitute for an identity. You are bright and very well spoken, but I'd give this life of yours two more years tops.

  10. Hi Ahle love your life style, I am at this moment waiting for hurricane Irma to Move On so I can go back to work, the wind right now is a steady 15 mph from the NE, but alas like you I and My friend live in our vans, and the path of Irma atm is right up the middle of Florida, I am staying in Melbourne/Palm bay Florida which is on east coast, my friend is confident that we'll be ok but my biggest worry right now is flooding not sure where to go to escape that.

  11. I started an Upwork profile but I am having trouble landing certain jobs. I would be in the same line of work as you are. Any tips on how to land those type of jobs? Thank you!

  12. Hey Hobo Girl, Chris here, sent you a couple replies. I've been checking out some of the solar systems available and one just came on sale that I have found to be really great for what we do. I have the house batteries linked together which charges my laptops and run my fridge, TV ect.. Anyway just thought I'd give a heads up on the system and if you don't already have a solar system then you might want to check this one out on the YouTube sites. Normal price is $189 on sale this month for $149. I no longer need to use fuel for the generator as much in fact almost not at all. Good Luck, peace out

  13. I seen someone living in a van and I am now thinking about the same… now I find people like you on here that is so cool. Love you all

  14. You would make a great weather girl. Make a vid and send them out. They only work a short period every day. You could climb and hike outside town the rest of the day.

  15. You are beautiful wanna make easy money be a server at Japanese steakhouse on da road they are alway hiring you can quit any time quick and easy money

  16. i checked this out. can you tell me how i can become familiar with some of these programs tht ppl need help with? like online training?

  17. Thank you for your videos. I've been working towards something … no real clue what for a while. After watching your videos for a time I realize the road life is for me. I grew up on the road so not really sure why it took me so long to realize that. I guess the whole figuring out where my money would come from was/is a big part. Either way before this gets to long just wanted to say thank you for doing what you do, it has helped a lot 😀

  18. I think you should apply for administrative job with google and just set roots. If you want to save money and still live in your van, you can park in google campus and have free food, shower, etc.

  19. first off, I love what you're doing with your life. I am soon to do the same thing! I am just wondering did you go to college or taking classes online? or just living the life on the road?

  20. Do u get paid under the table so to speak. Do you put your money in a bank when traveling? If not how do you keep your money safe?

  21. The travel life must be awesome not having to worry about bills or anything, I'm 19 and plan on doing this

  22. personally when I'm working I don't get to travel very fare and my job is why I live in the van in the first place lol.i work in a couple of things that would probably turn your here white and make most people run .but i inherited a house at one point and basically it's the only way I can survive lol.i when I'm working usually live in the van sometimes five and six days a week..i have to drive about 100 miles one way and then work in the city collecting scrap metal and picking up stuff that I can fix and sell online or at pawn shops and i also pick up returnable bottles and such. Trust me it's pretty nasty and I don't know of very many women that are doing it especially the scrap metal side of things I've only ever heard of a few women doing it.i am practically 1 foot in a wheelchair and not supposed to be doing the kind of crap that I do but don't have any choice in the matter.i only have a minivan so it doesn't cost nearly as much for gas as driving one of those big vans. i wouldn't wish what I do on anybody lol. i get a lot of weird stuff especially in the richer Side of the city where people are constantly throwing stuff out that they should be donating to secondhand stores or something.i when I can afford the gas drag stof too a group that takes items to underprivileged people in Africa.what thay actually paid me for the stuff usually doesn't cover the gas to physically drive down to where they're at from where I'm workingblol. but it one of the side things that I do when I can afford it. i usually don't bother charging them for the majority of stuff that I drag down that they're taking overseas. As an example I get like five dollars each for big airline cases which they use for putting clothes in and i have a habit of ending up taking several cases RD full and ready to be sent where I get a lot of clothing people throw out and a lot of the time I don't bother charging them for half the suitcases I dropped off and there's times that I dropped off bicycles which I get like five dollars each for if I bother charging them for the bicycles and from what I understand they use children's car seats to make kid carriers so i picked them up and just drop them off when I'm dropping off some suitcases. Also drop off stuff like strollers.i also when I can afford the gas salmon time do a few drop runs for some places like the Salvation Army but that's getting more difficult where they moved several of the donor nation bins and I don't know where some of them are located now. Things like dropping stuff off at the donation bins is one of the things that usually cost me extra gas and time.i hate that people think I'm homeless and it probably doesn't help matters how bad piece of crap looks that I drive.

  23. Looks like some of your friends are filipinos. I am wondering and pls dont make this sound bad or anything, do you by any chance have asian heritage or something? You look cute, btw

  24. Thank you for this. Can you make a video with how to land the first job on upwork? Please and thanks! Love your channel!

  25. have waitressed for nearly 3 years since I left my everyday job for van life and I love it! Best of everything Ahle. I love your videos too,

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