Spot and Stalk Coues Deer, Arizona Public Land Bowhunt! – DEER TOUR E69

Spot and Stalk Coues Deer, Arizona Public Land Bowhunt! – DEER TOUR E69

that’s it
let’s go we’re in Arizona guys Greg grabbed his Arizona hunting regs book
for free right in there in the Sportsman’s Warehouse swag yep so we’ve
got some light reading to do on our hour drive from Tucson if they’ll meet up
Randy and the guys at Camp if I look tired it’s because I am very tired we’ve been
at the ATA show for the last couple days and we haven’t got much sleep we don’t
have any idea what we’re doing by the way these coues deer like look like
Jackrabbits compared to the deer that we’re used to hunting up in Iowa and
Mike says up like they’re super super tough to get close to it’s gonna be
interesting I’d say we’re probably gonna get our butts kicked but we’re used to
that so should be fun we’ve reached our destination here in
the desert I don’t see Randy’s truck though what’s shakin Hey look that’s it
no kid that’s goes like right there yeah could have fooled me with all the Border
Patrol around that’s thick nice to meet you Randy my pleasure I’m Aaron
this is Greg Greg how are you doing very good I’m glad to hear that
yeah we’re ready to be here man we just we just came from Louisville at ata and
it was snowing and cold and back home we got 17 18 inches of snow I don’t worry
about that no I think so grab whatever they want for a room we did the math
over the course of now and we’re gone through this week there’s gonna be 18
different people here yeah I wish I could tell ya all go here go there awesome
yeah I mean it’s so much different than what we’re used to back home you know
you got 2,500 acres of public land and then for four counties you don’t have
anything great you know but private down here it’s just it’s everywhere it’s about 5min here it’s about 10:05 I
still got pretty bad jet lag or something my brains not working right
yet Greg and I are gonna run out for a spell before it gets dark we got about
an hour and 15 minutes or so alike so just gonna get familiar with the
territory a little bit see which roads we can drive down and try to find some
high spots this evening that we can potentially get to and glass at first
like tomorrow morning this is really really big country as you can probably
already tell and there’s a lot to public land I mean it’s basically all public
land all the way around us so we see a deer we should be able to go after it I’m marking a couple of high points I
can see in their past this gate there’s a big Ridge right here in the morning if
we go up to the top of that Ridge and get on one of these Peaks that I’m
marking it should allow us good Vantage with that Sun at our back all morning
for glassing so don’t know much about the whole glass and game but that’s what
everybody tells us is how you find the Bucks out here so deer rutting right now
so they’re pretty active most of the day that’s a good option good morning friends we’re headed out
for our first morning down here in Arizona so we got a bunch of guys in camp
with tags surely somebody’s gonna shoot a coues deer they’ve been hunting down
here for what they say Greg like three four years or something they haven’t
killed one yet they said they brought in the whitetail guys meaning us for
reinforcements and me and Greg you don’t have any idea what the heck we’re doin we
are excited about the Jackrabbits though we are excited about the Jackrabbits
that’s a good point these Jackrabbits down here huge if we cant find coues deer we
might just go on a jackrabbit Safari through the desert plan though is to get
up on a high nob this morning and try to do some glass and then find one they’re
rutting down here so movement should be good it’s just being
able to see the little buggers and all this brush let’s go
don’t that big rock right there me and Gregg don’t have our mountain legs yeah
I can take that top of this knob here supposed to be 5,000 feet we ought to be
able to see quite a bit from up there but might be tomorrow by the time we get
there there’s one it’s almost 10:00 in the morning and
Greg and I have spotted several deer took us forever to get up here as y’all
could tell we were running extremely late but once we finally got up here to
the top of this peak and started glass and we started picking up a few deer we
haven’t been able to filming him because I keep seeing them and then they’ll move
behind a rock or a ridge or something but I saw a doe or a little buck over
here to the south about three ridges over seven eight hundred yards away and
then I moved around the side of this rock and I’ve been glass and down in
here and I saw a really big buck a few minutes ago he was on top of one of
those little knobs down there for a couple of minutes and then he’d run some
does off to the side and I marked them all down there by this tank and I’m sure
Greg can probably see it through the spotter there’s a little drainage right
there it looks like there’s quite a bit of cover in it and that’s where that
buck ran those does down and into it’s a big buck – marcus killed a real
nice one in this general area in December and this buck looked a lot like
that one so but we just been sitting here for the last thirty minutes trying
to glass them back up and we have not seen them they’re down there in that
little drainage and they’re actually real close to the road I got it marked
on on X though where they’re at says they’re about 1.2 miles from here I
don’t think I want to walk from this mountain to get over there but you can
see the road is real close to them down there so we back out and then drive
around we can probably get pretty close to their location there’s no big deal just a few thousand
feet down there talking to Jim last night when we got into camp
he’s the Arizona Game and Fish wildlife science coordinator and he was telling
us about where these deer tend to bed of course we’re very intrigued because we
deal with buck bedding all the time with you know whitetails out East in the
Midwest but one of the things he said was that they they like this oak
woodland stuff and they’ll tend to bed on the upper third of these big ridges
up against these trees and on the way up here Greg found a bunch of beds around
this little tree is even a rub and it got hit and there’s beds all up around
this thing where they can stand up and look down below now we’re gonna head
down to the truck and see if we can’t relocate that buck I saw a while ago it’s about noon right now and Greg and I
just ate a little bit while we were sitting here eating we parked on a high
spot kind of down here where I saw that buck earlier and as I’m sitting here
eating Greg looks out the window is by nose and spots of DOE right across the
draw from us she’s bedded down now haven’t seen a
buck yet but it’s encouraging we’re seeing deer and we’re starting to kind
of figure out where they’d like to be they want to be in these little on these
side hills where there’s some thick oak brush it’s a little bit steeper country
and you’re getting into more of that oak woodland and that’s right where they are
is on the side hills in the thicker Oaks so we’re gonna keep cruising around see
if we can spot a few more we’re still a mile away from when I saw that buck
though so we’re just gonna ease our way down that direction and then this
evening we’ll try to get up high and overlook that tank area where he was
headed there’s our water tank right there that buck was right up here about
another quarter mile or so up on top here to the south of us I’m probably blocking your view but
she’s standing in the wide open though dropping down into the valley you see
him we gotta go he’s coming right down the
hill right there he’s gonna we just out of sight in a minute you got a buck
spotted from your truck as you can see as we were eating lunch while ago Greg
saw that doe over here on this opposite face we just spotted a few more does
looked up there’s a buck coming off the hill so we gotta drop down here circle
around him just to get in the stupid truck and
drive around below and go right up that drainage so obviously not bothered by the
truck there’s Border Patrol everywhere gonna mark this on Onx quick now shoot there he goes
see him running up the hill I knew better than to take that last step on
the top of this thing I was starting to think though you know they were last
time we saw they were just right on that side of this Ridge I’m thinking you know
they’re probably not gonna be there very long which is my mistake I shouldn’t
have done that I should have known better that they
weren’t gonna go very far but I took the risk and hoping that they were on this
side instead of this side and soon as i crested the ridge they were right here
100 yards both of em small bucks but who cares love to at least got in the
position that was tough one though because I last place I marked them was on
the back side of this Ridge over there and they had obviously while we were
moving the truck around hopped over and got over here somehow I want to hit up
top though is that where he walked over the top right there he’s right where I
was wanting the glass like a waiter went there in the first place he walked right
over us y’all can see how this lays down through
there just these little humps run down for the
next mile down this Ridgeline and on either side or these little secondary
ridges that run out and that’s where we’ve been seeing all these deer bedded
I don’t know how far we’re gonna go down tonight but probably try to make that
next hill at least and glass and in that next little Valley below it that’s right
where I saw that big buck this morning easy wait till he goes out of sight we’re just cruising along this top and
Greg looked down and spotted a real nice buck few hundred yards below us going
back this way the problem is our wind is going like this
so we have to try to get over there and cut him off can you see him you can’t see us but he might be able to smell us oh man that was pretty tense that buck
was like 200 yards and I don’t know if he’d caught movement up here or if he
smelled a wiff of us cuz the wind is really bad right now but he stood there at that
cactus for like 15 minutes staring up here big buck – but he went on the
backside that hill we got a car coming to the bottom right now so me and greg
are gonna try to cup around him the wind in our favor and get down low
where he’s cruising that that’s Randy I i think I think I got a drawback I’m just gonna
slide down we tried to flank around that buck
last-ditch effort essentially never did see him it’s gonna be tough sledding
trying to get a coues deer this week with a bow and arrow you think about these
things got a lot more predators than the whitetails that we’re dealing with back
home do got mountain lions down here make them extra cautious but on the good side
we are seeing bucks lot of fun after all this right now we got I’ll walk back to
the truck so I’m gonna start heading that way get back to camp see what
everybody else got into today how are you doing man good good to see it man
Casey there and that’s me nice to meet you finally man hug himself haven’t seen
you for so long good spot though Marcus yeah yeah how would you guys go to that
close by anyway we went to that drink it’s not like well there’s a pretty good
peak there and about two and a half hours later we were up there John coues chili phenomenal I bring it in you

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