SPAIN holidays VS INDONESIA Holidays – Best Places To Travel | Travel Destination Reactions

SPAIN holidays VS INDONESIA Holidays – Best Places To Travel | Travel Destination Reactions

they are popular for their beautiful
beaches mild climate and important natural attractions so many beautiful
things I’m seeing right here like I think I’m gonna go to Spain yeah baby yeah baby
I’m coming – I’m coming I’m coming darling look at our beauty
it’s like the mountain is smoking ladies and gentlemen as most of you are aware I will be going to Indonesia very very soon in about four to five months time guys I should be there and I’m sure you’d be like shady you keep talking about this come already man i’m like yo! yo – yo! i’m gonna come
hold on hold on be patient but before I go, I wanna go to another country so I wanna go to a European country first before going there so I could go to Romania or Spain I think I should go to
Spain because I’ve been to Romania made some videos but i’ve not made videos in Spain yet hmm anyway before we go to Spain guys let’s watch review and
react to a few ..umm.. videos about Spain and see how it looks yeah! see if it’s as exciting
as we think and believe it is I’ve got this video 10 best places to visit in Spain after that I’m gonna also watch the five best places to visit in
Indonesia even though I know Im going to Bali all right guys without saying too much, let’s jump on this right away go down quickly guys, smash the like button guys subscribe to my channel let’s get the love on
let’s go! splendid beaches delicious cuisine
vibrant nightlife and lively fiestas all makes Spain one of Europe’s best
getaways because Spain encompasses several autonomous regions and Islands
the country boasts one of the most widely diverse cultures and landscapes
on the continent here’s a look at the top places to visit in Spain yo infact I wanna go to Spain tomorrow I’m ready I’m ready to go guys I’m ready! number 10 Santiago de Compostela never heard of it before city of the colosseo region in northwestern Spain Tiago de Compostela
is famous as the final destination of the traditional pilgrimage none as
Camino de Santiago this pilgrimage is important to many Christians because
it’s named that Santiago de Compostela is where Saint James and apostle of Jesus
Christ is buried today.. [IS IT?]
thousands of visitors every year for both its
religious tradition and history the IS IT? – for most pilgrims is the main
square situated in the heart of the city this bustling Plaza [i never knew!] of many
important landmarks particularly the Santiago Cathedral for the tomb of st.
James is located Oh Saint James yeah I never knew that Oh interesting – interesting to know and I think in North of Spain that’s where they have this dance like Rosa is it Rozalia?
like flamenco like they go like this and they shake the clothes and they go yeah I know about a bit – a bit but i know Spain is so beautiful
I’ve been to Spain before south of Spain but that was a long time ago before I started
youtube number 9 Toledo oh Toledo ofcourse not a mountain top in central Spain
Toledo serves as the Spanish capital until the 16th century because it was
inhabited by Jews Christians and Muslims for many centuries in the city is
sometimes called the city of three cultures, today Toledo is a popular
destination for its wealth of historic art and architecture that dates back to
the Roman Empire the best thing to do in Toledo is to get lost amid the medieval
streets define the old architecture that includes a stunning Cathedral synagogue
and mosque she said – to get lost get lost in the city yoo! yeah well it’s gonna be
fun – it’s gonna be fun it’s gonna be fun meeting pretty people everybody happy tasty
food oh the Spanish guitar guys one thing I
really love about spanish people is that they’re very friendly – very friendly open
down-to-earth and everything in Spain stays till late – the Sun stays till late,
the bars stay till late – everything is till late dinner very very late oh that looks like Westminster southern Spain the historic quarter of
Cordoba is a maze of tiny medieval streets plazas and whitewashed
courtyards you can situate it around the star attraction the mesquita initially
known as a mosque the mezquita is now a glorious Cathedral retaining most of its
original architecture its forest of columns topped with Islamic style red
and white striped arches serves as a reminder of the glory and importance
Cordoba held in medieval times and other places of interest include the fortress
of the Christian monarchs the street of flowers and the old Jewish quarter with
its charming patios and souvenir shops so much rich history in in Spain so much
rich history just like the UK yeah the history is well well well preserved all
the historical artifact and roots and everything no majors many historic
buildings reconstructed in the 19th century after the city was nearly
destroyed during the Napoleonic Wars Oh Sebastian also boasts some of the best
beaches in Europe with the most popular of these being Playa della Conca which
offers sunbathing and water activities like swimming kayaking and waterskiing
okay okay okay San Sebastian it’s now I’m gonna go see
you Subaru oh look at the food guys look at the food Spanish food is so so tasty
when I say tasty here like is so tasty you put in your mouth you just are
feeling the juices from you from the side of your cheeks just going like crazy man hola Japan come with the yellow button
yeah one of the largest compelling cities in Spain Valencia is located in
the eastern part of the country in the region of Valencia
are you redirecting the Turia River the city constructed its most impressive
landmark a massive cultural and entertainment complex known as the city
of Arts and Science okay this complex are several buildings
such as a science museum planetarium aquariums that are each whoa look at
that look at that looks like a Coliseum you know like we’re the gladiators it’s
a long time ago oh that’s where the booth you know the booth a real ball
every March Valencia hosts the Fallas festival yo why different colors at the
end of the week I have to be Richmond ceremony asleep burned in the
communities party into the night yo we got to make money
we’ve got to make dough so we can enjoy all of this man Hey look at that site Wow Wow
thank God chanting number five Sevilla exceptional tourist attraction okay
I’m Peter Sofia I’m Vanessa via of it cicadas another Lucia I’ve been to these
places but let us watch all make Sofia one of the best places to visit in Spain
the capital city of Andalusia Sevilla is also the region’s financial and cultural
capital doesn’t a is home to many beautiful and important historic
landmarks chief of which is the grand Cathedral of Sevilla yes believe that
Christopher Columbus is buried another significant building is the real alcazar
an extravagant Moorish palace in the blog Sharia Gardens actually I spent
just one night in Sevilla just one night the next thing we left I went to
yukari’s number four my dream Madrid I’m going to
Madrid person we know for its sizzling nightlife scene
look at tender memories making it one of Europe’s most colorful cosmopolitan
cities located within the city centre are most of Madrid’s popular tourist
attractions such as the Royal Palace their residence of Spain’s monarchies
Madrid and Spain is parked at the soul a large Plaza serving as the scene of
festivals important gatherings in street performers as well don’t soul yeah let
me think about what a turn Dolf soul the heart of Madrid and Spain
is Perth the Dussel a large Plaza serving as the scene of festivals
important gatherings in street performers as well as a hub for the
public transportation network another importance where is plaza mayor known
for the lively san miguel market ah okay Buffy we think about my tweet is that he
hasn’t got like beaches and you know otherwise it’s okay doesn’t the Hyde Park of Spain number
three Spanish Islands Spain has some of the most beautiful islands in Europe the
largest Spanish islands are equally divided between Marik Islands and the
canary islands east of the Spanish mainland the four chief balearic islands
maintain a characters okay Orkut is the largest and best-known valera Kylie well
Ibiza is famous as just off the southern coast of Morocco in the Atlantic they
are popular for their beautiful beaches Maya climate and important natural
attractions in Gran Canaria so you know it’s in Iran yo yo that’s so much to see
in the world you know so much to see so many places to visit like if you don’t
travel guys come on your horizon will be will be narrowed down yeah like we need
to travel to explore the world and see the beauty that is out there they were
up to shit like whoa so many beautiful things I’m seeing right here like I
think I’m gonna go to Spain I’m gonna go to Spain Wow number two her nada de nada
that’s a base of the Sierra Nevada mountains of southern Spain Granada is
the capital of the Granada province America offers a perfect blend of
traditional cultures and animated nightlife and spectacular attractions
including the world-famous Alhambra a pinnacle of Moorish art that
encapsulates Andalusian history Alejandra oh wait so Granada is in under
Lucy oh come on Alicia is itself okay the medieval complex overlooking Granada
is one of the great architectural sites of Europe with many visitors coming to
Granada expressly to see the Alhambra once more stronghold in Europe the
Alhambra offers the visitors splendid ornamental architecture spectacular and
lush gardens and breathtaking views of the city below Wow Joe Granatelli a pina colada
I think I know and those are few people are leaving Grenada number one Barcelona
okay so I was like Waze Barcelona of notion Barcelona so they saved it for
last and save the best for last year okay guys let’s do this and see if I
salute I yeah all right is one of the country’s top travel destinations
because it offers everything tourist look for in a European city historic
architecture too lively shopping and buzzing nightlife okay are the
architectural marvels of Spain’s famous architect Antoni gaudí which
include the cassava tio and the famous sunglass familia church both of these
extraordinary structures feature combinations of fascinating designs
shapes and colors popular activities in Verona include strolling along Ramallah
a tree-lined pedestrian Avenue you’re waiting on Barceloneta
one of the city’s most popular beaches look at that building bro look hot top
building guys I think I know where I’m going to
now I think it has to be able to do one I
think it has to do ghusl una y ou they say you offers everything Wow Wow give
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just give them a subscribe give them a love give them a follow like this is
amazing amazing so much information now I feel like I’ve been to Spain again
already like I’ve gotten some knowledge just basic knowledge I know what I need
to go to to explore so I first I was thinking of going
maybe Madrid for being I’m gonna go Granada no Barcelona I think Barcelona
Barcelona tops you up yeah but he offers everything I’m looking to a place where
I’ll have like like a brief overview of almost everything you know enjoy the
touristic life and I enjoyed the normal evening life than the food and
everything yet maybe Barcelona maybe Pasadena yeah Erika’s nothing too
much knowledge jump over to Indonesia 5 places to visit in Indonesia okey-dokey
let’s go bromo national park yo look how the clouds are meeting the
mountains Brown like the cutout beauty is like the mountain is smoking smoking
is bad for health you know oh look at the beauty oh wow whoa active
volcano okay actually wanna watch them on that geography about Indonesia are
descended a lot of active volcanoes in Indonesia like the are active
earthquakes as well as fat as pigs every day Lombok okay okay Lombok is looking quite interesting
I like what it said about it Oh scuba-diving how that’s not shocking
because I don’t go in the water and my leg will be flying and be swimming away
and I’m like you’re like where you going to then I see shock of like Oh shucks is
you let’s populate Komodo National Park way
you celebrate have the young Komodo dragons yeah yeah I want to meet the
commodity yeah because I hear they eat people alive oh but that was the coral virus the reptiles roam freely over the
islands and visitors relentless little guys besides a zanpakuto safe yeah yeah
the Komodo dragons room around and expect me to go in that place where the
humming around yo dust em does it does it very
dangerous Wow Oh yogyakarta so you could contest
post-eternal Wow Wow Borobudur Oh we are definitely going to Indonesia
guys like we are going no questions asked take me to Indonesia take me to Indo ah earthquakes volcanic eruptions huh
flatten 300,000 houses it’s flattened 300,000 houses oh my days
spinning lover overs Oh people are living at the edge wow that’s so crazy
proud I mean like you have a lot at you native Russia the UK seems were running
away running Oh we’ll just chunky do Macario but in Hindi someone running
running at ICO provide honey like oh I think you better run to a black why
can’t you see the love of SPG’s coming bro
let’s go let’s go shady squad or without beer I’ll be interested or not very
adventurous guys hmm nice I think I think I just felt like that
come on like that I love all those adrenaline rushes he is my thing number
one is body I knew it number one has to be Bali Bali is the place I’ve seen too
many videos too many pictures about too many stories about them like Bali is
just the place yeah baby yeah baby I’m coming I’m coming I’m coming darling yeah let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go
to body let’s go to body let’s go Oh let’s go let’s go let’s go to Bali Bali
let’s go to Bali Bali Oh let’s get the body let’s go no I’m gonna believe me say no
move the body oh oh let’s go to Bali guys are going to believe it yeah Valley
is just a place that number one valleys in Jakarta maybe they’ll don’t book but
yeah yeah yeah yeah thank you very much for this video
what channel is it again five best places 373 subscribers only guys come on
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on this video is amazing is so beautiful they’ve done so so very well like
welcome amazing amazing even though I knew I was
gonna go to Bali already anyway but I just watch this video now and I’m more
convinced yes guys Michigan Peterson Chevy army you should meet soon have a
good time I’m gonna do my vlogs I’m gonna have bear food in Indonesia and
enjoy the the nature the love the life maybe I’m an even moon maybe I’ll move
the body guys maybe I just might because if the city accepts me why not why not
I’m not married I have a new girlfriend so I could easily move all right there
Bali here I come it is appreciated all the
guys go to kick a submaster like one guy subscribe is gonna be a piece up for me
guys that like the shine in my way

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