Spawn Camping & MEMES [SFM]

Spawn Camping & MEMES [SFM]

“Mission begins in 10 seconds” *Scout’s whacking and Soldier’s screaming* Ok m8s I’m gonna fire, and you distract! woopwoopwoopwoopwoopwoopwoopwoop 5.. 4… 3…. 2….. 1…… Cheers m8 (uuuurp) *BOOM* D: notbigsurpise “Hehehe, Have a good one!” MEDIC! Spy! Scout: FIYA FIYA FIYA offscreen scout: OH I’M BURNIN! I-I’M BURNIN! *german accordion music plays while BLU team commiserates* (Heavy Rambo joined the server) What’s the matter with y’all? Aargh, They’re all too buffed no You just are all weak, you are all bleeders! You disgust me I am going to claw my way down your throat and kick your ass back to France right now! Wanna try that again? Ahaha! Your soldier training is nothing to my SPY training! A r e y o u s u r e a b o u t t h a t ? YES! A r e y o u s u r e a b o u t t h a t ? x2 Soldier : You will be sent to your mama in a box! Spy :The soldier is a spy! Soldier: awww, Am I too violent for yah cupcake? Spy : slap my (WOOO)ck Soldier: Get a job Ze french men: Slap it now! Soldier : You’re a.. maggot egg(?) STOP! (still fighting)
”only its only game why you hef to be mad” Don’t worry, I am heavy RAMBO! “De one man army” Let me tell y’all ’bout me (Gibus Squad)*a massive waste of ammunition* *how gibus-flavored Swiss cheese is made* *a few more for good measure* *done* So, Medic and everyone, come with me! HERE I COME!! (ow) NOOO GOD NO GOD PLS NO NO NO *BOOM* NOOOOOOOOOO (PTSD) (Demo joined the server) Ay! What happened? We’re all bein spawn camped We are all being spawn camped like maggots. You scum sucking fruit baskets. f(WOO)ck you Don’t fret gentlemen Do you know who I am? Let me tell ya! *wait wrong eye* Right here *pain cake army mobilizing* America is MY city boi A-TAAAAAAAAACK!! (oof) Let’s go bois Let’s crush that scott son of a bitch MAGGOT! (boom) ez So, LEEEEET’S GO! ! Guys I need you to kick my butt alright FREEDOOOOOOOM “Defend!” Ohhhh shit Charge me, Doc :0 N A N I ! ? *explosions for days* You looks ded inside what happened? *groans* Let’s go! *groans* huh? ! Who killed Heavy? red? ohh ok (continues ded) Sniper: Oi! We got a kill! Scout: Oh ye, I’m the best Ze Sniper’s down! Snipers go! raus! raus! AH! The Bloody Gibus Snipers are going nuts right there HA! It’s not like they will hit me look D: Did I just do that?? *out of place overwatch sequence is out of place* *hudda hudda huh* (BLU Snipers celebrating) Ohhh I’m gonna liquify AY! What do ya think you’re doin’? Ohhh :0 what’s your name you pretty little thing? Try the other side of that rock T_T wth is goin on? “Move!” Let’s play this hand bois NO! Damnit! Thank you for life, Doctor! Ja!>:) ! *beep* DAAAAA- *BOOM* I’m the number one on the leaderboard (Snipers clapping) – Ok m8 – Good job m8! (groans) Let’s go! ! MEIDICK! 😀 That’s was obvious (True American speech) A M E R I C A F A K Y E A H W E R E C O M I N G A G A I N T O S A V E T H E M A T H E R F A K I N D A Y Y A A M E R I C A f a k y e a h HELLO! HYAAAAAAAA (RED flavored swiss cheese) (First checkpoint reached) wat da So? Your deadly skill is lagging? Ye–eah F(HOOH)king lag IM THE WORLDS (incoherent lag speech) (Second checkpoint reached) Incoming! I am very happy! Have at um laddddds!! los los! meidic! Doc, cmon, man! offscreen soldier: MEDIC! offscreen demo: MEDIC! pro medik: why… You must heal the demoman I wuv you :3 Incoming! If you know what’s good for ya, you will RUN! ! Pyro! Mmph? Mouse second to blast zem Raus, Raus! *ding* I’m going to- (airblasted) -saw- (airblasted) -through- (airblasted) -your- (airblasted) -bones! (airblasted) hold still shvienhund you feel smaller, yas? (RED Medick at background) Soldier! (still airblasting RED Medick) (dispenser construction in progress) No sir AMERICAAAAAAA Hah, I have not seen many of these Uh oh, I think I soiled Diaper OO I must learn how to do that (ow) (Pyro still airblasting) Thank you! thank you! (searching) Random kid: You know if you actually set your mind to it & believe, (uh huh) you can achieve it. (screaming) (Super saiyan screaming montage) *deep breath* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (wat the) (still trying) (le nutshot) ;-; soldier; That is not a hat! HOLY MAGGOT! Come on! x3 Let me try your shot>:( (shroyuken)>:) K A M E H A M E H A (a rapid increase in volume and release of energy in an extreme manner, usually with the generation of high temperatures and the release of gases.) (wasnt this a casual payload match at one point?)>:( 0_0 I destroy cowards! Y-You wanna see somethin’ scary? Look slightly above my head, ye, that’s right, scary 400,000$ bat! Get a haircut! D: Erm, hello! HE–LLO! We have much to discuss ^_^ Do not look at me! I did not ask you a question! We should trade! ^_^ Uh, no How about zis? Uh, no Ohhh I see you looking~ YES! (Trade successfully) Thank you :3 (Trading still going) dankeshein da..da dankeshein I don’t think this right! this.. !! 0_0 SCAM! NO! SCAM? NIX DA! YES! SCAM! NO! OOOOOHHHH….. NOOOOOOOO! (ouch) *BOOM* “Victory!” *BLU team war cries* (Demo panwhacking RED Medick which hurts RedditSolder’s ears) *Growling?* A maggot pan! Somethin’s not right… with my face! and passion Where is blu medic? Now,>:) let’s go practice medicine. 😀 and zat is how i trained with the best, zis hat does nothing! I am the Ubermench! (overlord) R e a l l y? Yes! Schnell, go get zem MEDICK! Ready for the charge! Doc :0 N A N I ! ? NOOO GAD (Offscreen explosion) NOOOOOOOO- please don’t panic yet hear the breaking news first GG theater is a game developer now now you can panic we have live footage of what seems to be an early prototype of a monstrosity of a game just take a look at this the character seems to be able to walk, and run, and jump, wow this just in apparently GGtheater was spending most of his free time studying Zsharp programming since the previous video that could explain why this video took so long to make and this footage we are seeing is the result of his studying god help us all

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  1. 9:06 i thought demo said "I am inevitable" took a while to understand that it was
    "Im the number one on the leaderboard"

  2. Soldier: wanna try that Again Spy: hahaha your training is nothing like my Spy training soldier: are you sure about that Spy: Yes solder: are you sure about that Soldier: your going to go to momma in a box Spy: nah idiot blablabla Heavy: STOP! why are you Angry? Heavy let me tell you about me

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