South Odisha EP 8 , Rayagada, Koraput, Deomali, Jeypore

South Odisha EP 8 ,  Rayagada, Koraput, Deomali, Jeypore

Namaskar friends! Welcome to Visa2explore! This is your host, Harish Bali! We reached Rayagada last night. We booked ourselves a double occupancy room in Hotel Sai International. We paid a tariff of Rs. 2450 plus taxes. It includes breakfast this morning as well. We left Rayagada after breakfast this morning at 11 am. After travelling for 38kms, we have reached Chatikona. You can see it written on the board there, Chatikona is 1km from here. We’ve come here to visit the tribal market. Travellers come from far and wide to watch the tribal life here. Also, to check out what is sold in the tribal market here. For your information, right now, we are about 410kms from Bhubaneswar. Come let us go to the market. We’ve come here during an ongoing Paryatan Parv (Tourism Festival)! That way, we are lucky to be here at the right time. Before entering the market, I can see a waterfall there. It is written on the board here, this is Gadgada Waterfall. Let us spend some time at the waterfall, then we will go into the event. And we are going to spend quite some time here. On reaching here, the first thing I did was visit the Lord Shiva temple and pay obeisance here. After that I had a whale of a time in the waterfall. Now, let me tell you, before you reach the temple stairs, you will find this waterfall on either side of stairs. You can go near the water. You will enjoy being there. We didn’t even realise how we spent 1.5 hours enjoying ourselves in the water. The time is 2 o’clock in the afternoon. When I reached here, I had planned to leave here at 1.30 pm because we plant to spend the night in Koraput. But it is already 2.30 pm. The festival being celebrated here is also being attended by the DM (District Magistrate) of the area. Now let us watch this programme for a while. Then we will leave for Koraput. We spent close to 2 hours watching these folk dances and I enjoyed a lot! The time is 1.30 pm now. We have to spent tonight in Koraput. First we will go to Rayagada, 40kms away, then from there another 110kms to Koraput. You will enjoy here as well. In fact, South Odisha can be a separate itinerary of 6-8 days in itself. Along with beautiful landscapes, scenic views, the weather of this region is comparatively cool. In East Odisha, we observed it is usually warmer, but the weather in South Odisha is pleasant usually. Let us leave for Koraput now. We’ve reached Rayagada! A local person told us that before leaving Rayagada, we must visit two places. One is the Hanging Bridge and the other place is Maa Majhighariani Temple! We are at the Maa Majhighariani Temple! This temple is very significant in that devotees comes here from all corners of the state. They venerate here, and receive blessings of the Goddess. When I asked a few people inside, I was told that this temple is at least 100-125 years old. The bridge that you see in front of you, when it was first built, it broke down after a while. This kept happening even after the bridge was re-constructed several times. The engineer responsible for this construction had a dream, in which he was instructed to get…. …a temple built for Maa Majhighariani here. So, the engineer talked to the locals and together, they built the temple. After that, the bridge never fell down. So, this is the background story of this bridge, which some people told me in the temple. We’ve already paid obeisance at the temple. We will go to the Hanging Bridge now. Afterwards, we will leave for Koraput. It is good that we came here to see this Hanging Bridge! Now see, when you begin to walk on this bridge, slowly…. …. you will feel the bridge swaying a little with each step. The base of this bridge is absolutely firm. Now, let’s talk about the scenery that I am enjoying right now. The Nagavali river flows under this bridge. From here you can assume the high speed at which the river water is flowing. There are some kids playing in the river water and there are mountains visible in the distance. Total greenery! Huge boulders through which the river water is flowing. I mean I am unable to describe this beautiful view. It is ultimate! If you come to Rayagada…. ….you must not miss visiting this bridge and, at least,…. …you should come here with two hours at hand. You will enjoy here immensely! Spend about 30 minutes on this bridge and after that about an hour and a half down below in the river. I just checked on Google Maps, it will take us at 2.5 to 3 hours to cover 110kms to Koraput. We’ve reached Koraput. The whole journey from Rayagada to Koraput, we did it in complete darkness. However, while travelling, one thing that was clear to me is that…. …we had missed a lot of scenic views on our way here. The road was smooth and we reached well within the 2.5 hour limit. However,… Our drive was quite smooth! On reaching here, we booked ourselves a room at Hotel Alishaan here. We got a double occupancy room at Rs. 1700 plus taxes! While putting in my luggage here, I saw that the room is quite big in size. The bathroom is spacious as well. Right now, we are sitting outside the room! Let me tell you something related to the temperature of this place. On our way here, we had started feeling a bit cold. We had to switch off the A.C. in our car and… ….roll down the windows for some fresh air. I checked the temperature. It is 23 degrees Celsius in Bhubaneswar. It is 27 degrees in Puri and here it is 19 degrees Celsius. From that information, you can assume that the weather here is colder. We will meet in the morning now. In the morning, I will show you how the hotel looks from the outside. And the whole day tomorrow, we will spend exploring the local area within 40-50kms of radius. It is good night for today! Before we leave, let me introduce you to Mr. Sai. Sai runs a YouTube channel, whose link I will provide in the description of this video. Sai lives in Jeypore and he is a student. We met Sai in Berhampur and he told us that he would show us around in Jeypore. So, he is helping us. Shall we go? We are standing near the Koraput Bus Stand. If you want to take a bus from Bhubaneswar to Koraput….. ….you can book an A.C. bus at Rs .700 per person…. ….and non-A.C. bus for Rs. 450-500 per head. The bus you can see standing here is a local bus, to travel within the radius of 20-30kms. If you want to travel to cities in Andhra Pradesh, like Vishakhapatnam or Vijayanagaram…. ….you can get a bus here. I can see idli and poori-upma being sold there. Let us go there and have breakfast! The standard breakfast here is poori, upma, topped with tarkari (spicy gravy) made of potatoes and ghughni. And chutney too! One thing that I would like to highlight about this place…. …do you see this stove burning here, it has a large vessel on top, containing clean plates. So, very good from hygiene point of view. I am deeply impressed! This trick means the food stays piping hot. In fact the plate in our hand feels quite warm. Very good! So Sai, this is a famous breakfast here? Yes Sir! Poori-Upma! Poori-Upma! It is good! The taste of upma is simple and it makes a decent combination with poori! The chutney has a lot of red chili powder. So, if you want to enjoy spice in your food, add a little chutney to each bite! You can see there are other people, apart from us, enjoying breakfast here. Let us finish it and leave! We’ve just met these two ladies. They belong to the Kondho tribe. The place where we are right now is home to a large number of tribal population. This ornament that they wear in their nose, I saw it yesterday as well,… ….that the tribal ladies wear about 3 such ornaments at an average. So, all the tribal ladies, which you may encounter in this region,…. ….wear similar ornaments…. …however, they also wear many other ornaments, which we will try to explore in the coming days. Please convey to them that it was a pleasure to meet them. Alright! The view in front of me right now, with mountains on all sides…. ….and greenery everywhere, has been the same for the last eight kilometers of our journey. We had been wanting to stop somewhere to enjoy the view & finally we stopped here. Now see, this road is in good condition, though there were a few rough patches in between,…. ….but the road further will be good too. Deomali is just 6kms from here. It is a good feeling being here. Let us make a move! As I told you already, the weather here is colder. In comparison to Bhubaneswar, the temperature here is 4-5 degrees lesser. Wow! The entry gate that you see there, this is the way to Deomali. We went straight mistaking that to be the road to Deomali. So, we went straight and after 1 or 1.5 kms, someone guided us back to this gate and…. …Deomali is 1672m above sea level. Really this is an awesome location! Just imagine there is nobody else here, just us! This means not many tourists know about this place. Amazing! What an amazing view! Mountains on all sides! Their is grassland spread in front of us, interspersed with rocks! We are enjoying such golden, natural beauty here…. ….and not a single tourist here. I mean unexplored territory! There is no other word to describe this view. We are climbing the watch tower now. Saroj, are you enjoying? Have you been here before? First time? Really great! It is joyful to be here, witnessing this scene! I really feel that if one could camp here and spend a night, it would be beyond imagination! Just imagine, you wake up at 5 am and see this beautiful scene in front of you….. ….and at night, you will be have a dreamy sleep! It is cold even now. I think I could wear a sweater now. And at night, you would need a blanket, a quilt as well. Only that will do. Wow! Really amazing! Can we climb that watch tower on that hill? Yes, you can! So let’s go! We’ve just reached the Shri Hanuman Temple in NALCO area. I just went inside the temple and paid obeisance. You must be noticing in the background this huge statue of Lord Hanuman. Really amazing! This temple was built 4 years ago. This place is very peaceful. Devotees are singing devotional songs inside. Since videography is not allowed inside the temple, I am sharing this outer visuals with you. When you come to this region, you will have to visit Deomali Hills & Hanuman Temple in one trip and…. ….return to Koraput. From Koraput, you have one option, that is to visit Duduma Waterfalls. Then come back to Koraput. After that, you can go to Gupteswar Temple, Jeypore. Today’s programme for the second half of the day is like this – Right now, we are passing through Semiliguda Crossing. We are going to Rani Duduma Waterfalls, which is 26kms from here. We will spend some time enjoying the waterfall there. Beyond that is another waterfall known as Duduma Waterfalls. That is about 35-40kms further. We will go there and then come back on this road…. ….and reach the same place. This way today’s night stay will be Jeypore! The approach road to Rani Duduma Waterfalls is lovely. Narrow road! Mountains on either side of the road. And lots of greenery! Wow! After parking our car, we’ve walked for 10 minutes to reach here. A cool breeze is blowing and we can hear the sound of water falling. How many stairs do we need to climb? Around as much as we walked till now. 10 minutes more! Come on, let us go up! This waterfall is really enjoyable! The water pressure is so high here. Wonderful! I tried going closer to the water. As soon as I climbed this huge rock, I saw it was covered with moss there. It was slippery beyond that, so I didn’t go any closer. But I was just 3-4 meters away from the waterfall. And it was fun to enjoy water droplets sprinkling upon my face from that distance. I kept standing there for, at least 15-20 minutes and it was so much fun! Once I came down from there, I saw another leg of that waterfall! This part of the video is awesome! There I was watching the water falling from above, but here I can see water flowing downwards. Marvelous! I had no idea that I would get to see such a beautiful waterfall here in South Odisha. I am enjoying this like anything. We are leaving here now! Sai told me about Duduma Waterfalls…. …that the amount of pleasure I’ve had at this waterfall,… …will be doubled when I reach that waterfall. That one is bigger! That is bigger? Then let’s go! Come! After travelling for 1.5 hours…. …we’ve reached Machhkund. We will go 8kms straight from here…. …to reach Duduma Waterfalls. Look at the awesome road! Ever since this morning, I’ve been feeling that there is a cold breeze blowing wherever we go. You must also have noticed there is greenery everywhere. I found this root so lovely, so lovely that… ….we couldn’t resist stopping our car on the way. The water body that you see in front, Sai told me, this is Duduma dam. You can see a mountain in the distance. This beautiful road coming down from the mountain and this kids riding their bicycle down the road. Truly an awesome experience! We’ve reached Duduma Waterfall. For the past 2-3 minutes, I’ve been continuously watching this view, look at the pressure…. ….with which the water is falling down. If we talk about the aerial distance to this waterfall, it would be approximately 200-250 meters. And I am trying to imagine, not imagine, in fact, just watching the waterfall….. ….and the speed with which the water is falling. In fact, the view from down there would be mesmerising! The water current is so fast! Sai, tell me one thing, will we be able to go down there? Yes Sir, from behind there, we can go all the way down. We can! Yes, all the way down. Okay, so we will take a few minutes to decide whether to do that or not because it gets dark by 5.30 pm. Beautiful! There will be about a 1000 steps to reach all the way down! It will be 1000 steps! I do not see anybody else right now, so it would be only us if we go down there. Let me catch a breath here, then I will tell you what happened down there. Now let me tell you the story of past 40 minutes. How it all happened. Sharp at 5 pm we decided we will go down. It was a mistake to begin with but we went with our decision. We walked straight till 100 meters and then started running downwards. Because we felt it would be wrong to just keep walking downwards. We were virtually running down one stair after another. Though we were completely out of breath while running down the stairs but…. … our target was to reach down within 15 minutes. After running down for 6-7 minutes, we’d climbed down about 200 meters. After that, I was surprised to see that the stairs, which, till that point, were 6-8 feet wide…. …suddenly narrowed down to 2 feet in width. We kept going till another 50 meters after that. Right then I saw a snake passing through. I just picked out its tail, not the whole snake though! I got frightened. Still, I showed courage and went for another 10-20 meters but then, my mind said no! I felt that it would not be courageous but foolish to go further. At that time, we both decided not to go any further, I mean, not to go further down. And, to sum up, after running down for 13-14 minutes…. ….when the path narrowed considerably, we took a call to return. After that, obviously, it started to get dark and we were a bit frightened as well…. …so, the speed at which we had gone down, almost at the same speed, we ran back up. We kept running back up because there was no one else down there. While running back, we caught breath only when the stairs had widened up enough…. ….then we slowed down and reached back to the top of the mountain. But this whole story of the past 35-40 minutes…… …..this is an experience I will never forget. One thing I would like to tell you, as a lesson of sorts,.. Whenever you come here, if your stamina allows, you must go down there but…. ….you must be in a group of at least 2-4 persons. Also, keep a couple of local tribals with you…. ….because if there is an animal visibility, or an animal suddenly attacks you…. …there must be someone to safeguard you. Also, the locals here have complete knowledge of the geography. There are proper stairs built to reach to the bottom of the mountain. And most definitely, don’t venture like this in the evening. Come here at 10 or 11 am and for the next 3-4 hours enjoy this view at leisure. You will enjoy it properly. It is about to be 5.45 pm. Look at the last view of this waterfall. I seriously wish and feel that we should have come here in the morning. Though we enjoyed a lot here at the top but if we had been able to reach the bottom…. …I can’t even imagine how much more we would have enjoyed. I mean to say in my whole life, I wouldn’t have seen such a waterfall view, if only we could reach all the way down. We are leaving here now. Tonight’s stay will be in Jeypore. We are not receiving mobile network here. We will drive straight for about 1.5kms to reach the outer road. When we start receiving the network, I will check on Google Maps…. ….about the time it would take and how many kilometers of journey we will have to do in the late evening. Someone had told us that we would have to come back to Semiliguda from Duduma Waterfalls. From Semiliguda we will go to Koraput and then on to Jeypore. That is the route we would need to take. But when we reached the outer road, and travelled for about 30 minutes more, I checked Google Maps. Thereafter, I got to know that there is a 60kms long direct route to Jeypore available. On that route, it would take us 1 hour and 35 minutes to reach Jeypore. It is 6.15 pm already. So, all said and done, we will reach by 8 pm. Look at the road, it is so lovely! Traffic on this road is almost minimal. We see a vehicle coming from the opposite direction after almost every 2 to 2.5 minutes. But the road is in top condition. Absolutely awesome! We’ve reached Jeypore! We are feeling hungry! That is why we are standing opposite the Raja Chaat Center. It is right opposite the local post office. So, on Sai’s recommendation, let us go and try some chaat here. What will you add to this chaat? We put all mixed items into the chaat. So, give me one mixed chaat! Two plates! Here we go! Thank you! Thank you! What a variety in chaat here in Jeypore! He added samosa, bada, veg manchurian balls, to this plate, topped with chutney! By God! Very impressive taste! Let me tell you what makes this chaat so tasty! One is chutney! It has two types of chutney – sweet and sour! After that, there are curry leaves in this chaat. Raw onions, you can see! But the main thing is that… ….there are several different flavours in this chaat, like some bites are that of bada, some are of samosa. And on top of it, this matar (chickpeas)! Amazing! This is called Rajma Chaat here. Very, very tasty! I am impressed! It is really tasty! I enjoyed it! By chaat, I was assuming it would be dahi-bhalla, curd, potatoes,…. But…. You can see it has no potatoes! That is what I was expecting but this taste is amazing! One more thing that I noticed, but I couldn’t show you guys, is that…. ….there is lot of street food being sold at every 100-200 meters’ distance. I’ve been thinking for the past 5-7 minutes that we started this morning and now it is 8 pm. If we hadn’t had Sai with us, we would have missed a couple of destinations that we went to…. …because this geography is quite widespread. So, it is imperative that you have a thorough planning of your trip. Thank you for spending a whole day with us. From early morning to, just look at this, it is 8 pm now. So nice! Sai lives close by so he is going back home now! And we have already booked a hotel for ourselves. Our hotel is nearby. We will go there, check in and then talk to you about our plan further. Okay Sai, thank you so much! Whenever we will come to Jeypore next, we will meet you for sure! See you! Thank you so much! Finally we’ve reached our hotel. The time is 9 o’clock in the night. Before coming here, we checked 2-3 other hotels, but they were not good enough. I’ve come to Hello Jeypore Hotel, which is the said to be the best hotel in this area. We paid a tariff of Rs. 1800 plus taxes for double occupancy accommodation. As for tomorrow’s programme, we want to leave here early in the morning. By 5 or 5.30 am. After that, we would like to spend half a day here, I mean, within 40-50 kms of radius! We will leave after that because we want to go to West Odisha. We will start with Sonpur and then go to Sambalpur. As for today, we enjoyed to our heart’s content. But it was too hectic! I woke up at 4.30 am today. After that, it is 9 pm now and I still have to copy the whole data that we shot today…. ….which will take another 1 to 1.5 hours and then there is dinner. So, all said and done, we won’t be going to bed before 12 at midnight. And tomorrow morning, I told you we plan to leave at 5 or 5.30 am. Anyways, tell us your views on this episode. As always, I will wait for your comments. And I would like to repeat myself, the waterfall that we visited this evening, it is still on my mind…. …it was so good! If you come to Jeypore, you must visit there, you will definitely enjoy it. That’s it for now! Bye! We will meet soon! Thanks for your time!

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