56 thoughts on “SPRING-SUMMER 2018 COLLECTION

  1. what i s the point about wearing lipstick on than dab some powder to make it matt and final put on lip ink make it look exactly like lipstick look that done it before ? seems powder is no use

  2. So glad my Chanel muse Jac is back again. Every time I thought I would pass on certain seasonal products, and Jac's always won me over with her demonstration.

  3. I love Chanel make up but the videos frustrate me. I want to wear make up how I want but the Chanel obsession of invisible make up infuriates me. I've been using Chanel for over 30 years and they used to be innovative and bold. Now it's insipid colours that barely make a mark. Dior is miles ahead for me. I will always use Chanel but changes are needed. I think it's time for Lucia Pica to go. And take that dullness with her…

  4. The eyeshadow application is freaking ugly. Chanel please do something about it. This brand is getting down to the slope now. Where's your quality Chanel?

  5. It is not for your daily make up. Green eyes and bright orange red lips? Just pick one. It is too much to emphasize both. I usually emphasize my lips and mute my eye areas

  6. For those in shock about the word brightful: I think that English is Jac's second language…you know what she means…so don't be critical. You people must be really hard on everyone but yourself!!

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