I am a tree not food Hello! So we are starting our day we are stopped by the silk garden which is pretty much they sell a lot of batiks they sell a lot of silk so we’re going to check it out and See, what we can find She wants to buy one actually and for him to sir, he would like one as well, oh yeah yeah, oh not bad Looks good on you guys All right guys, what you guys buy any good deals each came up to $4 US , $5 CAD It’s a bargain I mean like they’re really nice pants. Not bad Just got to Minneriya National Park Going on a little safari tour, check out some animals and our first hippo sighting Roaaaar All right you guys ready to go Here’s our jeep. It’s pretty spacious in here We’re at the safari, we at the jungle we’re looking for some birds We are heading into the Lions Den, no we’re not Look at all these elephants eating away how do you know if it’s a female or male? the females are very flat on their back and the males have like more of a hump kinda like a mountain Wow, Dash is that you? No it is not, it’s dashing Trevor Usually male elephants are by themselves, and they only go with females or with a group if they want to mate users that user over there I think he’s making noises because we’re coming too close yeah o my gosh can you move a little bit Oh oh omg he’s gonna attack man That baby swimming right behind the mama elephant look at that Whoa See, this is the nature, beautiful nature I know you cannot see this if you go to an orphanage or sanctuary This is their home We felt so lucky and humbled to witness these gentle elephants interacting with each other in their natural habitat it was truly an eye-opening and magical experience Let’s check out this view check it out the pool honey Hi good morning So we’re staying at your Giritale hotel We decided not to do Adam’s peak so we decided to stay here so we can do Sigiriya rock today Breakfast is really amazing and the view is just unimaginable you wake up to the sounds of nature We’re driving to Sigiriya Rock Sigiriya or Sigiraya how do you pronounce that Dash Sigiriya and the road there right now we’re on like a one lane road well two ways but one lane road sharing it with like other cars bicycles, buses monkeys and dogs Look who we found hey buddy want a banana oh My god wait, don’t go anywhere we’ll give you something Aaaaaaaaah!!!! Go feed him My god he’s so cute, no he’s not, it’s the perfect monkey Robertho freaked out It’s a big rock Situated is unusual way it is in third century but the king called Kashyapa he found this place but he killed his father When his younger brothers away so he moved here and build his palace on the top Finally he guilty by himself he cut his neck on the top and I died himself Sigiriya Rock is a UNESCO World Heritage Site it is also known as one of the most popular sites in sri lanka and Rightfully so because it was quite impressive and beautiful We do suggest to come early to avoid the crowds and to give herself two to three hours to explore the site Thanks for watching guys if you liked that video give it a thumbs up make sure to subscribe and we’ll see you in the next one

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  1. Hi, well done, beautiful location. I just subscribed to your channel, check out my channel I do travel videos, subscribe if you like it.

  2. u sholdn't be feeding wild animals, in many roads in sri lankan elephants are now used to block roads until people feed them food, and becoming a nuisance and dangerous for both people and animals

  3. Love your video.Sigiriya is not belongs to only the king kasyapa but great king Rawana who ruled our country more than 6000 years ago.

  4. Tourist PLEAEE do not encourage the Buddhists to unleash its ruthless discrimination, genocide, and crime against humanity against its minorities just like the Myanmar. Please visit the North and East where these atrocities are taking place. The Sri Lankan restricted access for media and tourists to travel these locations as their truth will be revealed. War without witness, ethnic cleansing are taking place. Thank you.

    Sri Lanka PM rejects UN call for international war crimes investigation –

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