SPILLING THE TEA | Smosh Summer Games: Apocalypse Ep. 2

SPILLING THE TEA | Smosh Summer Games: Apocalypse Ep. 2

Previously on Smosh Summer Games Smosh Summer Games: Apocalypse We are doing: Zombie Punishment Shootout! And the win for this game is… ToxiciTea This episode of Smosh Summer Games is presented by Borderlands 3, let’s make some mayhem together on September 13. Pre-order now! Smosh Summer Games: Apocalypse!!! (Lasercorn) I’m a thirty-five-year-old man Today we are playing Smosh Family Feud It’s gonna get nasty, it’s gonna get a little shady, and we’re gonna spill all the tea I’m going to ask the teams a question. Now the five voters that are here in the back They’re gonna write down their answer for that question The goal of the guesser right next to me has to guess how majority of these voters will vote Nice! And if you lose today’s competition, the punishment will be a Holi powder slap to the face. (Joven) What?
(Group) Oh… From the opposite team But before we get started, let me remind you to smash and punch that notification bell It is right there.
(Courtney) Oh, no! You broke it! All right. Are you guys ready?
(Group) Yeah (Shayne) Eh, not really
(Sarah) I’m gonna start out with team Mushroom Clout (Damien) Woo! Mushroom Clout! My first question to Mushroom Clout is – we’re going to start a little a little soft – Who on your team would die first during the apocalypse? (Courtney) Oh, come on
(Sarah) Write it down Don’t peek at each other’s answers. Courtney do not peek at their answers. (Noah) I got it
(Lasercorn and Damien) Got it Then I’m gonna go down the line and ask people to reveal their answers, Damien What is your answer who would die first in an apocalypse? Love you, Courtney, but Courtney Hey! (Sarah) Okay. Keith?
(Keith) Well, being that it is… I am black as f— (Keith) Keith (Sarah) Okay, so we got one vote for Keith and we got one vote for Courtney (Ian) I don’t know if I should clap for that (Noah) Uh, being as I know myself I had to vote for myself (Sarah) Noah! Okay. (Sarah) Geez, everyone (Sarah) Kimmy what’s your answer?
(Kimmy) I think maybe Damien He’s such a nice guy One vote for everyone except for Lasercorn. Lasercorn, what’s your answer? (Lasercorn) I also voted Noah He’s too nice You’ve got to be vicious in a zombie apocalypse. You got to get those supplies and kill people. I just don’t see it. So, Courtney, who did you think would die first in the apocalypse? First of all, Damien, I’m hurt. I would kill it in the apocalypse. That’s extremely rude You know, I picked the person who… the only person who doesn’t have a driver’s license (Sarah) Keith. Okay. So, you guys are on the board with one point (Keith) Hold on, I know how to ride birds and stuff So I’d be good But you all can just suck on that
(Shayne) Yeah, Keith knows how to ride birds (Damien) You voted for yourself, what are you talking about? (Keith) Well, now I’m mad First if you don’t mind if you don’t mind, I’m just gonna mind-meld with all my peeps (Joven) Bring it in, bring it in, bring it in, bring it in (Hums) (Hums) (Hums) (Sarah) This is weird… (Hums) (Screams) (Sarah) Here’s your first question: Who on your team would you eat first during apocalypse? (Sarah) Who would you eat first? Like sexual? Shayne, who do you think would be eaten first? Look I just think it’s it comes down to… Who provides the most resources while also not providing the most…? usefulness. And it’s it’s definitely Joven. (Sarah) Okay, we got one for Joven. Wes? (Shayne) But, he’s really great when there’s not a zombie apocalypse (Joven) Thanks…
(Wes) So I voted for somebody – they’re very entertaining on camera – But I also think that they would be kind of useless in the apocalypse because they literally can’t see what I’m writing. Joven (Sarah) Wow. Wow. Wow. Two for Joven I would just like to say, I can make all the hard decisions during the apocalypse You need that kind of willpower (Shayne) And you would choose to be eaten (Joven) Yeah, I would Yeah, I think this person like a nice Kobe beef treats themselves very well Drinks a lot, gets massages, you know and things like that So, Joven Wow. Okay, three for Joven Um, I see the way that he takes care of himself and what he puts in his body and I feel like his meat would taste really good (Sarah) Joven! What!?! I really thought you were going in the Wes direction…
(Sarah) I thought so, too Well, screw my team, but in order to win this game, it takes a little strategy. Sometimes you gotta think like your team (Mari) Are you kidding?
(Joven) So I had to add to the mix (Lasercorn) Wow!
(Sarah) Wow! (Courtney) This is cheating, this has to be cheating (Sarah) So, um, Ian? Look, like, you know When it comes to like meat you want to eat, you know muscles are good But you you don’t like, like, lean meat sucks You want a little little fat on that, on that, on those muscles (Joven) Dude, I swear if you throw away five points right now…
(Ian) So I went with Joven (Joven) Yes! (Wes) Mind meld! (Joven) Mind meld!
(Ian) Mind meld! (Shayne) Yo, you guys want to eat Joven? So, we got five points for ToxiciTea (Gong)
(Sarah) Things are gonna get a little more interesting Okay Mushroom Clout
(Damien) That’s us, baby Who on your team has the worst style? You’re forcing Damian to be rude We all know what we have to say and we have to say it individually and it’s gonna hurt someone’s feelings Listen, let’s be honest. It’s Lasercorn. There is no doubt. I’ve seen him wear the Witcher hoodie every day for the past four years Damien you gotta be a rude dude, you got to be rude.
(Joven) You gotta be a rude dude. I’m gonna start with Courtney over here. Courtney, Who do you think has the worst style on your team? At first I was gonna put Noah, but, like, sometimes he comes in with the cute stuff Sometimes you’ve got some weird fashion, man. I’m not gonna lie. (Noah) No, that hurts my feelings…
(Courtney) But I didn’t vote you, actually. I actually voted the dad, the dad dresser, Lasercorn. (Sarah) Wow! Okay. What!?! My goodness! Hey, so I got a piggyback off of what Courtney said, but, like, not. Noah has really good style His style may be a little weird. Weird is good, that’s called fashion. (Noah) Thanks, Keith
But beyond that I had to go with my boy Laser. (Lasercorn) How dare you? Lasercorn, I have a question. Have you ever worn anything that wasn’t free? Well, if my mom buys it… Someone paid for it if my mom bought it (Sarah) Alright, Noah How did you answer? Well, first, I just really got to speak up for myself and say yes, I agree that I might have the second-worst style But I also had to vote for my man, Lasercorn Noah, what’s the worst thing you’ve ever seen Lasercorn wear? I’m gonna have to say, right now, the entire outfit (Noah) Welders goggles…
(Lasercorn) Lasercorn is stylin. I am the most stylish. (Sarah) Kimmy, what’s your answer? Oh, boy. I mean, he had all the choices of what to wear today and he chose to show some nip and some tum-tum, so… But I did a heart Now, here comes the truth, to see if Lasercorn has any self-reflection power I do actually. I’m a little bit self-aware Can I just say, I don’t really believe this is true I just believe my style is so far ahead of its time that these, these plebeians can’t recognize it. (Keith) Plebeians? Now, to be honest, all of this could be for nothing if Damien doesn’t answer “Lasercorn”. Damien?
(Courtney) Oh, no Who do you think has the worst style on your team? Real quick, Noah, your style is like wacky and weird and, like, good is subjective, right? Like we don’t know… And Lasercorn wears a lot of videogame shirts. I wear a lot of videogame shirts So, I did write Lasercorn You’re a dad, dude. You’re a dad. (Lasercorn) That was kind of a gimme, though Alright, that’s five more points for Mushroom Clout (Lasercorn) That was an easy one Think like me, not like you. Who on your team is the least funniest? (Damien) Oh my god! Remember, when you’re here, you’re family Not for long, Sarah. This is question two for them. Where do we go from here? (Keith) This is a little too spicy for my liking Shayne, Do you have an answer?
(Shayne) No, not yet. The sun is setting I need time in the desert!
(Mari) Think like him! I’m going to start with Ian. Okay? Okay. I’m just saying I’ll speed this along. This… this person delivered one of the most unintentionally funny things ever, but as far as… I’m sorry. You’re a great guy I’m sorry, but Wes. (Sarah) Okay. Wes. I like this person a lot, and funny is very subjective. I think he’s funny. I’m thinking like Joven, so… Wes. It was Wes. (Damien) Oh, my god! Why am I clapping? Um, his name is Wes. He’s from the wild, wild west. (Damien) They’re bullies I’m gonna skip you, Wes, and I’m gonna ask Shayne (Mari) My heart’s beating, please don’t shoot all of them (Shayne) So, it was near a tie It was close to a tie. I had to think. Uh, But I went with Wes. You know, I think it’s just, you know, the yeah, it’s the wild, wild Wes.
(Sarah) Okay Okay. And Wes, how did you answer this question? Funny is definitely subjective, but I thought like Joven I also, you know, being the least funny out of this group is actually still a compliment to me so, I put Wes
(Courtney) Aww, my god! (Noah) Wes, you’ve got the biggest heart. That should have been the question. (Sarah) So, we’ve got five votes for Wes. Joven? Did your team think like you? Who did you answer is the least funniest on your team? (Mari) Oh, boy
(Joven) So… (Shayne) Joven, if you put “Joven”… Comedy is subjective and sometimes you just don’t get this person’s comedy even though everyone thinks they’re funny, and I haven’t been in a lot of videos with Olivia (Courtney?) Oh, boy. Oh, no.
(Mari) Joven, no! Joven! But then, I also sit in the back with Wes all the time… (Damien) Man!
(Sarah) Wow! Wow, five more points! All right, Mushroom Clout. (Courtney) Oh, no! I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings! Who, on your team, would ditch you guys to hang out with a celebrity? Damien answered very quickly. I just want to say that.
(Damien) Yep! Lasercorn, who do you think would ditch your team to hang out with a celebrity? Honestly,
I don’t really feel like any of this crew would do it.
(Kimmy) I agree. But, I feel like the most likely person actually know a celebrity would be, like, Keith (Sarah) Oh, okay.
(Lasercorn) That’s, like, yeah. (Sarah) Positive spin on that (Keith) Thank you for being positive (Lasercorn) Sorry.
(Sarah) Kimmy, what’s your answer? Well, you know why he he has such great style and sometimes I feel like he’d be too cool to hang out with me. So, he’d go hang with a celebrity instead. (Kimmy) Keith (Keith) So, everyone thinks I’m a bad person. (Kimmy) No!
(Lasercorn) We didn’t say that. (cross talk) I’m just taking notes! Yeah, I’m not gonna string you guys along for this one. The person most likely to know a celebrity… That’s Keith! If I get an email, like, oh come hang out with Chris Pratt, like, I’m gonna go. But, also Keith would totally go hang out So, we have four of the five.
(Lasercorn) Let’s hope he’s self-aware Let’s see, you know, we all know about Koah.
(Kimmy) Let’s see Let’s see how Noah would vote on this very vital question. So, uh, to be quite honest Keith and I normally hang out together, so I didn’t necessarily see a world where he left me. Hopefully… I did, however, see a world where maybe we’re at VidCon or something, and there’s someone famous that walks by and I thought, maybe, just maybe Courtney would want a photo with them That’s what I thought. I thought… But I don’t think anyone on this team would actually ditch anyone.
(Group) Yeah. (Sarah) That’s sweet of you guys I just want to start out by saying I’m really shocked with all the answers Like, they really, like, it makes me self-reflect. But, at the same time I will leave y’all mother f——- I would leave y’all in a heart beat to hang at the Jackson’s house Alright, that’s four more points for Mushroom Clout (Kimmy) We love you, Keith ToxciciTea, Here is your question: Who on your team is too into themselves? (Damien) Oh, my god
(Sarah) Who on your team is too into themselves? (Olivia) Whoa, I can’t do this! You have to write an answer. (Keith) I will say we are all on social media a lot So, like this could go any way. (Noah) Keith, can it go anyway? All right guys, write down your answers
(Olivia) I can’t. I can’t do this. (Sarah) You have to
(Olivia) I don’t like to
(Sarah) Well, you could just throw it. (Olivia) Can I, like, write everyone’s names?
(Sarah) No, you can’t
(Noah) Yeah, you can do a no name Do, like, Yoko Ono or something. Uh, for me was a toss-up between… Shayne and Mari. I went Mari, though. (Group) Ohhhh
(Sarah) Okay, okay Okay, if you start… if you start your username with “The”, I don’t know (Sarah) Oh, boy
(Ian) So, I went with Joven There was another Jovenshire! Alrighty, alrighty. Mari? Who do you say? I… I love me. I put myself. (Sarah) Okay (Keith) That’s real (Sarah) Wes?
(Keith) That’s why… yep. So, I’ve heard this person talk in third person on multiple occasions I’ve heard this person exclaimed that they are the best at a lot of things including in bed (Sarah) Oh, boy Joven! I pay attention and I listen. That’s all it’s about. All righty, and we’re gonna move on to Shayne Uh, look She’s a sweet person, she’s also… Get the f— out of here! But my impression of Olivia’s Instagram stories are this: (Damien) Wow Then It’s something weird after that, like, AHHH Then it’s back to: So, I put Olivia But, you have every right to be! Yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay, cool. Olivia, how did you answer? I did myself (Group) Wow! (Joven) What? You literally said you were the least. Well, I know but I… I also love you guys a lot and I can’t… You know, I…
(Mari) Self-sacrifice for us Alright, you guys got one more point! Mushroom Clout
(Lasercorn) Yes? Oh man, we just, like, we put this up another level. Are you ready for this question? (Noah) Yeah.
Who on your team… hates Ian the most? (Ian) I missed that. What was that? You got to change that word. That’s not a fun word. Who on your team dislikes Ian the most? That’s a softer word. If you put hate someone, that’s not cool. I could not support the word “hate” (Glug glug glug) Don’t worry guys. We got it lowered to dislike. (Kimmy) I don’t… ayeeeee (Lasercorn) I took a wild guess y’all (Sarah) Here we go Let’s answer quickly
(Noah) Took a wild guess? (Lasercorn) You guys ready?
come on, quick, quick, quick.
(Sarah) Let’s answer quickly. (Courtney) Oh, this isn’t it true, but I don’t know (Sarah) Alright, Courtney?
(Lasercorn) Get back on your side. Literally. There’s memes on Twitter of me yelling at Ian Because I’m the embarrassed daughter yelling at my Smosh dad. So, I put Courtbourt. Oh, self-sacrifice. Okay.
(Courtney) I took it. I took it. You know, I don’t have a lot to go off of; I’m sure there’s been some drama in the squad before I was hanging out there, so I have no idea. I took a wild guess and said Keith. (Sarah) Oh, okay That’s fine. I have seen a few, like, drama-filled moments with this person I’m going to say He had to apologize a few times, because…
I can’t do this Damien hates Ian! (Courtney) Oh my God! How dare you, sir? My rationale is that they have a very sibling-like relationship, and so, I said “Court” She’s just like your sibling sometimes Lasercorn, how did you answer? You’re all wrong. I wrote “Lasercorn”. You never, you never #IanCorn anymore. I haven’t seen a #IanCorn in years (Ian) I’m sorry, I’m sorry
(Group) Aww I’m happy I didn’t do my first answer, which was myself, because I didn’t know who to put down but I followed it up with someone that I like a lot, hoping that someone else will put his name down too So I put “Keith” I don’t like saying anyone dislikes anyone (Kimmy) We love Ian Hopefully, or I should have put “Courtney”; we would’ve had more points. (Courtney) That’s alright
(Sarah) Alrighty, ToxiciTea? I’m looking at you looking at me, looking at you looking at me, looking at you looking at me Who on your team is the least responsible? (Courtney) Oh, come on
(Keith) We should’ve got that for me (Damien) Well, I think these are pretty stacked. (Noah) Who would you have sex with on your team right now? Who on your team is the least responsible? Joven, what’s your answer? Mari has such a good relationship with all of us, though I think she knows the least about Shayne, so that might be an easy answer Okay (Wes) He goes to the gym like every day
(Ian) He’s going to college right now I accidentally stumble there drunk every morning and I just take advantage of the situation. Alright, Olivia? Olivia, what’s your answer?
(Olivia) I put Joven. because I know they have a sibling-like relationship. There’s one person that showed up to set two hours late, so… Olivia Okay, and that’s the tea I’ve known this person for a long time and I’ve seen them grow throughout the years But the answer is still Joven. I have a house, I have three dogs that I take care of, a wife. (Lasercorn) Why did you list the wife
after the three dogs?
(Joven) Because dogs are harder to clean after! Alright, Shayne What is your answer?
(Shayne) Look it takes a perfect storm of irresponsibility in many factors to get LVP several times it’s Joven So, we have three votes for Joven? You know, I’m gonna underline Shayne now. Just… Listen… This man has his own company; he’s doing a lot of things. He really, really is but there was only one person who was late and it was Olivia. I’m sorry! (Courtney) Wow. I wouldn’t even think that (Olivia) What? Do you understand how responsible I am? One point! (Lasercorn) She was taking care of those orphans Who on your team is the worst at social media? Okay, can I go on their team to answer? I feel like based on Instagram stories alone You could kind of tell who posts the least So I just… this is, this was just my instinct. You know, I’m gonna go with it. It was Laser I have half a million subscribers And you don’t give ’em nothing! Is that on Instagram? Those are followers, not subscribers. Well, they’re something Just purely based on her being the new person and not as much in this world. Yes, Kimmy Do you hear that bus you just went over you? All right, I gotta go. I gotta go. I gotta go Oh, I just want to start out by saying this is a messy-ass game, but I love it But I’m also gonna have to go with Kimmy because she’s new to the whole social media thing Welcome to Smosh I guess! (Courtney) She promotes the video! (Damien) Well, I didn’t see it, so… Guys, you’ve got a follow Kimmy, then. No, I follow her. I just don’t… I scroll (Sarah) Oh my God, we unlocked… (Noah) That was killer. That’s a tip the hat. Good job! (Sarah) We unlocked douchebag Damien (Courtney) It’s the sunglasses. Noah, how do you answer? Once again, I think you’re picking such harsh words Anyway, I put this names down…
(Keith) This names? I put this person’s name down so that you the viewer would go and follow them: Kimmy You gotta go for statistics It’s Kimmy. I’m sorry. This is something you can measure. (Courtney) She puts out content regularly! Now, Kimmy? You guys, I work really hard on my social media and for my 3,000 followers… you know who you are – Hi, mom – Um, I… I deliver only the best content and only the best other stuff, so… You know what, it’s me Kimmy! (Courtney) You know we love you
(Kimmy) You guys knew… I love you all, I love you all, I love you all Four more points! All right, ToxiciTea. Your question is: who on your team is the least book smart? (Ian) Oh…
(Sarah) Who on your team is the least book smart? Think low SAT scores… grades… I’m going to start with Joven. Joven, who on your team do you think is the least book smart? I was the one that dropped out of college Joven! (Sarah) Please show camera again.
(Joven) No. No, it’s spelled right. (Sarah) No. God… He added a V I voted for myself, ’cause – like – I don’t have good grades Ok, Olivia voted for herself And I was also late to set, so… (Mari) I’m sorry Like, irresponsible people are kinda also dumb No, stop Mari what’s your answer? This person’s got street smarts,
but not a lot of book smarts Joven!!!
(Sarah) Joven. Two votes for Joven. I realized I messed up. I totally messed up Look, he spends – like – I figure he spends less time on books more time on cosplay, working out, and being – you know, shooting guns and stuff, so I said Wes. I’m sorry. I read books all the time! I didn’t know that! I didn’t know if Wes was maybe gonna be humble and say himself, But now I realize he’s definitely gonna put Joven (Joven) Shayne think I’m smart! They think I’m smart! No… I… I don’t Okay. It’s two for Joven, two for Wes, and one for Olivia. What did you answer Wes? Oh, I absolutely answered Joven Joven!!! (Wes) He doesn’t red books, ever! (Shayne) He reads comic books. Alright, that’s two points This is the last round. Right now, Mushroom Clout, you have 15 points ToxciciTea, you have 14 points (Damien) Yeah, baby! (Keith) Let’s go! Mushroom Clout. Who on your team has the most annoying laugh? Who on your team… ?
No Keith, don’t be like trying to, like, motion to people. I think, I think my laugh is cute. Oh gosh. So, I’m new, I’m still getting to know everybody’s laughs (Keith) Heh
(Kimmy) So, this is the one that just sticks in my head the most (Sarah) Keith, wow! I think… I think I have a nice laugh Hyuk, hyuk, hyuk, hyuk (Damien) I like it (Courtney) I love your laugh (Noah) Alright, uh I personally think that I’ve got a really
annoying laugh sometimes it’s just a ha but I tried to use my brain I was, like,
who has Lasercorn heard laugh the most and also, who says a lot of jokes that
makes other people laugh along with themselves? So, I said… Damien (Sarah) Keith, who do you think has the most
annoying laugh? Now, this thing. I’m a little insecure I think I got a cute-ass laugh, but beyond that I feel like people might be annoyed with it. So I wrote myself. (Sarah) Okay, we’ve got two votes (Sarah) Alright. Damien? I’ve got like 14 different laughs and all of them are pretty damn abrasive. So… me! (Sarah) Damien, okay Courtney? Damien, dude… I love it though, but I’m like whoa So we’ve got three Damien and two Keith. Lasercorn. How did you think your team would vote? I… I think you all have beautiful laughs. I’m sorry, Courtney (Kimmy) What?
(Keith) Oh my God! (Noah) This is your streak, this is your streak That is a zero point round for Mushroom Clout
(Noah) It’s okay, it’s alright, Lasercorn We love you; you got a spot in our heart (Joven) Mind meld! You guys just need two points to win One point to tie We do have a tie breaker if this happens So let’s go through this
(Shayne) Gun fight! Your question is: Who on your team was the oldest when they lost their virginity? “Who do you think would be.. was the oldest virgin?” is what we’re saying. I mean, it’s pretty obvious, right? (Sarah) Ian, okay… that’s cute… that’s cute Oh, I absolutely put myself ’cause I know I was older than all of you. I was 21 (Sarah) Oh, okay, okay I didn’t ask them to say their age I just want to put that out there They did not have to confirm nor deny I have no idea if this is true – obviously now it’s not true but, I said Ian. (Sarah) Okay. It doesn’t matter if it’s true or not (Mari) He’s too busy making Smosh (Sarah) Olivia?
(Olivia) This person just is, like, a really
nice person and I feel like this person really cares about the relationship and the bond. So, they care more about more the relationship rather than the physical part of it. I just… I knew he lived with his parents They were out here in LA with us (Sarah) Okay! Who did you answer?! I wrote Shayne (Sarah) Okay, Shayne. Okay.
(Shayne) Okay… okay… (Sarah) Joven? (Joven) I didn’t know how Shayne was gonna think on this one, so I just wanted to give him as many opportunities to get a point as possible and I didn’t think anyone else would put Mari (Sarah) Oh, Mari. Okay. So we have – what is it – one for Shayne, two for Ian, and one for Wes, and one for Mari I’m not gonna say if I did lose it the latest or not, because we’ve got a lot of options here but I did put myself (Damien) Oh, so it’s a tie! (Sarah) It’s a tie! We’re tied (Courtney) Oh my God!!! (Sarah) It’s time for the tiebreaker
(Shayne) We’re all virgins here This… This question is for everyone on the cast Who, out of everyone, two people, do you think would be the best ship? (Noah) Who together has their ship stacked? (Sarah) Who together would be the best couple? Like internet ship, right? Like who would you put in a relationship if they weren’t co-workers? (Mari) Okay, think like Ian, think like Ian Lasercorn, who do you think would be the best ship? Damien and Shayne? (Sarah) Damien and Shayne
(Lasercorn) Shaymien The internet really wants this, and the Internet has never steered me wrong before: Shayne and Courtney (Sarah) Shayne and Courtney! I’m gonna go for my boy, Koah (Sarah) Keith and Noah.
Okay, we’ve got a lot of mix here.
(Keith) Yep (Sarah) Noah?
(Noah) So, Keith and I spent a lot of time together at his house, doing many things One of them wasn’t dating, but maybe we should try it (Sarah) Keith and Noah, okay Kimmy? Guys, I literally can feel the sexual tension radiating from the right of me. I think they should get it on! Yay! Courtney, what did you answer? I get teased at work a lot, you know about certain ships and on the internet. So, I went ahead with the internet and put… Shartney Okay, so you got one point Alright! We got one point! Alright we’re gonna start with Joven. Joven, who do you ship? I keep wishing it. I just want to see it! Just make it happen already guys!
(Ian) Good job, you put it upside-down (Sarah) Shayne and Courtney!
Shayne and Courtney, okay.
Olivia, who do you say? Oh, shoot (Olivia) Shayne and Courtney.
(Sarah) Shayne and Courtney. Mari? I’m a forever IanCorn shipper (Sarah) IanCorn I know they were fighting today, but they love each other.
Wes, who do you ship? I have to go with the old school couple: IanCorn for life. (Sarah) Oh, okay. And Shayne? You guys are all crazy It’s Ian and Anthony, guys! (Lasercorn) I love it! I love it! (Shayne) There’s still a chance for them to bang. It’ll happen! All right. And none of this matters. Ian, You have to say Shayne and Courtney for the win. Right. Well, I can’t say Shayne and Courtney. However, I can say Courtney and Shayne! (Sarah) Oh, they won! (cheers) All right, congrats to ToxiciTea. Now let’s do this slap. Be sure to subscribe to Smosh Pit and Smosh Games for Smosh Summer Games for eight competitions Are you guys ready to slap?
(Group) Yeah (Kimmy) Oh, jesus
(Shayne) Right in the eye (Kimmy) Just where I wanted it (Lasercorn) Oh! Woah! He hit him! (Shayne) Got you! (Shayne) Hadouken! (Keith) Yo, somebody get the medic! (Wes) I’m so sorry for this (Courtney) That looked so sick! (Mari) Oh my God! (Noah) I felt, like, physically ill (Lasercorn) Why both hands? (Courtney) I’m going green Well, I guess Mushroom Clout lost, but the real losers is all of us as we pick up the shattered pieces of our relationship Hey. Be sure to click which team you love more to have us totally take over the channel banners for a whole week And hit up Smosh.store to get your team shirts while they last

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  1. Keith is so small he's like a rabbit then Wes walks up and he's like a rhino then West slaps Keith and he goes 50 ft backwards

  2. it was so sad when everyone picked wes for least funniest! even though they were probably cheating a lil, wes does make me laugh even if his humor isn’t like someone like shayne’s or damien’s. i wouldn’t have put wes, i would have done myself out of being nice. and yes ian may not be as typically “funny” but he started this company and wrote all these skits and without him, none of this would exist. plus, they’re both the sweetest.

  3. Love this vid watch this many times also love the last question smosh ships love that shanye loves Ian and anthony so much I do hope Ian is still great friends with Anthony ❤

  4. Best smosh ship:
    Lasercorn; Damien & Shayne.
    Damien, Courtney, Joven, and Olivia; Shayne & Courtney.
    Keith, Noah, and Kimmy; Keith & Noah.
    Mari & Wes; Ian & Lasercorn.
    Shayne; Skip To 29:17
    Ian; I’m going to leave you in suspense for my favorite characters selection.

  5. I like how even though it turned into a roast, all of the members are cool enough to let it slide and still be friends after this video. Some of the questions could easily have been hurtful, but it was all a nice banter at the end. I love the friendly atmosphere of smosh! keep it up!

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