Son of Satan | Summer of Purple

Son of Satan | Summer of Purple

(creaking) (clicks) – Well, well, well. Where have you been, young man? – Dad, I was just– – You were out with those church friends again of yours weren’t you? – Yes.
– How dare you tell the truth to my face. I knew those kids would be
a good influence on you. – I’m sorry, I thought it wouldn’t be– – Hang on, did you just apologize? You better watch yourself, bucko. I don’t like this humble
attitude you’ve got. – Okay, dad.
– Don’t you take that sincere tone with me. Now tell me, what were you
kids doing tonight, huh? Were you attending a worship service? – No.
– Are you lying to me? – Yeah.
– Good. How many prayers did you do? – I don’t know, it was all a blur. – And were people singing worship songs? – They’re called hymns, dad. – I don’t care what the kids
are calling it these days, did you sing praises to a higher power? – Yes, I sang praises. – Don’t you not raise your
voice when you’re talking to me. – Yes, I sang praises. – And what were the kids
passing around, huh? Bibles? Torahs? Qurans? – I don’t know, one of the
other guys might have had one. – Was there a bible? – Yes, and I read from it twice. – I don’t even know you anymore. You come home, well
before curfew I might add, and confess to these absolutely wholesome, righteous actions. – What about you, huh? When was the last time
you did something bad? – Don’t try and turn this on me. You know good and well I lead people into darkness every day. Every day! I’m not perfect at it, but not being perfect is
also kind of the goal. – Dad, I just wanna live my life. – You want agency now? Freedom from bondage and oppression? You are tearing this family apart. So at least you’re doing
one thing I approve of. – I feel so tired of
being bad all the time. I wanna see what else is out there. – You wanna know what’s out there? A life of joy and happiness. Is that what you want? – Maybe.
– Fine, then go. But don’t come crawling back here when you realize you’ve
become a delightful person. – Fine, I hate this darn place anyway. – You watch your mouth. We swear in this house. – Goodbye forever.
– Good riddance. (slamming) (sighs) At least he left on bad terms. – I’m sorry I got upset. Nooo! Thank you for watching that sketch, brought to you by Purple. – I finished all my chores, dad. – Okay, Purple mattresses
cradle your pressure points and keep you cool all night long. – I find it quite heavenly. – I have no son. – It’s a lot better than
what we normally sleep on. – Which is usually just flaming coals. – Yeah, hot beds of nails. – Memory foam.
– So get yourself a Purple today, you won’t regret it. – I regret you.

100 thoughts on “Son of Satan | Summer of Purple

  1. Actually, he'd approve of the Koran being read. I own a copy, and have read through it. The first half is nothing but instructions to murder anyone who leaves Islam. Not an exaggeration!

  2. Hello! I’m a huge fan of you guys so I wanted to help you guys with video ideas! It’s okay if you don’t want to use any of them but I hope it helps!

    You could do something like back to school themed

    Maybe create a new character like for example, maybe an old man?

    People who are competing over something pointless for example: two guys are fight over who’s socks are the stinkiest?

    Or maybe superheroes!

    Or maybe mishearing something which all turns everything into chaos!

    Anyways, that’s all I got, I hope you would consider one of them if not, I understand!

    Love your videos!

  3. Wait…so if Stephen did the wrong thing that offended his dad, (the devil), then wouldn’t he be doing the right thing by being a rebel and going to church? But then he would be doing the right thing again??

  4. Your sketches are so clean, no forcing propaganda shiz down peoples' throats and great creativity! ?
    I feel bad I was hooked to studio C all this time and had no idea this channel existed.

  5. I just realised that bad doesn't work in real life. It's like a double negative. "You've done something bad? Good! No, wait, not "good" "

  6. no offence brother its been a week I watch your videos first I saw Studio C and then I found out you guys started JK! Studios
    to be honest you guys were best in Studio C, maybe you had a good director or a writer but here I don't see anything worth giving time too, now you can take this 2 ways
    1: find your flaws and weaknesses and change it to strength and beauty
    2: ignore what I wrote and move on the way you are
    Change is necessary in every aspect of life BUT the change should be well thought and constructed just like a policy of change for a country you make a mistake you face
    Ex: A president should not care how many voters hes got but how many lives he saved or what legacy he left behind
    Good Luck May Allah be with you

  7. It's Opposite Day everyday in the S*tan household…..oops, I mean it's not Opposite Day……I'm confused.

  8. Passing out Bibles, Torah's, Qurans?
    Bible's and Torah's are the same book, dad. The Torah is just the first part of the Old Testament.

    (What he should have said!)

  9. that was awesome! Some how only just discovered that the Studio C cast broke off and started JK Studios, very pleased to see the quality is still there and then some! I've got some videos to catch up on

  10. Did they use electric guitars and drums?
    Well, I guess that's not so bad
    They had a grand piano, too

  11. I rewatched the video explaining the intent of JK Studios, in part so you could do more podcasts, etc., not just sketch comedy, but I hope you still create sketches periodically. They're the best!

  12. “…I’m not perfect at it, but not being perfect at it is also kind of the goal.”
    This spoke to me in a personal level.

  13. I love the subliminal messages in this, and how choosing or wanting to do good, can really lead to a life with joy and happiness.

  14. Hilarious and clever. I liked the comment of the shoulder devil grown up with kids but r is it the shoulder devil, lean years due to having trouble (goodness); at home.

  15. Technically to disobey is to be proper meaning you have to go to church but that is not allowed and you have to disobey your parents but you can’t do that because you have to be bad at it so the devils job is impossible

  16. You should do an opposite day sketch where everyone but one person knows that it's opposite day and he or she will be very offended when they say "I hate you"

  17. A part of me wished he was somewhat loyal to his dad and the twist was he was reading a bible of satanism or something like that and all the references like “praising a higher power” or his “religious friends” being Satan worshippers. I feel like it would’ve been more funny to see them make up in the most hateful way

  18. “I hate this darn house!!!”

    “Don’t take that language with me!!! We swear in this house!!!!”

    Me: best part

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