Some A–hole Calls Deena Fat ? | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

Some A–hole Calls Deena Fat ? | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

(upbeat music) – [Presenter] Tonight
escape the cold weather and head to the shore. Jersey Shore that is. It’s all new, tonight. (pouring water) – Oh my God. – We are very polish today, I must say. Like a polishteur. – Perfect. – Perfect. – That was such mom. (laughing) – Mom juice. – Mommy juice. I mean I already paid for
it, it’s like alcohol abuse. And I mean, who doesn’t want wine? But it’s been such a nice girls night, it’s literally the best night ever. – I feel like my belly is even bigger now. – Oh God, I feel pregnant. – [Man] Every girl is fat. – [Girl] (gasps) Really? – Every girl’s fat? I’m pregnant. – Why would you call her fat? That’s so rude. – I’m walking out of the bar
and some guy calls me fat, and I’m pissed. – Come the f*** out, an a******. Do not call my friend fat
when she’s fricking pregnant. And even if she’s not
pregnant, she’s not fat. – Wait, who said that? – That guy. – Which one? Him? – He’s an as*****.
– The old man said that? – He said every girl’s fat. – Oh hell no. – Which he meant all of us. – Right there?
– Wait, he said all fat? – Yeah, I’m going to the bathroom. (suspense music) – You can come after me, you’ll die. The moment you talk about my friends, game over. I will annihilate you. Who’s your best friend? (people screaming) When I heard that, I see red. Wait, inside? – Yes. – Deena, you better hold my purse, cus I’m bout to make him
eat his words right now. – (gasps)
– Well, I’m staying here. – Jenni will actually kill you. So I don’t know what this guy’s thinking, but he’s gonna get his fu**ing ass beat. – Were you just making
fun of a pregnant girl? – I was
– Finding someone was fat? – I did.
– You’re a piece of sh**, you’re fu**ed. – After that, extend your stay and head to Floribama Shore. – Kirk, kirk, yoga pants gray. – Aight. – Nilsa completely blew
my chances with the girls early in the night. What’s up, girl, how you doin? – Good, how are you?
– Good? When I see this new girl
that walks in, you know she’s cute. What’s your name? – I’m Kendra. – Kendra? Gus. She’s got a really really nice
booty, so I’m all about it. Obviously, you saw me looking at you from across the pool table.
– I did. (upbeat music) – I have no idea, why
have we left Gus behind. Because I want Gus to snuggle with me. – I’d love for you to come back.
– Okay. – I’d love to talk to you more But that’s up to you, I don’t
– You want to come back? – Sure! – Come on. – That’s my man, Gus is my man. So, the hoes better back off. – Shake it girl, shake it girl. Is it Nilsa thought it was bad enough that he was talking with other chicks. Uh ho, hell no! This boy brings home Kendra. I mean, I see world war three
happening in a few hours. And that’s gonna be when Nilsa wakes up, and sees this chick in her house. (upbeat music) (playful music) Yeahh! – Aaggh! Gus brought a girl home, and like Nilsa’s been inside the house, she has no idea, none. (Nilsa’s snoring) Whatsup, bitches. (Codi screams) (laughter) – That scared the sh** out of me. – [Codi] Did I scary? – Hell yeah. – Did I scare (laughs) Excuse me, ma’am. Who are you? And who are you with? What’s your name? – I’m Kendra. – Oh Kendra, nice to meet you, I’m Codi. Wait a minute, wait a minute. That’s not Nilsa, Gus. (music) – What? – Nothing. – I know exactly what you thinking. So go ahead and say it. – What happened? What happened? – Hey, you wanna take a seat on the couch? – Actually, can I use the bathroom? – Yeah, of course. There’s one right here. Hang on one sec. – What? – Don’t miss a second, it all starts tonight
at 8/7 Central on MTV.

100 thoughts on “Some A–hole Calls Deena Fat ? | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

  1. I like how they all are together Ik Angelina left on jersey shore but to see all them together minus Sammy is a1

  2. One day I’ll be on a show and get paid to just be a normal person. This was a waste of 4 mins. I could have ate an orange in this amount of time and got my day’s worth of vitamin C. #Jerseyshoreisstupid

  3. Lmao if you havnt caught on jersey shore has hired this guy three different time to spark some drama to the show. This is the guy Pauly d was arguing with

  4. That’s the same dude that Pauly flipped out on at the club … I’m starting to think it staged or he legit don’t like any of the jersey shore cast

  5. Deena- "He said every girl is fat"
    Jennie- "Oh HELL no"
    I'm DYING?? Jennie is like I spend too much time in the gym to be disrespected like this

  6. "But don't ever touch my chain or call me baby, unless you my girl" I wish this tool would've faced Ronnie season 1.

  7. What is this Episode! im talking the Jersey Shore! one like from its 1st season or 2nd second?. I want to see that episode. Can anybody tell me please.

  8. I love Jwow but he very lucky he still alive because don’t bully any one including some one she cares about because she will come at you like a bat out of hell

  9. that kendra girl is so basic looking, shes not even cute tbh she only has a nice bum i think gus was jus tryna bring her back to make nilsa mad smh

  10. I don’t understand how a girl can leave with a bunch of men she doesn’t know and go over to his house.. ?? idk not my thing I guess lol the whole time I would be thinking he’s going to kill me when I close my eyes haha

  11. I freakin love J-Wow. She’s Savage AF. I’d do the same thing, if someone calls my friends ? fat you best believe I’ll be coming after you with my fist ?? ?? straight for your face.

  12. I remember when as a kid watching the old jershey shore how they drank heavy liquor and beer now they just drink wine

  13. I’m pretty sure that dude didn’t call anyone fat, I think he may have overheard deena saying her belly is big, he was probobly saying sarcastically “oh ALL girls are fat” to someone he was at the bar with. I fucking love jersey shore but not everything everyone says is about you??‍♂️

  14. how you going to turn down a girl as beautiful as Nilsa for Kendra???!!!!! Even the roommates can't process that one!!!

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