100 thoughts on “Songs of the Summer Riff-Off w/ John Legend & The Filharmonic

  1. listening to this… i really really really want John Legend to do a full on cover of "someone you loved" by Lewis Capaldi. Lewis sung it so beautifully but i really wanna hear how John Legend will make it sound!!!

  2. I think John legend must make a version of this song 🤧🤧😢🔥🔥lewis song had no beat into a song only john

  3. Jesus Christ  Jesus Christ  who are you andwhat have you sacrificed Jesus Christ Jesus Christ  who are you andwhat have you sacrificed  Jesus Christ superstar what did they think to say you are.

  4. The performance was incredible. The quality, banter, light rivalry with emotion on both sides. I wouldn't go.up against Legend. However, James, that is why you are both a rockstar and serious award winner. If we ever meet irl, you will get the solid, unspoken fistbum. Peace my friend.

  5. Sometimes i can agree with James… I prefer bop for summer. Hhehehe. But when John legend sings ballad…its hard to to pefer ballad. 😉

  6. James face when Legend singing "All of me". Adorable

    Das Gesicht von James wann Legend hat "All of me" gesungen. Bezaubernd.

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