Southeast USA Winter Tour BLOOPERS & 2019 Summer EXTRAS!!

Southeast USA Winter Tour BLOOPERS & 2019 Summer EXTRAS!!

100 thoughts on “Southeast USA Winter Tour BLOOPERS & 2019 Summer EXTRAS!!

  1. Hey everyone thanks for watching this video!! Magic Mitch did a great job putting it together!! If you are interested in watching more blooper videos from the past, here is a link to the playlist that features them all. For the next few months, all our videos will feature challenges from my "4th Quarter 2019" Tour!!

  2. I love watching your videos Randy! One of my favorite YouTuber's!! You should team up with The Bell Life and spank them in a challenge!!!

  3. OMG! I was laughing soooo hard that I could barely breathe! Great job Randy and Mitch and team! Mitch is so talented at making these videos! 😉

  4. That was so funny! You have the best laugh 😂😂😂. It was so awesome getting to see you twice in two different states. You are one of the most incredible, sweet, big hearted people Ive ever met!

  5. I really do love you Randy and your videos I just wanna let you know your great and always love watching you destroy your challenges and always giving us what we want also it does really upset me people always comment on your weight as well I think you look great and know you gotta up your weight alittle so you can eat those massive dinosaur plates of food you just go ravage on but I know your a nutritionist and a pro in the gym so I know at anytime you can go back to old Rander’s and flex on everyone but for the mean time stay the way you are your perfect and keep bringing us your great content

  6. I have loved so many videos you have made. I can’t finish 2 doubles but your content has made my day, day after day. Your inspiration and positivity is what keeps me watching, thanks for being there for your followers.

  7. This video was so awesome 😎 I would love to see more like this video but I’m sure you have a full plate already lol 😝 but maybe for 2020 ????

  8. Randy! This was awesome ! 90% of the bloopers Wayne was in the picture ! 😂🤣 I knew he was a shit disturber! Lol 🤩😜

  9. Randy my man!!! It's 3:30am and I'm watching your bloopers Winter tour '18-'19…the part where you cup your breasts literally made me laugh out loud and press rewind…that really made me laugh (esp since I have insomnia)!!! I love watching ALL of your vids and support you 110%…you did pass through MS…where was I!!?? Next time…I will be front row center cheering you on til the last bite! Thank you once again and love, your #2 fan.

  10. Just write the name down as u go inside and have the camera man hold it (or something similar) it's really not hard to stop making yourself look that stupid.

  11. You are very funny that hat are do cool and it's like you was setting sick I want to no are you ok I always look at your tape when I have the time you are so amazing charming keep up the good work you aspire lots of people out there

  12. Thank for the bloopers, silly fun. And thanks for entrancing us to more great eaters. Mitch you did a great job putting this together, as always. Happy New Year to you both. Love from California.

  13. Wow I stop watching ur videos for like 5 months started back and my boy gained some weight lol I was like wow still a beast tho

  14. Thank you for being a man enough to be able to laugh at yourself. Let's face it, sometimes goofs are funny. You have a terrific sense of humor Randy. 👍

  15. Randy gonna look like me before too long… lol the challenges have not been kind bro. I still love watching them though.

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