SOUTH AFRICA Travel Guide: Cape Town | Little Grey Box

SOUTH AFRICA Travel Guide: Cape Town | Little Grey Box

Hey you guys Phoebe here from Little Grey Box
now Matt and I are at our second destination as part of our #SquadSQ trip
yes, we flew from Brisbane to Singapore spent a few days in Singapore and then we
flew from Singapore to Cape Town which is where we are right now.
This is our first time in South Africa it’s like… all things overwhelming and exciting and
it’s just a sensory overload I’m so excited Guys, if you look up here to the right, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela’s… montage on that building Okay, so this area is called District 6 guys where ever you find humans
you will find this affliction People talk about….
the first wave of coffee and then the second wave I think these dudes are busy with the third wave Our amazing guide Warren have been giving us a bit of a city tour and then pulled up outside this place and he was like guys would you like the best coffee
in the world? and I was like yes Warren I would So we are at a little place called Truth
and we’ve gotten ourselves some delicious coffees… this is my first sip
yeah, we haven’t done multiple takes of this It’s really… It’s really good You can see the architecture is more Dutch all the pillars and the …. very nice party street So this is the heartland of Islam in Cape Town there’s about seven mosques in this small area but now of course that statistic might change because all beaches in South Africa are now open to everybody Alright so Warren, our amazing tour guide and all round great human has been giving
us a guided tour of Cape Town so we’ve done a lot of driving around he’s told us so
much about the history and the culture we’re just learning a lot and now we’re
having lunch here at The Bungalow this food looks absolutely delicious and then
what are we doing after lunch? After lunch we will be visiting the Green
Market Square which is the oldest open air market in Cape Town and we’ll
visit Signal Hill okay where they have beautiful views of the city Perfect! That all sounds amazing Let’s eat So we are at Signal Hill and
this place is where you want to come for those unbeatable million dollar views of
Cape Town this is incredible now sadly for Matthew and I today it’s overcast
and it’s freezing cold but I have to tell you on a beautiful blue sky warm
sunny day oh my gosh this is where you want to be now of course you are going
to want to go up to Table Mountain in the background there but hey keep this
in mind if you’re on Table Mountain you can’t see Table Mountain
so from up here you get those awesome 360 degree views of the ocean, Cape Town’s down there, Table Mountain behind you this is pretty amazing
oh my gosh I’m having a great day Welcome to Green Market Square now this
place has been the heart of Cape Town for the last 300 years and Warren was just
telling us that when you hear somebody say that Johannesburg is however many
thousands kilometers away they are measuring it right from here so this
really is the heart of Cape Town So this is like a hipster area isn’t it? It’s a mixture because we have really poor people living in this area We’re in Woodstock now this area is really really interesting we were
driving through and there are lots of cool places you’ve got some new pubs
you’ve got micro breweries you’ve got people selling artisanal breads you’ve
got wall art murals set up everywhere and lovely guide was saying this area
just comes alive on a Saturday if you love markets if you love all that kind
of stuff this is where you want to be in Cape Town not only that but there is
some incredible food the best restaurant in the country according to Warren and I
guess a lot of other people is here too and it is called the Test Kitchen
now the waiting list is very long so if you do want to sample that and their
signature 13 course menu are going to need to book many many months ahead This is the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront
this is where you’re going to come to see beautiful water, lots of boats,
Table Mountain in the background you can have a go on this bad boy the old wheel
there’s a mall back there which has got loads of shops and fast food options but
if you’re after something a bit more delicious of course there are loads of
restaurants that way and over this way somewhere there is a pub or a big brewery something
beer related, the jetlag just set in wait a minute Now when you do come to Cape Town the number one thing you’re going to want to do of
course is go up Table Mountain just take a look behind me at Table Mountain
that’s right you can’t see it the weather’s so intense today and Warren had big
plans for us to go up there but unfortunately the weather is just not going to be
permitting. Not only that but we will also meant to do a beautiful sunset cruise
head out on a gorgeous boat just have some drinks and all that while the sunset.
From what I understand it was going to be a very very boat sick experience.
So if you are here and there’s that beautiful weather take advantage of it get out on
the water with a sunset cruise and get yourself up to town Table Mountain Do it on behalf of Matt and I So we just checked into our accommodation here
so we are staying at The Tree House Boutique Hotel it just looks like a
gorgeous gorgeous little hotel and it’s just in a beautiful location up here on
the hill you can see so much and you’re just gonna have to forget the way the
two of us look right now because we’ve been awake for a really long time and we
haven’t showered in a really long time this is the true face of travel and it’s quite rough Stacked pancake style crumpets served with
fresh fruit, Nutella and maple syrup. yeah yeah There’s some nuts oh you ready? It’s already good and I haven’t chewed yet I’m just having the best day ever
because we are a Boulders beach at Simon’s Town You guys, one word Penguins! African penguins They’re also known as jackass penguins and if you hear them
you’ll know why they kind of make a braying sound so you can get
really close to them along this boardwalk obviously like be a good human
you can’t leave the boardwalk and go into their habitat I mean they are
endangered and you definitely definitely shouldn’t try to touch them but just
observe from a nice distance away you can get some fantastic photos they are
so sweet they’re just so beautiful We are on the Franschhoek Wine Tram! you guys… wine on a tram, what more could you want? I have been training for this for 31years Okay I’m not a big white drinker
I’m a red girl but…. mmmm not too sweet that’s like all I know about wine not too sweet… a little bit dry more please So this morning we are leaving Cape Town
now I just want to take a minute to talk about it because we have had the best
time like I kept saying the weather wasn’t so good for us but of course the
day that we’re leaving the sun is out and it is glorious but also like I kept
saying it’s not a bad thing that the weather was overcast they really really
need the rain here so this was our first time to South Africa obviously our first
time to Cape Town and before we got here I had no clue what to expect I mean you
hear stories and you think is it unsafe am I gonna be okay what’s it gonna be
like I have not had one moment where I have felt unsafe and I have to say I
think a really large part of that is because we’ve had a guide with us and
that’s not because he’s averted the danger it’s just because he lets you
know everything up front I really think that if you are coming to Cape Town for
the first time you have to do it with a guide I wouldn’t have known where to go
I would not have learned as much I would not have understood the culture I would
not have understood the history and our guide his knowledge of history was
incredible I feel like I have learned so much I have such a deep appreciation
love respect for Cape Town South Africa I just… it’s so fascinating the history
the culture everything so if you don’t do it with a guide I think you’re
missing out! Now today Matt and I are going to be going on safari we are
flying up to Kruger National Park where we’re going to be doing our first ever
safari so that will be in the next episode Thank you so much for watching
you guys I hope you enjoyed this video if you don’t already be sure to
subscribe and say hello in the comments below Have a great weekend and
I will see you next week Love ya!

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  1. ** GUIDE CONTACT DETAILS ** A few people have asked for the contact details of our amazing guide! His name is Warren and our 2 day guided tour was arranged through a company named Springbok Atlas. I would recommend contacting them and telling them you saw this video and you'd like to arrange a tour as well and I'm sure they'll take fantastic care of you and ensure you have an amazing time as well. Warren was a wonderful guide and we cannot recommend him highly enough. Phoebe x

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