Solo Winter Camping

Solo Winter Camping

I used two sleeping mats No air mat this time, but this works fine too. 4 o’clock in the morning There is nothing like hot coffee to make you wake up Made over a fire These are my winter camp boots “Foot bags” made of cotton Very comfy Under is a sturdy fabric, good for walking Inside at the bottom I place pieces of cell foam As insulation Inside the bags on my feet I have wool socks And a pair of wool inner shoes They are very warm and comfy Feels like moccasins One advantage with these are that they go high up So they can be used in deep snow

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  1. haha i can now see your " morning coffee, holly moment" comment coming when you are about to have coffee… pretty cool stuff.. i have a question for you… do you know the hilleberg staika tent? did you consider it when you bought yours? why did you choose the Allak? great videos.. swedish woods look pretty cool! nice videos.. how many hours of light do you get now in december? cheers from Canada!

  2. At first I thought you got up because of the cold but then I noticed your sleeping bag is rated for probably -20 degrees, plus your inner layers. Then I remembered where you are located and you like us here in Minnesota have very long nights these days for another month or so before the sun starts getting higher in the sky. Good idea using 'lantern fires' for more light & seeing the area around your campsite – I starting using three lanterns last year and it really makes camping more enjoyable.

  3. Underbara filmer Erik! Längtar redan efter nästa film 🙂
    Jag tror jag sagt det förut och säger det igen, fortsätt hålla dina filmer "enkla" det är det som gör att man hela tiden klickar in på dina filmer, många klipp har jag sett om och om igen 🙂
    Btw, jag ska själv ut på äventyr med skogsskidor och pulka nu i helgen, in i ett naturreservat här i närheten av Timrå (Lögdö vildmark) och förhoppningsvis njuta som bara den. Detta har jag planerat och inhandlat utrustning efter inspiration av dig, Erik.
    Hoppas nu på fler filmer där du ger dig ut i vinterlandskapen.
    Ha en bra jul och gott nytt år på dig! // Jens – Timrå

  4. One of the biggest challenges winter camping is the length of the nights. Going to bed a 6 p.m. and you wake up at 4 a.m. Better have a nice reading light and a good book or something to do. On the other hand, getting 12 to 14 hours of sleep in today's world is a TREAT. Thanks Erik

  5. Hey ! Says the Canadian
    The sparkle of the snow, only light by the headlamp, in the dark swedish afternoon, the sound of the snow crispy under your ski, must be surrealistic advancing it the dark in the falling snow, the fact that you added candles made a beautiful scene.
    Personally i can't say that i love your winter outing no more than the others, but yeah ! the are my favorite, the mike on the camera pick up well, again nicely done. by the way it is minus 18 degrees celsius in Montreal tonight

  6. Härlig video! Hade tänkt att fråga om skorna, men du förklarade vad dem kom ifrån och alt! Nice!
    Men vart fick du köpt dem? Eller har du dem från militären?

  7. 3:54????!!! Go back to sleep, Erik!

    Excellent video. I wish I spoke Swedish so I could understand what you said about your footwear.

  8. Erik have you ever watched Almazankitchen cooking videos on YouTube their great, heavy on the meat though. Another great video by the way.

  9. I think I'm addicted to your videos, I start my day watching…(with a hot cup of coffee in your honor of course) and end my day cozied up with my lap top before turning lights out. I just realized there IS something missing from your videos perhaps… a dog! I am an avid solo camper, I totally get you. My husband isn't too interested but have learned that the solitude is sacred although I do share my adventures with my dog, Olive. It's the best:) I have now tried winter camping thanks to you but I admit I use my Airstream Bambi, still quite cold but loving the new adventure. Thanks for the inspiration!!! Keep'm coming Erik:)

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