Song Lyric or Deleted Ronnie Post? | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation

Song Lyric or Deleted Ronnie Post? | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation

– All right.
(upbeat music) – Oh, it’s Ron. (group laughs) – He can’t help himself.
– He gives it away! – That’s my face when I
read ’em, I’m not lying. – I can’t, I can’t. (upbeat hip hop music) – So we all know our friend Ronnie, how can I put this, has
a way with social media. (blind zooms and clicks)
Some may call him poetic or romantic.
(bell dings) He loves posting quotes and memes and sometimes they just sound
like beautiful song lyrics. So what we’re gonna do
is play a little game. I’m gonna read you a quote and it’s either gonna be a song lyric, or one of Ronnie’s posts, and you guys are gonna guess what it is. – This could be be tough. – All right. – Are you ready to play?
– This is gonna be good. (gentle piano music)
– “My toxic trait is not knowing how to let go, holding on to you hoping you will change.” Is it one of Ronnie’s
posts, or a song lyric? (upbeat music)
– I don’t know, that ones kinda nice.
– (laughs) I know. – I feel like its a song lyric (laughs). – I know.
– It’s Ron. – I think it’s Ron.
– I think it’s Ron too. – Toxic word.
– ‘Cause I don’t know the song.
– Final answers? – Locked.
– Final answer. – The quote is one of
Ronnie’s deleted posts. (group cheers)
– Yeah, I knew it! (gentle piano music)
– “I built you a home in my heart with rotten wood,
it decayed from the start.” (upbeat music)
– It’s tricky, because that’s their relationship.
– Yeah. – But it’s a song about
their relationship. – Yeah, he didn’t put that up. – It is a song, he’s not that poetic. (gentle piano music)
“Everyone makes mistakes, and you’ll see I learned from mine.” – Oh god. Ron!
(Pauly D laughs) (upbeat music)
– I mean. – That’s a chooch quote
if I ever heard one! (group laughs) – I couldn’t even say that with a (beep) straight face.
(group laughs) – He’s put that one up a couple times. – Yeah, that’s a, that’s a go-to. (gentle piano music)
– “Second chances they don’t ever matter,
people never change.” (bell chimes) (group laughs) – It’s a song lyric! (upbeat music)
(group yells) – There’s no way! – Got ’em! Got ’em!
– No way. – I got played.
– Are we sure he has never used that song?
– Yeah. (group laughs) – No, but we should give this to him. That should be his next one. (group laughs) (gentle piano music)
– “Not all people can be saved when they are so far gone.” – Ron.
(upbeat music) – I think that’s a song.
– I think it’s a song, too. – No? I think it’s Ron. – It’s Ron. – Got a split couch here.
(Deena laughs) And the answer is, it’s Ron!
(group yells and laughs) – Holy (beep)!
– I knew it! – I want my money back! (gentle piano music)
– “Stay away from still people, still
complaining, still broke, still hating, still losing,
still not making a change, still living in the past,
still making excuses.” – How can this be?
(upbeat music) – Is he talking about himself? (laughs) – It’s a song, it’s Ron. (group laughs and cheers) (gentle piano music)
– “I promise there’s a light at the end of the
tunnel, I love you both.” – Uh, I’m gonna go with Ron.
– Song. – I think that’s a song.
– Ron. – It’s too happy. – It is a deleted post.
(upbeat music) – No!
– No! – Yeah.
– Shucks! – Damn.
– I never seen that one. – How did they get all these? – Somebody screenshots them right away. – Someone screenshotted all of them. – Angelina runs that blog.
(Angelina laughs) Swipe up!
– Shut up. (whip cracks)
(Pauly D laughs) – All right, last one. This one is quite poetic. (gentle music)
“Note to self: Can’t turn a natural born
hoe into a housewife.” – Oh, okay!
(group laughs) – “If you find them in the gutter, leave them in the gutter.” (group laughs)
(upbeat music) – Wait, wait, wait.
– Swipe up! – You saved the best for last. – Swipe up to see my baby mom. (group laughs) – Terrible.
– You guys sure? – You locked in with that one? – I feel bad now.
– You sure? – Yes, locked in.
– You sure? – We’re locked.
– No. It’s a song lyric, Creed. No, I’m kidding. (group laughs) – Did he really post that? – Yeah.
– Yes. – Oh, that’s what’s up,
somebody send me that one. – All right, that was the game of “Is it a song lyric or
a Ronnie deleted post?”. Lauren, you came out
the W, congratulations. – Thank you.
– Yay – Hey, Lauren!
– Thank you. – And remember, can’t turn
a hoe into a housewife. Leave her in the gutter.
(group laughs) – Oh (beep).
– Where she came from. – Oh no. – Swipe up.
– That was too much. – Swipe up (laughs). (upbeat music) – “Respect yourself enough
to say enough is enough.” – Okay.
(group laughs) – But does he though, does he?
– I’m done!

100 thoughts on “Song Lyric or Deleted Ronnie Post? | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation

  1. This was funny. They should take Ronnie's phone away to keep him from posting stupid stuff all the time. So he had Sam that could have been a better mother/wife and he let her go for Jen who is crazy. He is just stupid.

  2. This ain’t even funny tbh, their literally making fun of Ronnie who is the one that has the most problems

  3. Thats funny when 90% everyone thinks be it us weomen realize threr are both dogs sooner or later and remember years ago you meaning guys had to marrie a lady or young women to even get in her pants LETS NEVER FORGET THAT to everyone out there hens the guy cheated first thank you😘

  4. I feel like Lauren would cheat on mike with Ronnie, the way she looks at him, I don’t care what you guys say, females cheat

  5. I'm happy that the cast are all together taking care of Lauren. I'm sure it puts Mike at ease and it takes her mind off being without him.

  6. The thing is all his posts are from someone else. That still one ive seen every business owner use. Its all over the internet. They all sound like things he found scrolling through his discovery page on insta

  7. I love how confident Vinnie appears nowadays, he has turned into the funniest housemate. He cracks me up.

  8. Jersey shore cast Nicknames
    Vinny: "Keto Guido"
    Ronnie: "Cheater"
    Jenni: "Jwoww"
    Nicole: "Snooki" or "1/2 of the meatballs"
    Paul "Pauly D"
    Angelina: "Staten Island Dump"
    Mike: "The Situation" or "Big Daddy Sitch"
    Deena: "2/2 of the meatballs"
    Sammi: "Sammi Sweetheart

  9. i loove how they're all basicallly laughing at ronnie for all his dumb posts and calling out the irony and hypocracy, they know he's also in the wrong.

  10. Honestly they are family by having Lauren on there their helping her get $$ that Mike would have been bringing if he wasn't in jail

  11. Pauly what’s up my guy?
    I actually work at seaside in jersey y’all should hit up coin castle arcade next time ur there

    Deena will know where it is caus she got arrested there lol

  12. ok im i the only one that feels bad for ronnie. i really understand where he’s coming from when he says that they take his life and his feelings as a joke.

  13. I absolutely love pauly-d! He has the greatest sense of humor and his personality is wonderful. I swear we would be soulmates. Oh how i wish i could have a significant other with such infectious qualities

  14. They will forever be entertainment. Got good chemistry. It would be epic to see if Sammy and Ronnie could live in the same house without going back to each other.

  15. Ron has really spiraled over the years. I haven’t witnessed any growth on his part and it’s quite sad. Hope he turns his life around because at this point he’s become the friend with all the drama that no one wants to be around.

  16. At 2:47 you can definitely tell Lauren did not like that joke 😳 Angelina would use mikes situation to get πŸ’°

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