South Koreans boycott of Japanese products affecting tourism industry

now Japan’s export curbs in response to
the top South Korean Court’s ruling on Japanese
wartime forced labor has sparked a massive boycott of Japanese products in
South Korea as we have reported this week many South Koreans have canceled
their travel plans to Japan but that’s having the knock-on effect of harming
South Korea’s aviation industry ‘man son reports the boycott of Japanese products
in South Korea has accelerated ever since the trade is path between the two
countries blew up earlier this month more and more South Koreans are
canceling pre-booked trips to Japan and are encouraging others to do the same
online a local branch of Korea’s national agricultural cooperative
Federation even ran a special campaign giving away 10 kilograms of rice to
those who called off their trip to Japan with the swelling number of
cancellations South Korea’s low-cost carriers are
either cancelling or slashing the number of roots or the regularity of their
flights to Japanese cities starting September air Busan a sob story of
Asiana Airlines will discontinue its daily route from Korea’s southern city
of Daegu to Tokyo’s Narita Airport and cut in half its flight between tegu and
Osaka mr. jet will also scrub routes to two Japanese cities from Busan in
September Gao and Tyl have made similar decisions many existing air routes to
Japanese cities run by the low-cost carriers weren’t that popular in the
first place and weren’t bringing in substantial profits with the boycott
airlines are adjusting their loads and are seeking to diversify their
international destinations demand for Japanese routes has been decreasing
since the turn of the earth the trade to speed just accelerated to the
organization of luge to Japan Japan’s major tourist hubs are also feeling the
heat Sistema island located about halfway between the Korean Peninsula and
Japan used to be a popular tourist destination for South Koreans some
600,000 Koreans visited the island last year by ferry bus tours there were once
packed with tourists now sit empty and the street deserted
the impact is already being felt less than a month into the boycott and if
they continues to expand and intensify there’s no guessing the effect will have
on both countries economies immense on Arirang news

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