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OK, so you fancied a holiday, booked your
tickets and then – boom! Your plans changed and now your tickets will go to waste.
Happens all the time, right? Not anymore!
Each year millions of people can’t use their flight tickets, but you mustn’t give up
on the money you spent! Did you know that more than 40 airlines allow
you to transfer your flight? This means you can sell your flight or holiday
to someone else and recover some or all the money you paid! This is where SpareFare flies to the rescue.
SpareFare is a marketplace which connects people who have flights and holidays to sell,
with prospective travellers looking for a great deal!
SpareFare gives you real discounts! All flights and holidays are sold at a price
cheaper than if you were to buy them directly from the airlines!
Selling on SpareFare is risk-free – you don’t have to change the name until we receive the
money from your buyer. Buying tickets is always safe, too, because a SpareFare seller gets
paid only after the transfer is successful and they can’t make further changes to the booking. So how does this work? Emma is going to find out! She has a ticket
to Paris she can no longer use and she has just listed it on SpareFare. This is James. James’ girlfriend lives in
France and he is always on the lookout for cheap flights to Paris. James bids for Emma’s flight.
If his bid is too low, Emma can reject it. Emma is now happy with the price James has
offered and she accepts his bid. James has an hour to confirm his bid and commit
to buying the flight by transferring the amount agreed over to SpareFare. If he misses the
deadline, he will need to submit a new bid. Emma now has one hour to transfer the flight
to James and send us the booking reference. If Emma doesn’t manage this within her 60-minute
window, James can resubmit his bid. Emma transfers the flight through her airline
account and James checks with the airline that all is well.
And that’s it – James flies off to see his girlfriend and Emma gets some extra cash to spend! Is this a great idea or what?
Go take a peek at our current bargain destinations Or list your flights and holidays.

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