Spice Kit for Camping Organize Spices With Dollar Tree Pill Organizer

Spice Kit for Camping Organize Spices With Dollar Tree Pill Organizer

organize spices for camping how to pack spices uses for dollar tree pill organizers Spice kit for camping, prepping, emergency survival dollar tree haul camping hi it’s AlaskaGranny if you enjoy camping here is a terrific tip on how to take your 7 favorite
spices along on a camp out or back packing in a nice compact sorted container I went to the Dollar Tree and I found a 7 day pill reminder pill container it has 7 compartments and they are all a different color the first container has a clear lid and then there are 7 little organize camping spices in pill container the 7 containers screw together only the first bottle container for spices has a lid on the top the others act like a top for the lower containers each little pill container section has a bottom that can be screwed together in any order no matter which color or order you put them in they will fit together as long as you place the lid on the very top your spices are going to be safely stored in a nice compact container for camping or back packing pack this spice organizing container with your food supply I selected my 7 most commonly used spices and I am going to fill up my pill storage container with my 7 most used spices for camping and camp cooking I will fill up my spice conainer for camping with salt pepper garlic powder onion powder taco seasoning cinnamon and chili powder I can take a sharpie and mark each little
container and fill them to the amount that I want of my 7 most commonly used spices for cooking and camping now I have my favorite spices organized in and easy way to take along camping I can toss them in my camping gear and then my favorite spices are readily available whenever I’m cooking at camp when I am camping
if you want more spices than this you can purchase a second pill container then you can screw the containers together and make a long tube of camping spices or lay them side by side in your camp cooking gear cooking at camp can be a lot of fun when you make it easy on yourself learn more at alaskagranny.com please subscribe AlaskaGranny.com

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  1. I am so impressed with how many videos you have done and the vast topics!! You would be so fun to talk to with you huge knowledge base!!

  2. Looks like a great idea, but I'm a little worried that since only the top container has a lid, the other containers might spill their contents if the broke loose from each other… ever had that difficulty or do you have another great solutions to this possible problem? Thanks for the tip and all the great videos you make!

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