Space Tourism (Ep 1) | Elite: Dangerous

Space Tourism (Ep 1) | Elite: Dangerous

Damn it alright
come on come on come on oh Mars you decided to join us
Jesus Christ did you fly an Orca in here? What is wrong with you?
What do you mean it’s a new mission? There’s no There’s no mission to fly a fucking
Orca into the middle of a crime sweep. Jesus Lots of credit fro flying VIPs?
Mars there’s there’s no there’s no credit for flying VIPs
Mars that’s that’s not a real mission. There’s no
No it’s it’s it’s not a real mission What the hell are you doing? Jesus Christ!
No Stay away! I needed a wing man not a fucking cruise ship
What do you mean you are going to the next spot?
Oh God okay Where is it you think the next place to go
is? Mars there’s no mission that requires you
to fly an Orca Yeah I’m following ya. I don’t know why I
am following you but I am following you Why are you going into this middle of this
middle of this ice canyon? Yeah I see you put a Orca in the middle of
a rock planet and Mars you realize that this is hostile territory. We are in the middle
of Fed Space. It’s a tourist destination.
What could possibly be touristy about a rock planet?
Dude this is the sweetest rock planet ever one foot in. opps that looks like a rough
landing. What about the other two feet? Yep just a little to the and the. That’ yep there!
There you go. Now let’s get out. Ready? 3 2 1 mark!

71 thoughts on “Space Tourism (Ep 1) | Elite: Dangerous

  1. This video is amazing, I love flying my Orca, nobody told me I couldn't pirate in style. FEAR THE SPACE WHALE

  2. Orcas rock. As a Fed pilot, I wouldnt shoot a defenseless little Orca in Federation space.
    must resist urge to shoot Orca, must resist urge to shoot Orca
    well maybe I would shoot him a little…

  3. You sir have earned me subscription to you, best series I've seen and couldn't stop laughing. I saw your comment on another video and it sparked my interest. I'm so glad it did!

  4. so on a semi serious note, how are you guys capturing this, is it a third person watching from the outside, or are you guys just that good with the classified camera?

  5. Stumbled across your videos yesterday, love the crazy antics. Had me in stitches the whole way through 🙂

  6. I like to think of Mars as a Kerbal.

    Always hyper excited for an adventure, while being completely unaware of the danger.

  7. Do you and mars sit and write all  this stuff and plan it or make it up as you go either way cracking and funny keep it up lads

  8. I love your videos! Any chance you know the name of the song from the rock planet montage around 2:35? It's so peaceful, fits the scene perfectly.

  9. Great video! If I may ask, what song did you use for the intro? Doesn't seem to be in the description and shazam didn't find anything.

  10. So I've just discovered your channel….I'm hooked! Bravo with the production value on these videos! my favirote is where you get stranded on the Ice planet its a shame they patched it!

  11. what's wrong with being in the middle of fed space?  are you a fucking pirate?  feds are my friends.  they make bounty hunting easy. all i have to do is follow them around and pick off their pray

  12. It's is fucking funny and actually the way I found your channel 20 minutes ago but I would really like to see Mars talking.

  13. I am wondering, I searched through all the songs in the description, but I can't seem to find the opening music. Is it an original music made for this video?

  14. I watched this on my way back to the bubble from colonia. In a belugas liner. Helped take the edge off the space madness.

  15. Orca vs security? I watched that and was like, "I can totally do that in a Dolphin!". Dolphin vs Thargoids… you can guess what happened…

  16. 0:50 XD wish I had a friend like that, sure, I'd probably sound upset for bringing the wrong ship into the wrong scenario, at the same time, I'd enjoy the company of someone doing something you'd least expect.

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